Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Help Struggling Children

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Help Struggling Children

A common scenario in school, is for teachers to recommend a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. For students that are struggling. While many parents mistakenly believed. That their children are going to tell them. If they have trouble reading or seeing.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

The truth of the matter is this is not going to happen. Because the difficulty. That children have when they have cross eye syndrome. Also known medically as strabismus. Is how they have been seeing the world.

For their entire life, and they are completely unaware. That this is not normal. Or that they are struggling, when they should not. Instead, they struggle to see. Usually ending up avoiding.

Doing the activities that cause them problems. Including reading, following along with the teacher. Who is standing at the front of the room. And avoiding sports, and gym class as well.

In fact, this behavior is often mistaken. By the parents, or the teacher as ADHD. With people thinking that the child is unable to concentrate. When they are able to concentrate. They just cannot see clearly.

A great rule of thumb, for parents to remember. That can let them know if their child needs ADHD assessment. Or if they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is asked them to listen to a story that they read.

If the child is fine to follow along. With a story that is being read to them. That means that they are able to concentrate. And it is likely that they do not have ADHD. And more likely, that they will need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton.


However, parents should also realize. What it looks like, if their child has across eye, or strabismus. So that they are not depending on the word from their teacher. After they have been struggling.

For likely, years longer than they should. It will look like the child. It is avoiding doing the things that cause them irritation. They will avoid reading. They will avoid sports. Because when they have cross eye syndrome.

They are unable to focus clearly. On things like reading. Their eyes will need to focus together. On one word, and then be successfully able. To jump from one word to the next to the next. Until they reached the end of the sentence.

And then they must jump down to the . To continue reading. This involves a lot of skills, that are very difficult to master. When a child cannot see clearly out of both of their eyes. And if parents do notice this.

In their child, they need to get them assessed sooner rather than later. Because unlike what many parents believe. Their child will not outgrow cross eye syndrome. But rather, it will become permanent.

Their brain will eventually turn off vision to the one eye that will not focus. And while they will stop seeing things fuzzy. They will also lose certain life skills. Such as depth perception.

And the ability to track moving objects. Therefore, getting the right treatment. For children with strabismus. Is an extremely important focus.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Help For Struggling Children

Many parents will hear from their child’s teacher, that they recommend getting a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Parents should not feel bad. If they did not notice this themselves.

Teachers are often the ones to discover this. Because 80% of learning. That takes place in a classroom is visual. They will have to follow along in a book. Watch the teacher at the front of the class.

And read notes on the board at the front of the room. All of these, are very difficult. In a child who has across eye syndrome. Also known as strabismus. Children become very good at adapting.

So that they can overcome their difficulties. Often with the use of siblings. Or memorize Asian. Which is why it is less likely. That parents are going to notice their difficulties at home. But why teachers notice them.

The best thing to do, if a teacher suggests a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is getting a proper assessment. That can happen, with the vision therapist. Vision therapists are optometrists.

That have additional education under their belts. But not all optometrists. Have this additional education. The vision therapist will need a significant amount of time. In order to do the assessment.

Which is much more in-depth than a routine eye exam. They will need approximately an hour, to an hour and a half. To make all of the measurements. And do all of the exercises.


That will help them figure out. If the child has strabismus. If so, how severe it is. And what the best kind of treatment. They will recommend for the patient. Some of the least severe cases.

Will simply require prescription glasses. Or glasses with prisms in the lenses. And that can be enough, to fix the problem. Other times, the child will need prescription glasses. Plus vision therapy.

Vision therapy is a lot like physiotherapy. But for the patients eyes. Going through several different exercises. Designed to strengthen the eyes. And help them learn. How to work together.

Vision therapy will be conducted. At the vision therapist’s office, once a week. For about half an hour. Patients will need to undergo this cross eye treatment in Edmonton. For likely, six months to a year.

In some of the most extreme cases however. Surgery will eventually be needed. But, if they have gone through vision therapy first. The eyes are going to be much more likely. To heal faster.

Because of the strengthening they been doing in vision therapy. Patients can speed up the healing process. If they decide to do additional exercises. In the comfort of their home, for fifteen minutes a day, five days a week.

They can ask their vision therapist. What exercises to do. So that they can progress faster. Through their cross eye treatment in Edmonton. When parents or teachers think that a child has a vision syndrome. Getting them to a vision therapist, can help change their education.