Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Healing From Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Healing From Strabismus

There are many different vision syndromes of childhood requiring a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. One of the most common, is cross eyes, known clinically as strabismus. And it is very important that help is found quickly.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

When a parent, or teacher suspects that the child has this vision syndrome. What strabismus is, is a condition where the eyes are not aligned with each other. Therefore, when they look at an object.

The eyes land on different parts of the object. Which sends conflicting information to the brain. And a patient is likely going to see double vision. Sometimes they have strabismus all of the time.

While other patients only have strabismus when they are viewing close up, or far away. Or if they are doing a particularly visually demanding activity. Such as reading, focusing, or eye tracking.

Children who have strabismus. Typically appear clumsy. But this is because they have a difficult time navigating the world. Because they are not sure where all of the objects are.

They might avoid sports, or want to avoid gym class. Or they might love being read to, but avoid reading themselves. In some cases, it is very easy to see. Because their eyes are visually, not pointed in the same direction.

When a parent or teacher suspects that a child does have strabismus. It is imperative, that the parents take the child to a vision therapist. To find out if they have a vision syndrome such as strabismus.


And if so, come up with the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for that child. The reason whites important that a parent it is their child to a vision therapist sooner rather than later.

Is because the brain will eventually shut off vision to the deviant eye. In order to stop being confused about the conflicting messages it is receiving from the retinas. Not only does this mean the patient will lose vision in one eye.

But the result is a loss of other visual skills. Such as depth perception, focusing and eye tracking as well. Therefore, parents will need to take their child to a vision therapist. Before their child is in danger.

Of having their eye turned off. The first thing that they need to do, is locate a certified vision therapist. This can be done quite easily. From the Canadian optometrists website.

They have a list, organized by province. Of all of the vision therapist’s that can be contacted. However, patients in Edmonton are extremely lucky. Because there is a clinic, vision by design in the West End.

That not only is a full-service optometry clinic. But they also have several different credited vision therapists on staff. And by calling the clinic, people can arrange a thorough assessment done.

By one of those it vision therapists. In order to find out if their child has crossed eyes. And if so, what the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton will be for them.

To overcome their symptoms, and stop seeing the world in double. So that they can excel in school, and in life.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Healing From Strabismus

When someone has strabismus, they will need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because this is not a vision syndrome that will correct itself as the patient grows or matures.

In fact, it is very important that patients who have strabismus. Get timely treatment, in order to overcome their symptoms. Before their brain shuts off the image to their deviant eye.

As a way of stopping the confusion. From getting conflicting information from each of the retinas. There are several different kinds of strabismus. Each with its own causes, and its own treatment.

This is why it is so important to meet with a vision therapist. They will do many different measurements, and go through many activities with the patient. In order to find out exactly what is going on with their eyes.

And to put together the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton. In some cases, all that will be needed. In order to align the eyes. And help them see things together. Will be prescription lenses.

That either have a strong enough prescription. To force the eyes to align together. Or, that has prisms in the lenses. That will do the same job. At helping the eyes align together.

When people use corrective lenses. They will also need a certain number of vision therapy sessions. In order to train themselves, and their brain. How to use their eyes together.


In most cases however, the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is vision therapy. Which consists of going through exercises, guided by the vision therapist. To train the eyes, and the brain. How to work together.

Two see things clearly. And then to help the brain process the visual information it is receiving. From both of the retinas at the same time. The vision therapist is likely going to start with simple activities.

Such as peripheral awareness. And body awareness exercises. Simply because if a person has had strabismus from birth. They typically will not have a good idea, of where their body is in their environment.

The exercises will increase in difficulty. As the patient progresses. So that they can continue to heal their eyes, and train their brain. Patients who get this kind of cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

Should expect approximately 36 to 48 treatments, of forty minutes once a week. In order to ensure that they are progressing as planned through their treatment. They need to set aside 15 to 20 minutes.

Of doing additional exercises at home. In order to make the time spent at the vision therapist’s office. As beneficial as possible. Much in the same way doing exercises at home. Can help gym time be more effective.

In some cases, vision therapy is not enough. To completely resolve all symptoms. And for these patients, surgery is the last option. However, surgery after vision therapy. Is typically far more effective. Allowing patients to heal quicker. As well as learn how to align their eyes after surgery faster.