Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Familiar Strabismus Symptoms

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Familiar Strabismus Symptoms

Many children need cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because strabismus, also known as cross eyed syndrome. Is the most common vision syndrome. That children can experience in childhood.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

However, it is very important. For parents to know what this is. How it affects their child. And why getting help is of paramount importance. Even though it is a common vision syndrome.

Getting help quickly is important. Because the brain, will take matters into its own hands. If the vision syndrome is not helped. By the time the child reaches a certain age.

One of the first things that parents should keep in mind. Is that while they might assume. Cross eyed syndrome, is going to be easy. To see in their child, who should have visibly crossed eyes.

This is not always the case. Some children, do not look visibly cross eyed. While others, are only cross eyed. When looking at things close up, or far away. As well, there can be several different kinds of strabismus.

With the eyes turning up or down. They could be turned in or out. And sometimes, that eye is completely rotated. So that it does not appear crossed. But the child has significant difficulties seeing clearly.

What happens, when a child has across eye syndrome. Is that the two eyes, or going to be looking at two different points. Of a single object. And the brain, receives confusing information.


From each retina, that since the information. To the brain stem for processing. The brain will translate this information. Often as double vision. Or blurred vision. For some patients.

The vision that they get. Comes in and out of focus. Or jumps from single vision, to double vision. Which can also be extremely irritating to the eyes. Giving children headaches as well.

If the child does not get cross eye treatment in Edmonton soon enough. The brain, will try to take matters into its own hands. To fix the problem. And how it does that, is turns off vision.

To the crossed eye, so that it no longer receives. Conflicting visual information from the retinas. This is often why many parents believe. That they do not need cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child.

Because the problem will correct itself on its own. But this is not the case. When the brain turns off vision to one eye. What ends up happening, is this solution is almost always permanent.

With the child not being able to turn that vision back on. Even with vision therapy, and so they permanently lose. Not only vision and one eye. But the visual skills. That a child needs to eyes for.

Such as depth perception, and tracking moving objects. Therefore, it is very important that if a parent. Or the child’s teacher recommends. Going to a vision therapist. The parent brings the child to a vision therapist.

As quickly as they can, so that they can get a diagnosis. And the right treatment. That will help the child stop struggling. And start seeing the visual world clearly.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Here Are Some Familiar Strabismus Symptoms

A common scenario is for teacher to recommend cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Once the child starts going to school. With many parents are wondering, how they could have missed. Their child having a vision syndrome.

But parents should understand. That their child, is not going to come to them. And tell them that they have trouble reading. Or seeing visual information. Because if they have a vision syndrome.

Such as strabismus, they patted since birth. And this is how they are accustomed. To seeing the world. And do not know, that it is not normal. Or that it can be corrected.

From an extremely early age, vision therapists say children adapt. And use coping mechanisms, in order to learn. How to overcome the struggles. From their vision syndrome. For example, some children.

Simply memorize certain things, so that they do not have to read them. However, when they get to a classroom setting. Even kindergarten, or grade 1. These coping mechanisms. No longer work, and they start to struggle.

They have difficulty reading passages. Following a teacher who is at the front of the class. Or, looking at the notes. That are written on a board at the front of the classroom. Since 80% of the learning.

In a classroom setting is visually based. It does not take too long. For the child to start falling behind their peers. And for the teacher to notice certain behaviours. As teachers are trained.


To look for vision syndromes. As well as signs of ADHD. When they bring up the possibility. Of getting their child cross eye treatment in Edmonton. To the parents, that should be taken seriously.

They can contact a vision therapist. Who will do an assessment. And find out, definitively. If the child has a vision syndrome. Such as strabismus. And specifically, what cross eye treatment in Edmonton can help them.

The assessment that they get, will be very long. Taking anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes. Because of the many tests, measurements. And exercises that will be used. The find out what is going on the child’s vision.

Because most vision problems happen in the eye to brain connection. And not in the eyes themselves. The vision therapist is going to be highly trained to look for these problems. But also explains.

Why a child might have had a regular eye exam. And be told, that they have perfect vision. And the optometrist, did not catch a vision syndrome. These tests look for different things.

That the vision therapist is trained to look for. If the child does have a vision syndrome. The vision therapist will know what kind, and how severe it is. And have put together. A good treatment.

By the time they talk to the parents. They could prescribe corrective lenses. Either with a prescription, or prisms in the lenses. In addition to vision therapy, and in the most severe cases. Surgery is required. But getting a vision therapists diagnosis. Will help many children.