Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Facts About Strabismus To Surprise You

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Facts About Strabismus To Surprise You

Often, it is when someone receives a diagnosis of strabismus, and here is of a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Do they realize how common strabismus is. Typically, many people will not know about this common vision syndrome. Until it affects someone they know and love.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

The first surprising fact about strabismus. Is that it is a vision syndrome. That almost always affects children. The reason why it affects children. Is because if it is not treated in a timely manner.

The brain, in order to avoid the conflicting information. That it is getting from both retinas. Simply turns the vision off in one eye. Which means very few people make it to adolescence, or even adulthood with this condition.

What strabismus actually is. Is a condition, where patients eyes are not aligned. When they look at one object. Their eyes are not looking at the same point on that object. Which means what they see in each on.

Lands on a different part of the retina. Sending conflicting information about what they are seeing. To the brain through the retinas. Typically, the result is double vision. Because the eyes are not working together.

Typically, patching was the cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That people used not so long ago. That not only was a huge fight, to get the child to cover up their good I. And force them to use their poor eye.

But surprisingly, it actually did not do anything. In order to fix the problem at all. What the patching was designed to do. Is cover up the good I. In order to get the poor eye to be strengthened.


Under the idea, that when they uncover the poor eye. After wearing the patch for several weeks or months. The week eye would be stronger, and the cross eyes would be gone.

Unfortunately, this does not work. Because the problem is not in how strong the eyes are. But that they are not working together. And covering one eye for months on end. Does nothing, in order to make the eyes work better together.

Therefore, this particular cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is no longer used. Which many people are relieved about. The treatments that vision therapists have to choose from, based on each individual.

Starts with prescription glasses. That may or may not have treated lenses. Such as having a tinted lenses. Or prisms in the lens. In order to help the eyes work better as a team together.

Vision therapy is the next, and most common treatment. Using a series of visual exercises. Guided by the therapist. In order to train the eyes to work together. And train the brain.

To use the information it is receiving from both eyes. And finally, the last treatment that vision therapists have at their disposal. Is surgery. Because sometimes, vision therapy alone is not enough.

When people want more information. Or if they would like to get tested, they should contact vision by design in Edmonton. They have therapists on staff waiting period to hear from patients.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Facts About Strabismus To Surprise You

When parents hear from their child, they are having trouble reading, it may not occur to them that they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. This is because strabismus, also known as cross eyes. Is one of the most common vision syndromes in childhood.

The reason why a child might see double. When they have strabismus. Is because of how their eyes are not working together. They are out of alignment with each other. Often because one eye is much weaker then the other.

Therefore, when they look at an object. They are not focusing on the same part of the object. Or if they are reading, they are not focused on the same point in the word. Which means the image that is sent to the retina.

Is not the same. Which means the brain will get conflicting information. About what the person is looking at. Typically, a person with strabismus will see double. Because of how the object is represented on each of their retinas.

While some people have strabismus all the time. Meaning it will be very hard for them to move about the world. Because they will not know where objects are. Or where they are in relation to those objects.

But reading will be virtually impossible as well. Some people only have strabismus when they are focusing on things close up. Or alternatively only when they are looking at something far away.


Often, it is parents that notice. That their child’s eyes do not look like they are pointed in the same direction. But sometimes, it is the teacher. Particularly when the child’s strabismus.

Manifests as difficulty, only when they are looking at something far away. Which means a parent might not notice this. But a teacher, paying attention to how well a child can see their chalkboard. Can be more obvious to see.

Therefore, whether it is a parent or a teacher. That brings up a question about whether they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton or not. The parent should take that question very seriously.

And contact a vision therapist right away for testing. Unlike a standard optometrists exam. A vision therapy exam will be much longer. Taking anywhere between an hour, to an hour and a half.

In order to get the vision therapist. To take enough measurements. And do enough activities. To make not only a diagnosis. But to put together the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for the patient.

Once they have come up with the right diagnosis. They will go through all of the various cross I treatment in Edmonton options with the parents. To help the child overcome their difficulties.

And learn how to use their eyes together. So that they do not have to struggle in school. They can enjoy playing sports, or on the playground. And essentially, excel in life.