Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Effective Strabismus Treatments

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Effective Strabismus Treatments

If someone has been diagnosed with strabismus, they will need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because strabismus is the clinical name for cross eyes. This is a common childhood vision syndrome.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

And the reason why children have this. And it is extremely rare in adults. Is because over time, if strabismus is not corrected. The brain will simply turn off vision in the deviant eye, in order to avoid confusing information.

What happens, is that the patient with strabismus. Has a difficult time focusing their eyes in the same direction. They often have an eye that is turned inwards or outwards. Even up or down, as well as turned.

Therefore, it is very difficult to look at the same point of an object. Which means conflicting information is sent from the retinas, to the brain. And a person typically will see the object as double.

Some people with strabismus, have it only when they are looking at things far away. Or only when they are looking at things close up. And some, only have symptoms, when they are doing visually demanding tasks.

Such as reading, or following moving objects with their eyes. Still others have strabismus all the time. Which can present a very difficult problem for them. As they are unable to easily navigate the world.

Therefore, finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is extremely important. To do before the brain turns off the vision in the eyes. Generally, people are either treated, and the overcome this problem.


But if they do not, their brain shuts off vision to one eye. And they go through life, only being able to see out of their good I. And while someone can get through life with one eye.

It is much more difficult, because significant vision activities. Will be limited or impossible. It is more difficult to focus, both close up and far away. As well as more difficult to follow moving objects.

And people who have only one eye that they can see out of. Will have no depth perception. Which will affect them while they are moving throughout the world. Playing sports, or driving vehicles.

This is just some of the reasons why finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is extraordinarily important. As well, it will help people do better in school. And help them enjoy activities like reading and playing sports.

The first step in getting treatment is getting a diagnosis. And people can do that, by contacting a certified vision therapist. For an assessment. They will not feel defined this at any optometrist clinic.

But vision by design in Edmonton offers both optometrist services. As well as vision therapists services. And not only will they be able to diagnose strabismus in patients. But they will also be able to.

Find the right treatment for each person individually. If people are struggling with strabismus. They do not need to struggle any longer. By contacting vision by design in Edmonton, he can find solutions.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Effective Strabismus Treatments

When people need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. This is typically because they have been diagnosed with strabismus, colloquially known as cross eyes. And is a very common vision syndrome in childhood.

There are many different cross eye treatment in Edmonton that can be used. However, the right one should be chosen with a vision therapist. Because there are many different types of strabismus.

That all have different treatments. One of the first cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is using prescription lenses. Or lenses with a special coating on them. The coating can be tinted.

Or, can contain prisms, and together with the strong prescription. Can train the deviant eye. To work in conjunction with the good I. And using vision therapy. They can train their brain and their eyes how to work as a team.

Therefore, prescription lenses. Is really only an effective treatment. When used with vision therapy. However, many people do not even need prescription lenses. And can simply utilize vision therapy alone.

Vision therapy is visual exercises. Guided by the therapist. That can help people train their eyes to work together. And train the brain, how to accept information. From both retinas at the same time.

The first few weeks typically centre around body awareness as well as peripheral awareness. Because, if a person has been suffering with strabismus for their entire life. They typically do not know what space their body takes up in their environment.


As they progress, and improve their visual skills. The vision therapist can actually increase the difficulty. So that they are continuing to grow. And to learn, as they use their skills.

Far from an overnight solution, vision therapists tell their patients that they can expect. Half a year, to a year of weekly treatments. In order for symptom resolution. The best way to achieve full symptom resolution.

They recommend 15 to 30 minutes of homework. That is visual exercises they can do away from the office. That can help the patient retain. What they have learned from their weekly vision therapy sessions.

Very similar to working out in a gym. If a patient worked out one day a week. They would see results very slowly. Then if they worked out at the gym one day a week. And then worked out five days at home.

Unfortunately, not everybody will have full symptom resolution with this treatment. In that case, surgery will be the next logical step. However, they can be comforted by the fact.

That having undergone vision therapy before surgery. Will mean that they have an easier time healing from surgery. As well as an easier time teaching their eyes how to work together with their brain.

In order to get help like this, patients and parents of patients. Can contact vision by design in Edmonton. To start with a consultation with a certified vision therapist. To find the help they need to stop struggling and start excelling.