Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Does Your Child Have Crossed Eyes

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Does Your Child Have Crossed Eyes

Parents may not understand how serious crossed eyes are, requiring a timely cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Crossed eyes, is also known as strabismus. And is a common vision syndrome of childhood.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

However, no matter how common it is. It needs to be treated quickly. Otherwise, there can be greater implications. Or greater symptoms as a result of not getting treatment.

What is crossed eyes, or strabismus as it is known clinically. It is a condition, where the eyes are not in alignment with each other. And where the brain, struggles to process the information it gets from the eyes retina.

The eyes, may not align when they are focusing on something far away. Or, only when they are focusing on things close up. And in some cases, they may always have their eyes slightly crossed.

What happens, is because the eyes are not in alignment with each other. When someone with strabismus looks at an object. Their eyes are looking at different parts of the objects.

Therefore, the image that is sent to the retina. Is slightly different than the other one. The retina is the part of the eye that is responsible for sending visual information into the brain for processing.

Therefore, the brain receives two different images from the retinas. And is confused about what it is seeing. Which is why a person with strabismus. Often sees double vision.


If strabismus goes untreated. What will happen, is in order to keep the brain from being confused. It will simply turn the image off to one of the eyes. So that it does not receive conflicting visual information from the retinas.

While this solves the problem for the brain. Actually creates more problems for the patient. Because they lose things like their eyesight in one of their eyes. And to the ability to see depth perception anymore.

This condition, changes from strabismus, to amblyopia. Also known as lazy eyes. Which has different, and more involved treatment. Which is why people should treat it while it is simply still strabismus.

They will need to undergo a quite thorough assessment. From a vision therapist. In order to come up with the right diagnosis. And then to find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for them.

There will be three different treatments on average. That the vision therapist will recommend. The first cross eye treatment in Edmonton that they will suggest. Will be prescription glasses or lenses.

That can help teach the eyes how to align themselves. So that they are no longer sending conflicting information to the brain. The next treatment, is vision therapy. Which is visual exercises.

Guided by the therapist. That teaches the eyes how to align and work together. And then teaches the brain how to process that information. The final treatment for patients and parents to consider.

Is the surgical approach. That usually is the last option that they will try. However, for patients who have tried vision therapy. And then moved onto surgery. Will have a better time healing from their vision therapy sessions.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Does Your Child Have Eyes That Are Crossed

Even though adults can also have crossed eyes, requiring a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. It is a common childhood vision syndrome. So parents should be very aware of the symptoms.

While some symptoms of strabismus, include very obviously crossed eyes. This is often not as obvious as some parents might assume. Because only some cases of strabismus. Include children whose eyes are crossed all the time.

Sometimes, they only appear crossed. When they are looking at things close up. Such as reading a book. Or, they only have crossed eyes. When looking at things farther away.

Therefore, if parents are depending on the visual inspections. To verify that their child does or does not have strabismus. They may miss out on something very important.

In fact, it may not be very obvious for people to see at all. Even though they might be struggling quite a bit with the symptoms of strabismus. This is why it is very important to pay attention to what the child is saying and doing.

Such as if they love hearing stories. But they hate reading. It could be, because they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Due to seeing double because of the strabismus.

Another symptom that parents should be aware of. That may point to the fact that their child might need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is seeing if they are clumsy, or avoid sports.


The reason why a child might be clumsy. Is because they see everything double, therefore. Navigating their body through the world. Is difficult. Because they do not know where objects are, or where their body is.

Therefore, if a child is clumsy, or does not seem able to dodge objects. And avoids gym class. This could indicate they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton as well. And finally, parents need to listen.

If they hear the child’s teacher say. That they suspect that the child has strabismus. And if that is the case. The parent should make an appointment with the vision therapist. In order to get an assessment.

The teacher might see the child in a new environment. That the parents are not used seeing. Such as seen if they have crossed eyes when trying to look at the blackboard at the front of this class.

But when parents listen. And get their child in for an assessment. When the teacher makes a recommendation. If they do have strabismus. They will be able to find the best treatment sooner.

And if they do not have strabismus. At least they know that there is something else that they should look for. The could be causing their child to have the symptoms that they are experiencing.

When pet parents are looking for a vision therapist that can help them. They should look no further than vision by design in Edmonton. Not only are they a full-service optometry clinic.

But they also have vision therapists on staff. And would love to do assessments, and come up with the right treatment plan for their children.