Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Difficulties Caused By Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Difficulties Caused By Strabismus

While needing across eye treatment in Edmonton. Is a very common scenario. Since strabismus, often known as cross eye syndrome. Is the single most common. Vision syndrome of childhood.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Parents may not know. What to do if they suspect their child has this issue. Mistaking believe believing. That their child will eventually outgrow these symptoms. When that is not the case at all.

However, in other circumstances. The child’s teacher. Once they get to kindergarten, or grade 1. Will notice. That they are struggling in certain areas of their education.

A child who has strabismus. May not show any signs of problems. Until they reach school age. And while many parents might think. That their child will tell them. If they have trouble seeing.

Vision therapists say this is simply not true. Because the child is seeing things. The way they always have. Therefore, to them it is normal. Not realizing that not everybody. Seasonings blurred, or in doubles.

As well, many parents will refuse to believe. That their child needs across eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they recently had them. To the optometrist. And were told that they have perfect vision.

This is very common. For children to need cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Despite the fact that they have perfect vision. However, according to vision therapists. It is very common for children.


Simply because when an optometrist. Checks their vision. They will be looking to see. If the child can see an object far away. And not if they see double. Or, if they have problems when they switch from far site ten their sites.

Therefore, when parents bring their child in. To get assessed by a vision therapist. The assessment is going to be much longer period than a routine eye exam. Because it is needed for the therapist.

To make many measurements. Do many tests. And take the child through a variety of exercises. In order to make a thorough diagnosis. Of what is going on. If the child has a vision syndrome.

Which one they have. And if it is strabismus. What cross eye treatment in Edmonton. They should utilize. There are several different types of strabismus. Each with its own cause. And therefore, its own cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

When that means, is a treatment can look very different. For each person with this vision syndrome. However, it is important that parents act very quickly. Because if their child has strabismus.

For a long time, it becomes more difficult to treat. And eventually, the brain will simply. Turn the vision off to the deviant eye. So that it is no longer confused. Processing the wide variety of conflicting information.

Therefore, when parents suspect their child has strabismus. Or if their child’s teacher suggests an assessment. Parents should not waste time. Finding a vision therapist. Such as the experts at vision by design. Located in West Edmonton.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Difficulties That Are Caused By Strabismus

Parents should be very relieved, that their child’s teacher mentions they may need cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because it is not always obvious. That children are suffering from this vision syndrome.

Children often are able. To compensate for their visual difficulties. Without even realizing. That they have visual difficulties. Or, that they are compensating.

They may memorize what things look like. So they do not have to always read them. Because children with strabismus. Often see double. Or blurred vision instead of a clear image.

This happens, because their eyes are not properly aligned. Which means when they look at an object, or a word. They focus on different parts of the object. Or even to completely different words.

And the end result, is blurred, or double vision. Sometimes, children have this vision all of the time. Sometimes, they only see double. Or blurred images, when they look at things close up.

Or when they look at things far away from them. Therefore, when they are at home. The child can compensate. By memorizing what things look at. So they do not have to have the eye irritant.

Of trying to read an image. When it appears blurry or double for them. However, this compensation. Is likely to not work. When the child reaches school. And are expected to read. Follow along with lesson.


Because 80% of the learning. That happens within a classroom. Is visually based. Which means there are many indicators. That can show a teacher. That the child may need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

That parents not be aware of adult. As well, many parents mistakenly assume. That if their child has strabismus. And needs across eye treatment in Edmonton. That their child will look visibly cross eyed.

This is not true. Because sometimes, the eye turn. That is so indicative of cross eye syndrome. Is not visible to the naked eye. But also, because the child is often only cross eyed. When looking at things close up or far away.

Or their particular type of strabismus. Means that there eye is rotated forty-five, or 90°. Which is not visible at all. Despite the fact that they have significant difficulties.

Therefore, any time a parent hears. That their child may have a visual syndrome. There is no time to waste. To find a vision therapist. This may be difficult in some areas. Because while all vision therapists.

Our optometrists. Not all optometrists. Have this additional skill set. Which means finding a vision therapist. May be difficult. In the Edmonton area however, parents can simply make a phone call.

To vision by design. Located in West Edmonton. Not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic. But they are also specialists. In treating a wide variety of vision syndromes. And issues with the eye to brain connection.

Parents can make a quick phone call. In order to set up a vision examination. By one of their qualified therapists. To assess, diagnose. And find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. To help their child succeed in school, and in life.