Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Correcting Strabismus With Glasses

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Correcting Strabismus With Glasses

Strabismus refers to cross eyes, something that is necessary to find a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. In order to correct. Most often, it is noticed by the parents, or teachers of the child.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Because their eyes are not aligning. And it is very easy to see, because they are pointed in different directions. The reason why parents might not be the ones to notice this in their child.

Is because someone with strabismus, or cross eyes. Are not necessarily cross eyed all the time. Sometimes, it only happens when they are focusing on things that are close up.

Or, when they are concentrating on looking at something far away. Therefore, a parent sitting around the dinner table with their child. Might not notice that anything is wrong. The teacher, at the front of the room.

Teaching a lesson on the board at the front of the room. Might see very easily. That the child has crossed eyes, when they are looking at the front of the room. Regardless of who makes this discovery.

It is very important that the child gets brought into a vision therapist. In order for an assessment, to find out exactly what is going on their eyes. Because even if it is strabismus, there are several different kinds.

And each different kind of strabismus, often comes with its own unique treatment. Therefore, finding out exactly what is going on with the child’s eyes. Is the important way to find out.


What cross eye treatment in Edmonton that can help them. When parents are looking for a place to get their child tested for strabismus. They need to find a certified vision therapist.

And while vision therapists are all optometrists. Not all optometrists are vision therapists. Which means they cannot necessarily simply contact their regular optometrists clinic for this assessment.

While there are a list of accredited vision therapists. On the optometrist Canada website. Listed in order of province. Patients and parents in Edmonton, can simply contact vision by design on the West End of Edmonton.

While they are a optometrist clinic. They also have several different vision therapists on staff. Who will be able to do the assessment to find out if they have strabismus or not.

Parents should be prepared for an hour to an hour and a half of an assessment. Because the vision therapist will need to take many measurements. And do many activities with the child.

In order to find out exactly if they have strabismus. And if so, what kind. And then find out enough. To be able to put together the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for the patient.

The options can include correcting strabismus with glasses. Either a prescription that is strong enough in the deviating eye to correct the alignment. Or glasses that have prisms in the lenses.

But also, vision therapy, and surgery. Our different options that can help each patient. And most likely, the final cross eye treatment that is used. Will be at least two of these options combined.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Correcting Strabismus With Glasses

People often think that if their child has strabismus, the cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That they will need to utilize is surgery. In order to correct this problem. And while this is sometimes the case.

There are other treatments that patients can undergo. Especially before surgery is ever an option. However, if the treatments do not completely resolve the symptoms.

Then patients can expect surgery to be the next step. However, having undergone vision therapy, head of time. As a cross eye treatment before surgery. Means that the surgery is more likely to be successful.

Because their eyes will be stronger, and they will already be training their brain. How to align their eyes. So that when surgery is complete. The eyes can heal faster because they are stronger.

And they will already have the foundation. Of having their eyes work together. In order to see things clearly. The reason why a patient that has cross eyes, will have a problem seeing things.

Is because the eyes are not in alignment with each other. Which means when they look at an object. Their eyes are not looking at the same point on the object. Which sends conflicting information to the brain.

Most often, the patient will see things double. And if this is not corrected within a short time. The brain will simply turn the vision off to the deviating eye. In order to stop seeing the double images that are confusing.


And while this does effectively stop the double vision. It stops the double vision. Because the patient has lost vision in that one eye. Along with other visual skills that are necessary to have.

Such as focusing, tracking moving objects. And depth perception, are all things that will be lost. When a child loses their eyesight. Because their brain turns the image off because they have strabismus.

Therefore, parents who suspect that their child has strabismus. Should get them into a vision therapist quickly. For an assessment. So that they can get the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

Without risking them losing their eyesight in one eye. In some cases, the cross eye treatment that is most beneficial is using glasses. They can often utilize a stronger prescription in the deviating eye.

So that the eye will be forced to work harder. And with vision therapy, along with the glasses. Patients are often able to train their eyes, and their brain. How to work together. To stop seeing double vision.

Other times, the vision therapist. Will put prisms in the glasses lenses. And the prisms, will help correct the patients eyes. Again, this cross eye treatment. Is often used in conjunction with vision therapy.

And more times than not. Glasses, and vision therapy. Will be enough of a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. To fully resolve the symptoms. Without ever needing surgery.