Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Common Strabismus Symptoms

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Common Strabismus Symptoms

Many parents may not know what strabismus is, when they hear their child needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. It is just the medical name for cross eyed syndrome. Which means their child’s eyes are not aligned with each other.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

There are several different types of strabismus. All that have their own cross eye treatment in Edmonton. In order to fix, and help the child see again. While some parents make the assumption.

That if their child has strabismus. That their eyes are going to be noticeably crossed. But this is not always the case. Any children often have crossed eyes, only when looking at things close up, or in the distance.

As well, their eyes may not be crossed. Enough to be detectable to someone who is looking at them. But that does not mean. That they do not have strabismus. They can have one eye that is turned towards or inwards.

And eye that is turned up or down. Or even, and eye that is completely rotated. Often, it is the child’s teacher. That brings up their difficulties. Of performing in a classroom to the parent. Leaving the parent feeling terrible.

That they did not discover it themselves. Parents should not be so hard on themselves however. Because while many children. Have cross eye syndrome. Which means they were born with this vision syndrome.

And it is the most common vision syndrome of childhood. The way children see the world. Is what they perceived to be normal. And are not going to tell their parents. That they see blurred or double vision sometimes.


But instead, develop coping mechanisms. To help them overcome any difficulties that they have. However, when they get to a classroom setting. Such as kindergarten or grade 1. They often are unable.

To use these same coping mechanisms. And start struggling in a classroom. Since 80% of all classroom learning is visually based. Teachers are trained to look out for symptoms and behaviors.

That may indicate various vision syndromes. Including cross eye syndrome, or strabismus. They will bring up these concerns to the parents. Suggesting that the child may need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

The child may have difficulties reading. Or, avoid reading. Either in a textbook, or in a book at their desk. As well, a child may struggle. Seeing the teacher at the front of the room giving a lesson.

Or, any writing that is at the front of the room. Which is the behavior, that the teacher tells the parents. Might indicate they have a vision syndrome. They may not pay attention to detail.

When they are writing, simply because they are unable to see the detail. And getting an assessment. By a qualified vision therapist. Will help them get the diagnosis they need.

To find out if the child does need an effective treatment. Ultimately, what kind of treatment is going to be best. When parents like the best help for their child. They can call vision by design in Edmonton.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Common Strabismus Symptoms To Be Aware Of

If a child has strabismus, they will need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And it is important that parents do not delay. Despite the fact that it is the most common vision syndrome of childhood.

If this problem is not corrected in childhood. The child may struggle with these problems. For the rest of their life. When a child has cross eyed syndrome for example. What happens, is their eyes are not focused together.

Therefore when they look at an object, a word. Or anything else in their visual world. Their eyes are looking at two different points of the object. Which means the brain receives different information.

From each of the retinas in their eyes. Consequently, when the brain processes this information. The child often sees blurred images. Or they have double vision. When they are reading, they may not even be looking at the same word at all.

Similarly children, often find that words and other visual information. Comes in and out of focus. Or they get double vision at some times, and not at others. This makes it very irritating to look at objects.

Were to read words on a page. If parents could imagine. But it would feel like, to have to read a paragraph. That was constantly going in and out of focus. Or, went in and out of double vision constantly.

First, ot only can it be very frustrating. For child to read. Second, it can also cause them eyestrain, and headaches. As they try to get their eyes to focus, unsuccessfully.


Over time, in order to stop this confusing information. The brain will simply turn off vision to the crossed eye. And while it will help the child not see double vision any longer.

It will result, in them being functionally blind in one eye. And losing the visual skills. That require two eyes to function properly. Such as depth perception and tracking moving objects.

The best eye treatment in Edmonton. For children with strabismus. Firstly, a vision therapist will create the treatment. Secondly, after they complete assessment. To find out what kind of strabismus they have. And how severe it is.

So that they can put together the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for them. Often, children will need corrective lenses. Such as prescription glasses. Or glasses that have prisms in the lenses.

This on its own, can sometimes be enough. To correct the cross eyes. Therefore, in many cases, vision therapy. Is also needed to help. The eyes work together. This is like physical therapy, but for the eyes.

The vision therapist will take the patient. Through a series of exercises. Designed to train the eyes to work together. And strengthen them. So that they can be used, to gain visual skills.

Consequently parents would like more information about strabismus. To get their child assessed. Ultimately, getting the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. All they have to do. Is call vision by design in Edmonton. And get an assessment, from one of their visual therapists on staff.