Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Challenges in Overcoming Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Challenges in Overcoming Strabismus

Often, people are born with strabismus, requiring parents or teachers to notice, and then get them the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. However, people can develop this after a catastrophic brain injury.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Regardless of how they have developed strabismus, also known as cross eyes. It is the same way that people should get a diagnosis. And come across the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton for them.

The first thing to do, would be to contact a vision therapist. In order for a full assessment. An assessment for vision syndromes is a lot more comprehensive. And therefore lengthier, then standard vision test.

And as such, people should prepare for approximately an hour, to an hour and a half. So that the vision therapist can not only do all of the measurements they need. They will also do a variety of tests and exercises.

In order to gain a full, and complete understanding. Of what is going on in the patient’s eyes. As well as in the patient’s brain. So that they can make the right diagnosis, of what is going on with the patient.

And then advise the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That they recommend for each one. One of the first options that people will be presented with. Is often getting prescription glasses or lenses.

They may already have glasses. But this prescription, will be designed. To force both eyes, to align with each other. Sometimes, through the use of a tint that is put on the lens. Or a coating, that puts prisons on the lens.


This way, the eyes will be forced to align with each other. So that the brain will have an easier time. Accepting the visual information that it receives from both retinas.

Often, in less severe cases. This is all that is needed. In order for symptom resolution. Or, this along with a few vision therapy sessions. In order to teach the eyes how to work together.

And to teach the brain how to use the information. That it is getting from both retinas. After so many years, of really not processing that information correctly.

The next option for people to consider. Is vision therapy itself. This uses exercises, led by the therapist. That trains the eyes how to work together. So that they can align. While training the brain.

How to use the information from both retinas. While this is an effective solution. It is not a fast one. Requiring about half a year, to a year for symptom resolution. And when this is not effective at completely resolving the issues.

The final option for treatment to consider is surgery. To physically align the eyes. So that it is easier to train the brain. How to use the information from both retinas.

Regardless of what has caused the amblyopia or strabismus. Vision therapists are going to be able to diagnose, and treat each patient. To get them either as close to symptom resolution as possible. Or help them completely overcome their symptoms.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Challenges in Healing Strabismus

When patients have strabismus, they need the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. However, people still may have a lot of misunderstandings. About what strabismus is. How it formed, and if the treatment is permanent.

Typically, strabismus is a congenital vision syndrome. Which means people are born with it. It can be due to genetic factors, such as hereditary. Or, it can be caused by something such as cystic fibrosis.

And what it is, is where the eyes are not aligned with each other. When a person with strabismus looks at an object. They are unable to get their eyes to focus on the same point of the object.

Which means the information that lands at the back of the person’s eyes. On the retinas, it gives a slightly different image for the brain to process. As the brain processes the information from both retinas.

It gets confused about the different images that it receives. Which is why a person with strabismus. Often sees double images. The problem is two-part, one, a problem with the eyes not aligning.

And to, a problem with the brain accepting information from both retinas. Therefore, the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Needs to address both parts of the problem in order to resolve.

Some people use to patch people who were cross eyed. By putting a patch over there good eye. To force their cross eye, to be stronger. And while that sometimes worked. To make the eye stronger.


Because the problem was in both eyes being aligned to each other. As well as a problem in the brain. The patching did nothing, to allow people to overcome their symptoms.

And they would still see double as a side effect. Another problem with strabismus. That causes people to delay in finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is the fact that strabismus symptoms can differ.

Very differently, from one person to the next. With people having symptoms when they view things up close. Or people having symptoms when they view things far away. Or only when they are doing a visually demanding task.

Regardless of what symptoms they have. It is very important that they get treatment right away. Because untreated strabismus. Will eventually cause their brain, to turn off vision to one of their eyes.

So that the brain is no longer confused by the different information it is receiving from the persons retinas. Therefore, not only will a person lose their vision in one eye, causing problems.

They will also lose the ability to do several visual tasks. Such as losing their depth perception. Having a hard time seeing moving objects. And having a difficult time focusing.

This is why it is important to see a vision therapist sooner rather than later. Such as the experts at vision by design in Edmonton. While this is a full-service optometry clinic. They do have vision therapists on staff. That can help diagnose, and treat a wide variety of vision syndromes.