Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Causes of Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Causes of Strabismus

Regardless of the different causes of strabismus, they all need to find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. What causes a strabismus, be very wide, as can the types of strabismus.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

One because of strabismus, is muscle dysfunction. And another, is a disconnect in the brain. It can be caused by a premature birth, cerebral palsy. Or, from an injury that someone has received.

If strabismus is not treated, it can turn into amblyopia, which is lazy eye. Or, it will simply result in one eye no longer functioning. As the brain will turn off vision to that I. In order to stop getting confusing messages.

Ultimately, what strabismus is. Is when the eyes are not aligned with each other properly. Therefore, when someone looks at an object. The image that is reflected on the retina, which carries information to the brain is different.

And the result, is typically double vision. A common misconception about strabismus. Is that one eye is strong, while the other eye is week. And while this is sometimes the case. In some patients.

The eye that is misaligned, changes, depending on the day. Therefore it is very important for a vision therapist to test the patient very thoroughly. In order to find out what kind of strabismus they have.

So that they can figure out what the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton is for each patient. Ultimately, the matter what the diagnosis is. And what is causing the strabismus in each person.


The vision therapist will have three different treatment for cross eyes and options for them. The first one, is prescription glasses. That can help the eyes learn how to work together. Either with a very strong prescription.

Or with lenses, that come with a coating or it tint in them. That can help their eyes learn how to work together. So that the brain can be trained, to use the information from both retinas at the same time.

Another cross eye treatment in Edmonton for the vision therapist to utilize. Is vision therapy. Which is one of the most common treatments for patients to utilize. This will be different vision exercises.

Guided by the therapist, that will train the eyes to work together. While training the brain to accept information from both retinas. No matter the cause behind the strabismus. This is typically an effective treatment.

Although, it is not an overnight solution. Taking approximately six months, to a year for symptom resolution. Ultimately, vision therapy can only do so much. And in severe cases of strabismus.

Patients will also require surgery. In order to physically set their eye where it is supposed to be. If people ultimately need surgery. They should not think of their vision therapy as a failure.

Since their eyes will be stronger from the therapy. Which means they will be able to heal better from the surgery. And learn how to use their eyes. as well as train their brain at the same time more effectively.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Are The Causes of Strabismus

Even though strabismus is a very common vision syndrome in childhood, the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Needs to be determined by a vision therapist, after a very thorough examination.

The examination will take approximately an hour, to an hour and a half. Due to the sheer number of measurements, and activities. That the vision therapist needs, to come up with the right diagnosis.

As well, they will be coming up with the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. For the patient at the same time. So that when the assessment is over. The vision therapist will be able to talk to the patient and the parents.

About what the best strabismus treatment that they recommend to help them overcome their challenges. When it is vision therapy, that is recommended. It is very important that the patient knows everything involved.

Once a week, the patient will come to the vision therapist’s office. For a half hour, to an hour session. During this time, the vision therapist will guide the patient through a series of visual exercises.

Designed to help the eyes learn how to work together. So that they can align through this process. As well as train the brain how to use the information from both retinas at the same time.

While this process will take place once a week, in the vision therapist’s office. Patients who want to excel in the therapy. And progress farther and faster. They will be pleased to find out.


That there are home exercises that they should be doing. That can help them practice what they have learned during their cross eye treatment in Edmonton of vision therapy.

And help them solidify those exercises. So that they can learn more information. And progress farther than if they were not doing exercises on their own. This is very similar to a person seeing a personal trainer at a gym.

They will see results, if they go see their personal trainer once a week. But they will see better results, if they also work out at home in between their sessions. This is why it is important to do the homework.

The first place that the vision therapist will start. During this type of cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is peripheral awareness activities. As well as body awareness exercises. This is often because patients who have cross eyes.

Lack a certain spatial awareness. Because not only can they not see their body in the space that they take up. But they often cannot see their surroundings clearly either. This is why it is important.

For patients to start off slow with vision therapy. And practice what they learned every single week. In about six months to a year, most patients can expect symptom resolution.

However, if they have not seen symptom resolution. They can reevaluate with their vision therapist. Either turning to prescription lenses, or surgery. In order to overcome the challenges with strabismus.