Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Can Strabismus Be Managed

 Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Can Strabismus Be Managed

Many parents may hear from their child’s teacher, that they may need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. However, they do not know what this is. Or what is involved with the process.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Anytime children are struggling in school. Parents should take these children. To a vision therapist. Or at the very least. Take the children to their optometrist. With concerns about their schoolwork.

Currently, many children are being diagnosed. With ADHD, when the problem. Is that they are unable to see. Not that they are unable to focus. However, both of these issues occur in the brain.

And when it is related to eyesight. A vision therapist is then needed. To provide the cross eye treatment in Edmonton needed. To correct the child’s vision. So that they can see clearly again. And excel in school.

Some of the symptoms of cross eye syndrome. Also known medically as strabismus. Include a child having a difficult time. Following along with a line of text. Or reading a passage.

However, many parents might be mistaken. In thinking that their child is going to tell them. That they are having a difficult time seeing. However that is not the case. Because the way the child is seeing the world.

Is that child’s normal, which means they are unlikely. To say anything. Inking that how they see the world. Is the way they are supposed to. And not that there is a fix for it.

What the child ends up doing. Is avoiding all of the activities. That cause them irritation. Such as reading, or following moving objects. Which is why they may be avoiding sports. Or try to get out of gym class in school.


However, by visiting a vision therapist. Which is an optometrist, that has additional training. They can identify what type of strabismus the child has. And but the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton will be for the child.

Most likely, the treatment will involve a combination. Of prescription glasses, or glasses with prisms built in. And vision therapy as a combined measure. In milder cases children will only need prescription glasses.

And in extreme cases, surgery is needed. Although if parents are concerned. About the surgery, they should know. That the vision therapy that they first undertake. Will help their eyes be stronger.

So that they can heal from surgery much more successfully. When parents are looking for a vision therapist. To help diagnose, and treat their child. They will need to look for vision therapists.

Which they can do, by visiting the optometrists Canada website. Which has a list of all of the vision therapist’s, organized by province. But when people are living in and around the Edmonton, Alberta area.

It is very simple to find a vision therapist. Simply by calling vision by design in Edmonton. And booking an appointment with one of their specialists.

Due to the highly specialized nature of the visit. This appointment is only available to be booked. By phone, and the appointment will take about an hour and a half.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Can Strabismus Be Managed Easily

Once a parent has been made aware that their child may need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. The next step, is getting that child assessed. By a vision therapist. In order to find out exactly what is going on. With that child’s vision.

The only way that the child can get a proper assessment. Is by a qualified and certified. Vision therapist, which is an optometrist. That has taken additional education. Not all optometrists are vision therapists.

But vision therapists, all start off in the beginning. As optometrists. This means the search for a qualified vision therapist. Is a little bit more difficult. And simply calling optometrist clinics. Until they find a vision therapist.

However, once they find one. Such as calling vision by design in Edmonton. As they have several vision therapists on staff. Parents will be able to get their child in. For an assessment.

Assessments are considerably longer period than a routine eye exam. And parents should be sure. That they booked off enough time. On their calendar, for the length of the assessment. While a standard eye exam.

Will take approximately twenty minutes to half an hour. A vision exam, will take about an hour, to an hour and a half. In order to allow the therapist. Enough time to make the measurements they need.

And perform all of the exercises. In order to find out exactly what is going on. With the child’s vision. However, at the end of the assessment. The vision therapist will know exactly what the diagnosis is.


And will have come up with the best treatment plan for the child. Treatment can range drastically. From prescription glasses alone. To prescription glasses, as well as vision therapy.

And in severe cases, surgery is ultimately required. However, vision therapists will all do their best. To try therapy first. Which will be approximately half an hour, once a week. In the vision therapist’s office.

They will lead the child through a series of tests. And exercises. First, helping them get used to their prescription glasses. And helping them use their eyes at the same time with the the cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

Ultimately, once they have mastered those exercises. The next step will be leading the child through exercises. Which will help them overcome the vision problem that they have. With strabismus, the eyes are not working together.

Moreover, the exercises the vision therapist leads the child through. Will be all about helping them learn. How to move their eyes together. Therefore that they can use their eye skills. Such as reading, and following moving objects.

With treatment, most patients are able. To see clearly, after anywhere between 34 to 42 treatments. And are half an hour, consequently. Once a week in the vision therapist’s office. If patients would like to progress faster.

They can ask for additional exercises. To be done in their home. For fifteen minutes, five times a week. In order to help their eyes. Become stronger, and overcome their strabismus. This is the most effective cross eye treatment in Edmonton for patients.