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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Can Strabismus Be Cured?

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Can Strabismus Be Cured?

When children have strabismus, they need cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because strabismus is a condition. Where their eyes are not appointed in the same direction.

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Many parents might think that this requires treatment. Because of cosmetic reasons. However, it is actually very difficult for children to function when they have this affliction.

Particularly when it comes to learning in a classroom environments. Whether they have strabismus that causes them to see double vision all of the time. Or if they have a form where they see strabismus only some of the time.

Such as someone who sees double, only when they are viewing things close up. Or someone who sees double only when viewing things from far away. This all can have an impact of how they can learn in a classroom.

Because when they are learning, they are incorporating both near work, and looking at things far away. Such as viewing a screen at the front of the class. Or the teacher is writing information, or displaying notes for example.

Since 80% of all learning done in a classroom is visually oriented. Children that have strabismus need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they will have their learning negatively impacted.

Quite often in fact, children will develop coping mechanisms. To deal with the fact that they are seeing double. Which is not only irritating for the eye. That it is also going to cause brain fatigue.

And it can cause a child to be very confused. And they will not tell anyone that they are seeing double. Because if they have been dealing with strabismus their entire life. They do not realize that what they are experiencing is not normal.


Therefore, they might avoid doing the activities that cause them irritation or fatigue. Such as doing near work, or focusing on the writing on the board at the front of the class. Or, if they have double vision all of the time.

They might avoid many different activities throughout the entire day. That to a teacher, could look like they are not able to concentrate or focus. Or they cannot sit still.

And many children get diagnosed with having ADD or ADHD. When the true problem is strabismus, that requires a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Therefore, if a child has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

Many parents simply should come to vision by design in Edmonton. In order for a vision therapy assessment. In order to see if maybe there is a vision problem that the child has.

That are causing them to avoid classroom activities. Once they get that diagnosed. They will be able to help treat the child. So that they can see clearly. And stop avoiding tasks in a classroom setting.

In fact, if parents think that the ADD or ADHD diagnosis is not quite right. Because their child will listen to verbal instructions. Or they love listening to stories being read to them. This could all be indications that they have a visual problem, instead of a neurodevelopment disorder.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Is There a Cure?

When children have cross eyes, finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton is vital to their success. Cross eye is also called strabismus, and there are many different causes. Therefore, many different treatments that can help.

For example, a child may have strabismus only when looking at things far away. Or, they may only have it when they are doing near work, such as reading or writing. And in some extreme cases.

People have strabismus all of the time. And what children will see when they do have strabismus. Is they will be seeing double, because their eyes are not focusing on the same point of an object.

This is because their eyes are not aligned, and therefore the images are being focused on different parts of the retina. That do not correspond with each other. Sending a confusing signal to the brain.

And the result, is double vision. People can mimic how strabismus feels. By crossing their eyes slightly, while looking at things far away, or close up. They will typically discover how irritating that would be.

If they had to deal with that on an ongoing basis. Whether it was doing near work, learning in a classroom. Or even playing sports, or playing on the playground.

It can cause not only headaches, and eye fatigue. But it can also cause brain fatigue. And be very troubling and difficult for children to have to do many tasks, because of how this looks.


In fact, it is extremely important for parents to find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child has strabismus. Because over time, the brain will try to compensate for this problem.

By simply turning off vision to the eye that is not aligning. So that the result is it is no longer receiving confusing messages. And the child is no longer seeing double. And while this may seem like the right solution.

It actually will result in that eye not functioning at all. So that the child will lose other visual efficiency skills. Such as focusing, depth perception and eye tracking. This is why finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton quickly is important.

Once they make an appointment at an optometrist that has a vision therapist on staff. Such as vision by design in Edmonton, Alberta. They will be able to get an assessment. That should last anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half.

Where the vision therapist is going to use many different tests. In order to diagnose exactly what vision problem the child has. They will do many measurements, and when they are done.

They will have a great diagnosis, as well as a good idea. On what therapy the child needs. In order to overcome their vision problems. Typically, patients will see improvements between thirty-six and forty-eight weeks.

However, during the course of vision therapy. It is possible for patients to start seeing results, and improving their vision. At almost any time, but it is important they do the entire vision therapy straight through to the end.