Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Can Cross Eyes Be Corrected

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Can Cross Eyes Be Corrected

When parents suspect their child has across eye problem, finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is one of the most important things they can do. But it is important that they do it in a timely fashion.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

What cross eye is, is a condition where the eyes are not aligned. In order to focus on the same objects. What happens, when someone has cross eyes, clinically known as strabismus.

Is when they look at an object. They are not able to look at the same point on the object. Therefore, it shows different images on the retina. And sends conflicting information to the brain. About what they are looking at.

The end result, is typically double vision. And people with strabismus can have it all the time. Or part of the time, such as only when they are looking at something far away. Or, only when they are looking at something close up.

Perhaps, they only have double vision. When they are doing a visually demanding task. Such as reading, or following a ball when they are playing sports. Not only can this cause problems.

In getting the right diagnosis. Because parents might see their child a home. And not realize that they have problems, that they are seeing at school. Therefore, whether parent or teacher notices.

That the child is having problems, either complaining that they cannot see the board. They avoid reading. Or they seem particularly clumsy. These are all good indications, that they should go to a vision therapist for an assessment.


In some patients, the strabismus is fairly obvious. Because their eyes are visibly crossed. And regardless of whether they are cross eyed all the time. Part of the time, or complaining of double vision or not.

A vision therapist can be an invaluable resource. During the hour and a half assessment, the vision therapist will do many measurements. As well as many different activities. That can help them make the right diagnosis.

If they do have strabismus. Finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton is of paramount importance. To correct the problem, before the brain turns the site off in the deviant eye.

This is an extremely common scenario. Because the brain will only put up with conflicting and confusing information for so long. Which not only will take away the sight in one of the eyes for the patient.

But they will also lose other vision abilities. Such as making it more difficult to focus. Robbing them of their depth perception. And having a hard time with things like tracking.

What cross eye treatment in Edmonton will work. Depends on what form of strabismus the patient has. And the level of severity. Treatment can be anything from prescription lenses. To vision therapy.

And ultimately, surgery to correct the issue. Parents can take some comfort however. That vision therapists are no longer patching the deviant eye. Which used to be a common treatment.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Can Cross Eyes Be Corrected

If a child has been diagnosed with strabismus, the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That will help them, will be up to the vision therapist. While vision therapists are optometrists.

Not all optometrists will have taken additional education. In order to become a vision therapist. Which means it might be a little bit difficult. For parents to find the right professional. In order to test their child for a diagnosis.

One way that parents can find the help they need. Is to go to the Canadian optometrists website. Because they have a list, organized by province. On all of the different vision therapists across Canada.

However, patients in Edmonton have it much easier. They can simply call vision by design in West Edmonton. Not only are they a full service optometrists clinic.

Doing regular vision exams, and selling prescription glasses and sunglasses. But they also have several vision therapists on staff. That can test, and treat patients. For a variety of vision syndromes.

This includes strabismus, and there are several different treatments. That they have to offer the patient who is suffering from this affliction. The first cross eye treatment in Edmonton that they are offering.

Is simply prescription lenses. That either has a stronger prescription for the deviant eye. That will help teach the eyes, how to align with each other. So that double vision is a thing of the past.

They might also put prisms in the lenses. Which can further help correct this issue. However, most people require the cross eye treatment in Edmonton of vision therapy.


What they can expect, is a half hour, to forty minute session. In the vision therapist’s office. Where the vision therapist takes the patient through several different visual exercises.

That is designed to train the eyes to work as a pair. Focusing on the same point on an object. But also, training the brain how to use the information from both retinas at the same time.

The start of this treatment is simply peripheral awareness activities. As well as body awareness activities. The reason why this is where they start. Is because children with strabismus.

Typically do not have an awareness. Of where their body is in their environment. Because they have never had a clear idea. Based on all of the double vision that they have seen for their entire life.

Therefore, giving them directions like look forward. Is extremely difficult. Because they do not even know what forward means. Therefore, by giving them some spatial awareness to start.

Means that this is the basis, on which the rest of the treatment can build upon. While this is not an overnight fix. Patients can expect to go for 36 to 48 treatments on average.

However, vision therapists typically prepare patients of for a year of treatment. And one thing that can help this treatment be even more beneficial. Is doing homework, that is vision exercises at home.

Fifteen thirty minutes, five times a week. To ensure that the vision therapy that they are doing once a week. Has a good ground, and they are remembering what they have practiced each week.