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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Being Diagnosed with Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What to do if Diagnosed With Strabismus

When a child has been diagnosed with strabismus, finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is extremely important to do in a timely fashion according to vision therapists.

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However, parents need to understand exactly what strabismus is. In order to find out why it is important. To get this treated in a timely manner. Parents might think initially.

That strabismus is purely a cosmetic issue. Because it is the medical term of four cross eyes. And they look at their child, and see that their eyes are not pointed in the same direction.

And do not realize exactly how that affects their child, or their vision. However, it causes the child a great deal of discomfort, fatigue and in some cases pain. Depending on the kind of strabismus they have.

And how significant it is, that will impact how much the child is affected. Strabismus is not just a condition where the eyes are not pointed in the same direction.

What happens when the eyes are not able to focus on the same points. Is that the images become focused on different parts of the patient’s retina, in each corresponding eye.

And instead of sending a message to the brain, about what the object looks like. Instead, the brain gets two different ideas, of what the object looks like. Which will give the brain double vision.

Strabismus can be constant, or intermittent. Depending on the type and severity that people have. Which can make it even more difficult to diagnose. Especially when parents are not able to always see that their child has crossed eyes.


However, no matter what kind of strabismus they have, they need to find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton quickly. Because there are serious implications if they do not.

For example, when patient has strabismus not only will it cause them irritation. Because trying to see things that are in duplicate, is very irritating to the eyes.

However, another problem with it, is the fact that it is irritating to their brain as well. And over time, as the brain tries to cope With this double vision. It will simply turn off vision to that eye that is not in alignment.

And what that will do. Is render that eye useless. And while the patient might find some relief initially. That is not an effective treatment. Because they will lose other visual efficiency skills.

Such as the ability to see depth perception, focusing and tracking moving objects. This will affect their ability to see, read and function normally in the world, especially with how visually oriented it is.

Therefore, when parents have been told that their child has a strabismus. They need to find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And they need to do it fairly quickly. To avoid risking causing that all eye to go blind in their child.

By contacting a vision therapist for an assessment. Parents are going to be able to get the help they need. To get the right treatment, to help their child overcome this vision problem.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Being Diagnosed with Strabismus

Strabismus is the medical term for cross eyes, and it is important to find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. The reason why, is because parents may not realize. That their child is probably struggling significantly because of this.

Because they will typically see double, when their eyes are not able to focus on the same object equally. And 80% of the learning that takes place in a classroom setting is visual.

Children may be struggling more than they let on. Because they will have a hard time reading, copying notes on the board. Or paying attention to the teacher as they are teaching in front of the class.

And they might even develop coping skills, to help them overcome the pain, and fatigue. That comes with strabismus, from trying to see things that are irritating to the eyes.

And these coping mechanisms are typically avoidance. Which will have them often being diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. Because it will look as though they cannot pay attention in school.

However, if the parent knows that the child can focus and concentrate just fine. When the tasks are not visually oriented. Such as paying attention to verbal instructions.

Or listening to a story that is being read to them. The problem is not likely ADD or ADHD. The most likely have a vision problem. And they should get an assessment by a vision therapist.

Because it might simply be the fact that they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. If they are able to get the right assessment done by a vision therapist. They are going to be able to have a diagnosis and treatment plan to help them.


There are many different types of strabismus, that has their own causes. And therefore their own different treatment. However, the first step will be contacting the vision therapist.

Whether the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton is prescription lenses, or lenses with prisms. To help train the patients eyes to work together and align.

Or if the patient needs intensive vision therapy. Such as half an hour a day, every week for the next 36 to 48 weeks. Or, it could be that the patient needs surgery. In order to correct the alignment issue.

No matter what treatment plan they go with. It is very important that the parents and the child commits to doing the treatment. In order to align their eyes.

But also, to avoid their brain turning off vision to the eye that will not align. Because that is going to be a much more difficult problem to overcome.

Therefore, vision therapists will want to know if the parents and child can commit not just to vision therapy. But to the homework that they will get. That will require fifteen minutes a day, five days a week.

And when they can commit. Then vision therapy can often be the answer for the strabismus that they are looking for.