Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Avoid Classroom Struggles

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Avoid Classroom Struggles

Often, children get to kindergarten or grade 1, when their teacher suggests cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Parents should not get too concerned. Cross eye, also known as strabismus.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Is one of the most common vision disorders of childhood. This is where one of the eyes is not functioning properly. And does not work with the other eye. To do a variety of skills.

Such as focusing, and tracking objects. That is fundamental for watching moving objects. As well as for reading. Parents should not this may, if they did not catch it first.

Simply because teachers are trained. To discover vision syndromes in their pupils. But also, because so much of the information. In a classroom setting is visual. And children, start to adapt and overcome.

Any difficulties they have, with coping mechanisms. That parents often do not know. Or realize, that their child is struggling. Because they cannot see clearly. Many parents mistakenly assume.

That if their child is having trouble seeing or reading. Or needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. They will let the parent know. That they are having difficulties. But this simply is not true.

For the simple fact that children. Who have strabismus, or other vision syndromes. Have been seeing things this way. Since they were born, and are unaware. That how they see the world is not usual.

Therefore, they struggle. Assuming everybody sees the world they do. And are not sure why there siblings. Or their peers are catching on faster than they are.


When parents find out, that their teacher makes the assumption. That they have strabismus. They should get their child. To a vision therapist very quickly.

The reason why it needs to happen right away. Is because strabismus, is not going to correct itself with time. And while some parents notice. That their child struggles less with time.

The reason this happens, is because the brain. Confused by the conflicting information. It gets from both of its eyes. Will simply turn off the vision permanently. To the one eye that is not functioning.

Which will be difficult, or impossible. For the child to correct, when they are older. This is why getting the proper help right away. Is of paramount importance. Parents should take their child.

Two a vision therapist. Which is an optometrist that has additional education. One of the most important things that they should keep in mind. Is that not all optometrists have this additional education.

Which makes finding a vision therapist. More difficult than parents assume. The optometrists of Canada website. Will have a list. Organized by province. Of vision therapists that parents can call.

However, parents in the Edmonton and area. Can simply call vision by design. While they are a full-service optometrist clinic. They also have vision therapists on staff. And a quick phone call, can help parents.

Arrange an assessment for their child. The find out exactly what is going on with their child’s eye. So that they can get the diagnosis. And the cross eye treatment in Edmonton that they need to stop struggling.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Mitigating Classroom Struggles

Children often have strabismus, requiring cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Cross eyed syndrome, is the most common vision syndrome of childhood. And parents should not feel bad if they did not catch it themselves.

Children often start school, and struggle. To read, follow along in a textbook. Or follow the teacher at the front of the room. Or avoid gym class, and appear clumsy at times.

The reason why strabismus, or cross eye syndrome. Is often caught, only after the child starts school. Is because 80% of the learning. In a classroom is done visually. Therefore, teachers who are trained.

To identify if children are struggling. And what strabismus looks like. Can talk to the teacher. And let them know, that they should get their child. To a vision therapist for an assessment.

An assessment that will diagnose. Vision syndromes is a lot more intense, and in-depth. Than a standard routine eye exam. As well, the vision therapist will be looking for different things.

And many parents may first dismiss the possibility. That their child needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they got perfect vision. At their last eye exam. However, looking at a stationary object.

Several feet away. May not indicate that anyone has a vision syndrome. Particularly cross eyes that gives each person most difficulty. when they are using a variety of visual skills.


Such as tracking objects with their eyes. Or reading, which uses several different visual skills. All at the same time. Such as focusing, moving the eyes quickly from one focused object to the next.

And then jumping down to the next line. In order to keep reading. People underestimate how difficult this is. Which is why teachers are often the ones. To suggest the child might need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

When they bring their child to a vision therapist. In order to get an assessment. They need to book off at least an hour or an hour and a half. To allow the vision therapist enough time. To do all of the measurements.

And perform all of the exercises. That will help them determine if the child has a vision syndrome. And if so, which one they have. And how severe it is. So that they will be able to come up.

With the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for them. Often, children only need corrective lenses. Such as prescriptions. In glasses, that will help them see clearly. Or glasses that have prisms in the lenses.

However, most patients will need glasses plus vision therapy. Which is like physiotherapy, but for the eyes. This will be done in half-hour segments. At the vision therapist’s office. To help the child learn.

How to use their eyes together. And practicing using visual skills. So that they no longer struggle. And can excel in life, and in a classroom setting at the same time.