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Cross Eye Treatment | Can Vision Syndromes Be Treated

Cross Eye Treatment | Can Vision Syndromes Be Treated

While many parents may realize that getting cross eye treatment for their child is important. They may not know that there are other ocular motor dysfunctions, or vision syndromes. That may need treatment as well.

In fact, according to a recent Canadian study. 25% of all children in the country. Have undiagnosed vision syndromes. That go beyond needing corrective lenses for treatment.

And when they have an ocular motor dysfunction, such as needing cross eye treatment. It is because their eyes do not work as a team. And they do not focus, process visual information, track objects correctly.

And have trouble moving their eyes properly where they are supposed to go. Which results in children having a hard time reading, understanding and learning.

As well as a hard time with things such as hand eye coordination, and playing sports for example. Because they need to focus, pay attention to the ball and other players. And then react in a short amount of time.

And while many parents may realize that their child needs visual treatment. Because most children have more than one ocular motor dysfunction at the same time.

Knowing they have one dysfunction is an important step. And getting the other ocular motor dysfunctions diagnosed. The sooner they are able to get this diagnosed. The sooner they are going to be able to stop struggling at school.

In fact, it is often the teachers that alert the parents to the fact that they think the child needs cross eye treatment. Or treatment for other ocular motor dysfunctions. Because they are struggling.

And common symptoms that point to ocular motor dysfunction at school. Is having a hard time reading. And when the teacher asks the child to read out loud in class.


The child will do things like read several different words on the page. Instead of in a line. Which indicates they have a hard time with their saccadic, eye movements.

Which means they have a hard time tracking their eyes in a straight line from one word to the next. Teachers might hear this as random words being spoken on a page.

And when children have this problem, understandably. They do not have a great comprehension about what they are reading. Or, another problem that teachers could discover.

Is when they ask the child to read a line of text or a paragraph. The child can read one line, but when they go to start the next line. They get lost very easy. And often reread the same line of text over again.

Or they read the line above the text that they are currently on. Or start randomly on a new line. Because they have a difficult time with what is called pursuit eye movement.

Which means they have a hard time following a line to the end, and then starting a new line. Or this can be discovered to be a problem during sports, when they cannot follow a ball.

When teachers discover this. Instead of just recommending the right treatment for the child. They should recommend that parents take their child to a vision therapist. For a full assessment.

Cross Eye Treatment | Can Vision Syndromes Be Treated

Many parents can see that their child may need cross eye treatment. Because it is something that is visual to see, that something is wrong. That their child is not focusing.

However, there are other ocular motor dysfunctions that parents should be aware of. That can help them either get the right cross eye treatment. Or vision treatment for any of the issues that they may have.

And not all ocular motor dysfunctions are going to be as easy to see as being cross side. And parents might not even realize that their child has this problem.

In fact, when a child starts to do poorly in school. The tendency is for people to ask the child to try harder. Or study more. When this is not the problem in the first place.

The problem is the fact that they do not have the ability to use their eyes as a team. To focus, track objects and process visual information. That will impact their ability to do well in school.

For example, children with ocular motor dysfunction. Often have a very difficult time reading. Because they cannot keep their eyes where they are supposed to in order to read.

Therefore they end up reading the same words or lines multiple times. Or having their eyes jump to several different words on the page. Which decreases their ability to understand what they are reading.


Therefore, it impacts their subjects not just in language arts. It can impact their ability to read and study in all other subjects. From social and science to mathematics.

And even children who need to cross eye treatment. Or have an ocular motor dysfunction can have a hard time playing sports. Because they have a hard time focusing on things like where the ball is, and how it is moving.

And they even have a difficult time focusing on players, or what they should be doing when players are moving. Therefore, it is not just a child’s academic life that can suffer. They can have a hard time playing sports.

And not only can this diminish their self-esteem. But they can also suffer socially. As they may not be able to get along with others, due to the fact that they are struggling in school and struggling in sports.

Therefore, it is of extreme importance. That if parents child is starting to do poorly in school. That they simply make an appointment and vision by design.

Because they always test for ocular dysfunctions during routine eye exams. Therefore, if they suspect that a child is suffering from vision syndromes, or other ocular motor dysfunctions.

They can recommend bringing the child back for a more comprehensive test. To end up with the right diagnosis. That can help parents and children get the treatments they need to succeed.