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Concussion Treatment | Vision Therapy Can Help Concussions

Concussion Treatment | Vision Therapy Can Help Concussions

When people have suffered from a concussion, whether they think it is mild or not finding the right concussion treatment is important. Because the brain is a very complex organ. That requires a lot of specialized help when it gets injured.

However, one of the largest problems that many people have. Is that they do not realize that they have had a concussion. Either because they did not think that there injury was bad enough to cause a concussion.

Or because they are under the misconception. That concussions will require a hit to the head. And this is simply not true. I concussion can happen any time the body and the head moves in a different direction quickly.

And their brain, which is suspended in brain fluid travels at the speed and direction it originally was travelling. It will then hit the inside of the skull, which causes the concussion to occur.

And the reason why people who have had a concussion should seek out concussion treatment from a vision therapist. Is because there are many different neural connections in the brain dealing with vision.

That there is an extremely good chance that their visual system is damaged in the concussion. Therefore, whether people have had a concussion or not.

People should be aware of what common concussion symptoms are. So that they can find the right treatment for the parts of their brain that have been damaged.

Some common symptoms of a concussion. That point to a damaged visual system. Include double vision or blurred vision. Especially when this is not consistent.


As well as eyestrain and headaches including balance issues, hypersensitivity to motion. And being dizzy and nauseous. Especially in situations where there is motion in their peripheral vision.

Even developing dry eye suddenly and without explanation. Can be a common symptom of a concussion. Simply because the part of the brain that regulates how often they blink can be damaged.

Therefore, if I concussion patient has been experiencing these types of symptoms anywhere between a few moments after their concussion. Or they started up to two weeks later.

This can be damage from the concussion to their visual system. Requiring concussion treatment from the visual therapist. They can find one by visiting their regular optometrist and having an eye exam.

The sooner people can get the right diagnosis and the right concussion treatment. The sooner they are going to be able to not only heal their visual system. But he will other parts of their body.

That are likely depending on their visual system to work properly. Such as people who are working on balance, walking or running. May not be progressing and healing as fast as they should. Due to the damaged visual system.

While people may have thought that they have only severed a mild concussion. Even mild concussions can carry many symptoms with them. And understanding that can help people find the right treatment quickly.

Concussion Treatment | Vision Therapy Can Help Concussions

No matter how serious or mild a person’s concussion may be, people should always follow up with a visual therapist as part of their concussion treatment. To help ensure that they are not overlooking any important damage their brain.

I concussion happens when their brain hits the inside of their skull. And it does not have to be a serious injury in order to damage parts of their brain. And chances are quite high, the matter how serious the concussion is.

That at least parts of a person’s visual system has been affected in the concussion. Due to the extremely large number of neural connections in the brain. That deal with a visual system.

There are over three hundred neural connections in the brain. That have to do with a person’s visual system. As well as thirty-two different centres in the brain that deal with visual information.

Therefore, it is extremely common. For people to and up with visual symptoms following a concussion. However, people may not realize that it can take a long time for symptoms to show up.

In fact, concussion symptoms can show up anywhere between immediately after the event. Two two weeks later. So the need to be aware of how late the symptoms can show up.

In fact, people typically only find out that their visual system was affected. When the concussion treatment that they are getting is not helping them heal as quickly as they are expected.


As is often because their visual system is damaged, and needs help to heal. And until then, they are not going to heal other areas of their body as quickly.

However, most eye therapists will be more than happy to coordinate with other doctors and physiotherapists. In order to have a full body concussion treatment.

That can work together to heal the entire brain. Once they have all areas of their brain being treated properly. They will find that not only can they minimize symptoms. They will be able to heal better more efficiently.

However, if many people overlook many of the symptoms that they have. They might think that they are eventually going to heal from their concussion symptoms over time.

Unfortunately, this has been proven to not be true. And people can deal with symptoms for many years. And not have any end in sight. Because it is the brain connections that need to be healed in order to minimize symptoms.

And in the unfortunate circumstances where their damage is too severe to be able to do vision therapy. Their vision therapist will also be able to modify all of their therapy activities to fit each patient.

So that as they heal, they can make each activity progressively more difficult. To help patients of all abilities heal. And they do not believe that any patient is to damage to help.

When people have suffered from a concussion. It is very important that they find the right treatment quickly. So that they can minimize their symptoms and heal their body.