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Concussion Treatment | Vision Therapists Can Help Brain Injuries

Concussion Treatment | Vision Therapists Can Help Brain Injuries

Many people may not realize that the best concussion treatment can be a vision therapist. Because of the visual system that is likely damaged during their concussion.

In fact, many people may not realize how many different functions they have. That rely on their visual system. Such as balancing, walking, communicating. And even things like fine motor skills, and even listening.

There are even over three hundred neural connections in a person’s brain. That all have something to do with the visual system. As well as thirty-two different centres of the brain that deal with vision in some way.

And because these connections are all over a person’s brain. No matter what part of their brain was damaged during a concussion. Likely also damaged some part of their visual system as well.

This is why it is extremely important that people are looking for the right concussion treatment. That they look farther than just their general doctor, or physiotherapist.

Because while they can help heal some aspects of a person’s injuries. Without a full body approach, to heal all aspects of their brain. People may be living with symptoms for longer than they should.

Therefore, people should be aware of all of the different symptoms that indicate. That a person’s visual system is damaged when they had a concussion. So that they can understand when it is to contact a visual therapist.

Common symptoms include eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision and double vision. As well as balance issues, hypersensitivity to motion. And even dizziness and nausea, even when they were not motion sick before the injury.


Even having dry eye can point to visual systems that have been damaged by concussion. And the reason why, is because when people have damaged part of their brain that regulates blinking.

They may not blink as often as they should. Resulting in dry eye. However, if they do not recognize these symptoms. They may not seek the help they need to help their brain heal properly.

In fact, it is far more beneficial. For people to recognize some common coping mechanisms. So that they are more likely to recognize behaviours in themselves. Then symptoms that they may not recognize.

Therefore, if people have visual concerns after a concussion including enlarging the font on their computer or cell phone. Requiring more breaks than normal when reading.

As well as limiting time on their digital devices. And decreasing brightness on those same digital devices. In addition to decreasing the lighting in their home.

These can all point to coping mechanisms compensating for damaged visual systems. However, patients should avoid seeking concussion treatment initially. And wait for about 1 to 3 months.

And the reason why, is because symptoms will take up to a week and a half to show up. And some might disappear soon after. So if the symptoms that they have are still around anywhere between 1 to 3 months later.

Those are likely the symptoms from a damaged brain from a concussion. And people can then confidently seek out right treatment from the right professionals.

Concussion Treatment | Vision Therapists Can Help Brain Injuries

It is very important for people who have had a brain injury, to know all of the different concussion treatment options they have. Because while many people go to their regular doctor following a concussion.

That may not be enough to completely heal from all of the injuries caused by the concussion. And the right treatment they require a doctor, a physiotherapist and even a vision therapist.

In order to help heal all of the things that were damaged during the concussion. And by missing an important piece of the puzzle. When people are getting their treatment.

They might find that they are unable to progress as quickly as their doctor thinks they should. Or that they are unable to heal one area. Because they are not healing their whole body and brain at the same time.

A great example of this. Is a physiotherapist. Who is helping a person learn how to regain their balance following a concussion. And they find that a person is not healing as quickly as they should, and are not regaining their balance.

And the likely reason why not. Is because they are still suffering from visual system damage. That is impacting a patient’s ability to regain their balance.

Because they may have damaged the visual system that helps aid a person’s balance. And until they find the right concussion treatment with visual therapist.


People will not progress in their physiotherapy as quickly as they should. Therefore, the right concussion treatment involves many different therapists working together. To help heal a person’s brain and body at the same time.

Or, patients who try to find treatment to quickly. May not have all of their injuries fully realized. For example, when people get a brain scan to quickly after a concussion. Not all of the damaged shows up on the scan.

And can leave many doctors underestimating how significant the brain injury was. Therefore, even though it is very important to get treatment following a concussion.

Patients should take the first few days to rest, both physically and cognitively. And wait about 1 to 3 months. In order to find the right treatment. Once doctors are going to be able to understand the extent of their brain injuries.

Even though it can be many people’s desire. To see a doctor as soon after an injury as possible. Doing this to quickly, can help people miss getting the help they need. To help them their symptoms.

By waiting up to three months, patients can have their physiotherapist, their doctor as well as their visual their best work together. To come up with a full body and full brain approached. To help them heal effectively.

And even if some doctors think that the damage has been to significant. Visual therapists will be happy to work with any patient. Of all abilities. And move at their own speed. To help heal their brain from this traumatic injury.