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Concussion Treatment | How To Heal From Brain Injuries

Concussion Treatment | How To Heal From Brain Injuries

When people and up having a concussion, finding the right concussion treatment is important. Because it will help them heal thoroughly, so that they can eliminate all of their symptoms.

However, one common problem that many people have. Is making the assumption. That in order for something to be considered a concussion. They need to have been hit in the head.

This is not true, because what causes a concussion. Is when the brain moves inside a person’s skull. And hits the inside of that skull. Typically caused when a person’s head changes direction quickly. Or stops suddenly.

Then, the brain which is carried forward by momentum as it is suspended in brain fluid. Will hit into the side of the skull. Because the skill has changed direction, but the brain has not.

This can happen during very violent events such as a car accident, where people get whiplash. Or it can be caused by getting hit into the boards during a hockey game.

Or even, if a person trips and falls hard enough. Even if they did not hit their head when they fell. Therefore, people may not realize that they have had a concussion in the first place.

Therefore, when they start experiencing symptoms. They may not know why they are having symptoms. And they may not even connect the symptoms to an incident that happened can have earlier.

Especially if they consider the incident to be very mild. And did not result in very big injuries. Which is why it is very important for people to understand some common concussion symptoms.


So that they can get the right diagnosis. And find the right concussion treatment for their brain injuries. And a lot of the typical concussion symptoms include visual symptoms.

And the reason why, is because the visual connections in the brain are all over. On account of many different activities that people do, depend on the visual system.

From communication, fine motor skills, and even walking and balance. All utilize some aspect of the visual system. Therefore, no matter what part of a person’s brain was hit during the concussion.

Chances are extremely high that some aspect of the visual system is affected. It is important to know what symptoms point to a concussion. Especially when their there is damage to the visual system.

So that they can seek out the right concussion treatment for their injuries. Some symptoms are very obvious. Such as eyestrain, double vision or blurred vision.

However, some symptoms are more ambiguous. Or are symptoms that would cause people to think that their issues are with other parts of their body.

Such as dry eye, hypersensitivity to motion. Balance issues, dizziness and nausea. These symptoms are actually caused by a damaged visual system. Which requires a visual therapist to diagnose, and treat.

Therefore, people should always be aware if they have had a fall, or if they know that they have sustained a concussion. So that they can find the right treatment for their injuries.

Concussion Treatment | How To Heal From Brain Injuries

when people have had a brain injury such as a concussion, finding the right concussion treatment is important. Because without it, people will not be able to heal their brain on their own.

In fact, unlike other parts of their bodies, that will heal time. Brain damage will not do that. In fact, when people have had a concussion. They will have damaged or lost important brain connections.

That needs specialized treatment in order to help repair. And no matter how much time they give it. Time does not heal these brain wounds.

Therefore, it is not just important for people to understand how to find the right concussion treatment. But they should do immediately following a catastrophic brain injury.

So that they can minimize damage that was done in the first place. Therefore, most doctors recommend in the first 24 to 48 hours following getting a concussion. People should get some rest.

This is referring to physical rest, as well as cognitive rest. And they recommend avoiding reading, playing video games, or even cell phone use. To avoid tiring of the brain.

And physical rest, although this does not mean they need to lay in bed for an entire day or two. It just means that they should avoid strenuous activities, that could physically exhaust them.


After two days, doctors recommend slowly getting back to their regular activities. But being mindful of all of the different symptoms that they might be experiencing.

They also do not recommend running to the doctor immediately following a concussion. Because symptoms can occur 7 to 10 days after the incident.

Which means a lot of the damage from a concussion will not show up on a brain scan yet. And by going to the doctor to soon after the injury. Could result in people not realizing how extensive their injuries actually are.

And while doctors used recommend. That people should be open up every couple of hours following a concussion. They now recognize that sleep can be very beneficial.

And people should get as much or as little sleep as they feel is necessary to their injuries. That can also help them minimize the damage to their brains.

And while people may not recognize the symptoms specifically. They should recognize how they are coping following the injury. Because they might recognize that in themselves.

More than recognizing symptoms. Such as if they are enlarging their font on their cell phone. If they take more breaks when reading. Or avoid quitting altogether. Or are limiting time on their digital devices.

As well as decreasing brightness on their cell phones, tablets. And in their house in general. Because bright light causes them discomfort. These can all be symptoms of a damaged visual system due to a concussion.

After one month after their event. They should seek out an assessment by their doctor. As well as a visual therapist. In order to find the right concussion treatment. Taking into consideration all areas of the brain that may be affected.