Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Visit a Vision Therapist

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Visit a Vision Therapist

Many people may not realize how important it is, to find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. If they have had a brain injury, in the form of a concussion.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Any people think that concussions are going to heal on their own. Or they might not even realize. That the symptoms that they are experiencing. Is related to a brain injury such as a concussion.

In fact, some of the symptoms that people will experience. After they get a concussion, will be indicated of. Of a damaged vision system. However, it is not obvious that it is a damaged vision system.

Therefore, they might think that they have a different problem. Or they are not sure, exactly what to do. In order to find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. To resolve the symptoms that they are experiencing.

When it comes to a concussion, the reason why it is important to visit a vision therapist. Is because it is extremely likely. That they will have experienced a damaged vision system.

Because of how extensive the vision system is. 80% of the information that is processed about the world. Is utilizing some aspect of the vision system. From vision, to assist in communication.

To moving about the world, checking depth perception. The speed at which objects are coming toward or away from them. Reading, looking at colour, shapes and depth perception.

These are just some of the things that people use their visual system for. And because it is such a complex system. The vision connections are located, literally all over a person’s brain.


There are in fact, three hundred connections, and thirty-two areas of the brain. Devoted to vision. No matter what area of the brain that was hit. During the concussion injury.

Likely resulted in some damage to the vision system to some extent. The complexity of the vision system. Is also why people can experience such a wide variety of symptoms.

That indicate that the vision system has been damaged. Some of these symptoms are extremely obvious. That people will realize that they need a concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Such as blurred, or double vision. If they have symptoms like this, that persist longer than three months. It is quite obvious that they are having a persistent symptom from their concussion.

However, some less obvious symptoms. Include dry eye, headaches, dizziness and nausea. As well as light and motion sensitivity, and problems balancing. These are all symptoms of a damaged vision system.

Although many people might assume that it is a problem with their inner ear. Or the headaches are caused by damage to another part of their brain. This will delay people in getting the treatment they need.

Which is why following a concussion. After waiting the three months for whatever symptoms are going to resolve. To disappear. Is why people should visit a vision therapist.

They will be able to get an assessment. To find out if they have damaged their vision system. And if so how much, and what treatment is going to be helpful. To help them resolve their symptoms.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Visit a Vision Therapist

Many people may not realize that they require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because they either do not know that they suffered a concussion. Or, that they do not realize that they are experiencing symptoms. Associated with this type of brain injury.

In fact, if people do not hit their head at all. They may not realize that they had a concussion. And especially, when symptoms show up two weeks after their initial injury.

Because there is so much that many people misunderstand about concussions. As well as the extremely wide variety of symptoms. It can make it very hard for people to find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton.

A concussion happens, when the brain hits the inside of the skull. Because the brain is suspended in fluid. It is not able to move very quickly. And when a person changes direction fast.

Such as stopping suddenly, caused by a car accident. The brain, will continue to move as it is suspended in fluid. And hit the inside of the skull. Therefore, it is possible for the brain to hit the skull.

In any direction, and in any degree of severity. So that the types of symptoms people can get. Are extremely varied. This means no two concussion sufferers, may end up having the same symptoms as each other.

And it is hard to figure out what symptoms people are going to get. Because it can take two weeks to develop those symptoms. However, one thing that is very well-known.


Is when people have a concussion. Almost always, some aspect of the vision system is damaged. Simply because of how extremely varied this system is. And that has connections, literally all over the brain.

Which means regardless of what area of the brain itself was injured. Chances are quite high. That the vision system will have had a connection there, that is likely to have been damaged.

While it is very common. That people will heal many of their injuries on their own. If the symptoms do not resolve after three months. This is considered post concussion syndrome.

That requires a professional, and a concussion treatment in Edmonton in order to heal. Therefore, seeing a vision therapist. Is extremely important. Because it can help them find out if they did damage their vision system.

If so, how bad. And what concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is going to help them overcome their symptoms. They may need something as minor as prescription glasses. Or, require months of.

Neuro- optic rehabilitation. Which has been called physiotherapy for the eyes. Guided by a vision therapist, this treatment is going to be modified. For the ability, and damage of each patient.

And through weekly sessions, they will do visual activities. And eventually integrate cognitive skills, body movements, auditory and vestibular activities. To integrate the healing of the brain with the vision system.