Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussion Damage Involves Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussion Damage Involves Vision

While the brain is extremely complex, when it is injured people need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. However, what treatment is needed. Will depend on what part of the brain is injured.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

70% of all concussion patients. Have visual symptoms associated with their injury. And the reason why. Is because most concussion patients. Injured or their vision system with their concussion.

This is because the vision system is extremely extensive. And there are connections located. All over the brain that deal with vision. Unlike most other centres of the brain. Which are located in one place only.

There are in fact thirty-two centres of the brain. Dealing with vision specifically. And over three hundred connections. That use some type of visual information. In some way or another.

People should just consider. How often they use vision. For various tasks in their own life. From communicating, by looking at the person’s facial expressions. To get cues on their emotion and intent.

Two relying on their vision. In order to get from point a to point B. By judging how far away things are. Obstacles that they need to navigate around. Moving objects, and if the ground is hard or soft.

Just to name a few. And because so many different body functions. Depend on using. Some aspect of vision. These connections are located. Around the entire brain. Therefore, when a person has a concussion.

No matter what part of the brain was injured. Chances are very good. That part of the vision system was damaged. During the concussion as well. The good news is, most concussion patients.


Do not need a formal concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because they will be able. To heal on their own. As the brain is able. To heal the damaged and lost connections. In a process that is referred to as neuro- plasticity.

However, when the symptoms linger. For more than a month. That is a good indication. That patients should find the right treatment. However, but that treatment is. Depends on what damage has occurred.

Therefore, if they have any lingering vision system symptoms. That is when they should contact. A vision therapist. For an assessment. And to get the right concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Symptoms that people should be aware of include. Headaches, dizziness and sensitivity to light. They may also have trouble focusing, discomfort in busy visual environments. Such as driving.

As well as navigating dense crowds. And watching movies or television shows. That have a lot of action on the screen. People with vision system damage. Also have a hard time reading.

Whether they lose their place while reading a passage. They find that they are reading significantly slower. Or, they do not understand the meaning of what they have read All indicate that people.

Have a damaged vision system. By contacting vision by design located in Edmonton. They are able to talk to vision therapists. Who will be able to assess, and treat concussion patients. With damage to their visual system.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussion Damage Involves Vision

The reason why it is so hard for many people to find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is because quite simply. They do not understand. That they have sustained a concussion to begin with.

There is a lot of misconceptions, and misunderstandings. About concussions. One of the most commonly held misunderstanding, is that people believe. That someone has to have sustained a head injury.

In order to have a concussion. This is not true at all. And while many head injuries. Do result in a concussion. The two are actually mutually exclusive. Head injury is when an injury happens to a person’s head.

And a concussion is when a person’s brain. Hits the inside of the skull. With such force, that it causes the narrow pathways. To be damaged, or destroyed completely. People should understand how this can happen.

Inside the skull is brain fluid. Which suspends the brain in its position. However, since the brain is suspended in fluid and floats. It tends to be at the mercy. Of what the body is doing.

People should think of a cup of water. Inside a vehicle. If there is no lid on the cup of water. And the car stops suddenly. The water is going to continue moving forward. And spill out of the cup.

That is exactly what happens in a concussion. If a person stops suddenly. If they have been travelling a certain speed. Or, if they change direction quickly enough. The brain will continue travelling.


In the direction that the body used to be going. And will only stop. When the brain hits the inside of the skull. Therefore, a head injury does not need to be present. In order for person to sustain a concussion.

While car accidents. Where a person does not hit their head. Is enough to sustain a concussion. Even minor fender bender’s can result in a concussion. Concussions happen all the time in sports.

For example, when a hockey player’s body checked. Into the boards, or a football player is tackled. Even if they do not hit their head. A concussion can happen. People can also get a concussion. If they trip and fall.

There are so many things that can cause a concussion. That many people do not even realize. That they sustained a concussion at all. Because they are not injured. And what makes it even more difficult.

Is that people do not understand that they need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because after a mild incident. Where they did not even realize. They had a concussion. The symptoms that they get.

Will start to surface, anywhere between immediately after the incident. And two weeks later. Therefore, many people may start getting headaches, or difficulty reading.

And not even realize that it was related. To an injury that they did not realize. They sustained at all. However, if people notice that they have headaches, trouble reading. Or difficulties with their vision.

This is a good indication. That they should see a vision therapist. Who will help them find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. For the injury they sustained.