Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Understanding Concussion Syndrome

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Understanding Concussion Syndrome

Someone who has post concussion syndrome will require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. This is because concussion symptoms simply will not resolve with time or on their own.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Therefore, if people still have symptoms from their concussion. Longer than three months from the initial injury. They will need to seek help, in resolving these symptoms. Because they will not go away without help.

Even when people are experiencing symptoms, that are troubling. But they do not necessarily associate with their concussion that they received. This is a good indication. That they should actually seek help.

Because even though they may not realize it. Their brain injury, could result in many symptoms. That do not even necessarily seem to be related. To their initial injury in the first place.

For example, it is extremely common. For people who have had a concussion. To have vision symptoms. However, these symptoms could take as long as two weeks to show up after the initial injury.

And they may not seem obviously related to their concussion. Therefore, they write it off as stress, bad sleep. Or spending too much time looking at their computer screen. And they delay in getting the help they need.

When it comes to concussion symptoms. Most people will experience some level of vision symptoms. Simply because there are so many areas in the brain. That are related to vision, and will require a concussion treatment in Edmonton.

There are thirty-two areas of the brain, and three hundred connections. That are specifically vision related. This is because vision is required for a wide variety of different activities.


From communication, to moving throughout the world and learning. Therefore, the areas of the brain that are responsible for all of those different activities. Will have a connection dedicated to vision.

This means that no matter what part of the brain was damaged during the initial concussion. Chances are extremely high, that it had a connection dealing with vision in that part of the brain.

This is also why the vision symptoms related to concussion. Are extremely varied. Some people experience headaches, dizziness and nausea related to a damaged vision system.

While other people might be sensitive to light, have blurred or double vision. Or lose their place when they are reading. The reason why these symptoms can be so varied. Is based on what area of their vision system was damaged.

In fact, it is so common. Simply because how many areas of the brain use vision. That most people will have some form of a vision problem and vision symptoms. Caused by and related to their concussion.

This makes it an extremely beneficial plan. Three months after someone suffers a concussion. To simply make an appointment with a vision therapist. They can find a list of such practitioners on the Canadian optometrist’s website.

Or, for people looking for concussion treatment in Edmonton. Can simply contact vision by design. Because not only did they have vision therapists on staff. But there vision therapist specializes in post concussion rehabilitation.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Understanding Concussion Syndrome

When someone has concussion symptoms for longer than three months, they will need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because they have what is called a post concussion syndrome.

The first thing that people need to keep in mind. Is that post concussion syndrome, will not resolve on its own. And in fact, they can deal with symptoms for months and years. That can be treated easily.

The first step, to finding the cause of their symptoms. Is to make an appointment with a vision therapist. Such as the vision therapists on staff at vision by design in Edmonton.

They specialize in post concussion rehabilitation. And by calling in, they can arrange an assessment. The assessment may take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. In order to allow their vision therapist, to go through all of the tasks needed.

Once the assessment is concluded. Patients will be able to find out if a concussion is to blame. For the symptoms that they are experiencing. And what the vision therapist recommends as a treatment.

Depending on what part of the vision system is damaged. As well as how badly the brain was damaged during the concussion. Can result in very different concussion treatment in Edmonton scenarios.

For example, one patient might need prescription glasses. Or glasses that have a tint on them, that can actually eliminate all of their symptoms. And no further treatment is needed.

For other patients, the concussion treatment in Edmonton that they will need. Will be called neuro- optic rehabilitation. And is compared to physiotherapy, but for people’s eyes.


They will go through activities, that are designed to help retrain the brain. And help integrate the visual skills back into the rest of the brain activities. This treatment will be modified to each patient’s requirements.

And as the brain is healed, the vision therapist can increase the activities. So that they can continue to progress, and heal. Some patients are going to need to go through a few hours of this treatment.

In order to resolve their symptoms. However, if people have a more severe injury. They may need weekly sessions for a year. In order to resolve their symptoms.

Therefore, any time someone has had a concussion. It is a good idea to seek and assessments, three months after the injury with the vision therapist. Because while they might assume that their residual headache. Will go away on its own.

People are not going to want to find out several years later. That it was a results of a post concussion syndrome. That could have been diagnosed, and treated within that same time span.

All people need to do, in order to get started. Finding out if a concussion is to blame for their symptoms. And if those symptoms are related to their vision system. Is contact vision by design in Edmonton.

They will be able to book an assessment by phone. That will allow them to get the assessment they need. To find out if there vision system is damaged. And what treatment will help them resolve their symptoms for good.