Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Treatments to Heal Brains

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Treatments to Heal Brains

Many people who have a concussion, may not realize that it is necessary to find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because they think that they will heal on their own. Or, they have the misconception that they did not even have a concussion. Because they did not hit their head.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

However, a concussion happens, any time the brain hits the inside of the skull. Whether there head was hit or not. A car accident, where people did not end up getting their head hit can result in a concussion.

As can on accident. Where a person falls off the chair, and lands very hard on the ground. Even though they did not hit their head. And concussions are extremely common in sports. Even when impact was not made with the head.

The reason why, is because the brain is suspended in fluid. And things in fluid, have a difficult time quickly changing directions. Therefore, if a person suddenly stops. Or changes direction.

The brain is going to continue to move in the direction. That it was originally travelling in. People only need to think about holding a cup of water, in a moving vehicle. And what happens to the water.

If someone suddenly slams on the brakes. This is exactly what is going to happen to their brain. However, instead of sloshing out of the cup, the brain will simply hit the inside of the skull.

This is what causes the damage, and what ever part of the brain hits the inside of the skull. Is the part of the brain that is going to get damaged. This means, it can be the front, back or either side.


When people have a concussion, because it could be literally any part of their brain. It can produce an extremely wide variety of symptoms. However, one commonality between all concussion injuries.

Is that most of them will damage some aspect of the vision system. Because the vision system is so complex. And has over three hundred connections. Throughout the entire brain.

Because almost every concussion. Is going to have some aspect of damage to the visual system. The concussion treatment in Edmonton. That patients should first seek out. Is with the vision therapist.

At the very least, they are going to be able to do an assessment, in order to figure out. What part of the brain was damaged and if that includes damage to the vision system. If so, how damaged it is.

Chances are very good. That any damage to the vision system. Will require a concussion treatment in Edmonton, in the form of neuro- optic rehabilitation this is a series of visual activities.

That are designed to help retrain the brain. And he will they lost or damaged connections. That the initial concussion injury caused. When people are looking for a visual therapist to help them.

They need to look no further than vision by design in Edmonton. Because not only do they have vision therapists on staff. But there vision therapists specialize in post concussion rehabilitation.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Treatments to Heal Brains

Many people may not realize how vital a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is to the overall healing from their brain injury. Even if the injury was a minor from what they understand. And even if they did not hit their head.

If there concussion symptoms did not resolve themselves. Within three months. Researchers and doctors will both agree. That they are less likely to resolve at all.

Concussion symptoms can be extremely varied. Because it can be any part of the brain. That was damaged during the accident that caused the concussion in the first place.

However, one commonality with people who have suffered concussions. Is that there is a high likelihood. That everybody damaged some aspect of their vision system.

This is because 80% of the information that people gather about the world around them. As well as how they interact with the world. Is visually based. From communication, to interacting with the world.

Learning, reading, speaking. And even more, depends on some aspect of the vision system. Almost every single function of the brain, will have a connection of vision related to it.

In fact, there are thirty-two areas of the brain. That specifically deal with vision. And three hundred connections that are related to vision. Therefore, no matter what part of the brain was injured.

Chances are extremely high. That part of the vision system was included in that area. This is why it is very prudent, that when people are looking for a concussion treatment in Edmonton.


That they contact a vision therapist. The vision therapist will be able to go through extremely in-depth assessments. That will help them understand if they have damaged their vision system.

And if so, how damaged that vision system is. If it is damaged, they will then be able to create the best treatment possible. Called neuro- optic rehabilitation. It is where the vision therapist.

Will utilize many visual activities. Integrated with other brain functions. From auditory activities, gross body movements. As well as cognitive functions, and vestibular activities.

The goal, will be to integrate the healing of the vision system. With the brain as a whole. So that healing can be complete. Some people may need a few sessions. On a week by week basis.

Where others, will have more significant damage. That may require weekly sessions for a year or longer. However, people should notice a difference after only a few sessions.

That will help them feel like this concussion treatment in Edmonton is working. And all they need to do, is to continue with their therapy.

When people are looking for this kind of concussion treatment in Edmonton. All they have to do, is contact vision by design. Not only do they have specialists, that are experts in post concussion rehabilitation.

But with a quick phone call, concussion sufferers can get in for an assessment. And put their worries behind them.