Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Symptoms of a Damaged Vision System

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Symptoms of a Damaged Vision System

Many people may have symptoms of a damaged business vision system, which will require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. People might make the mistake of thinking that items are going to resolve on their own.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

However, the symptoms are not going to resolve on their own. If they have been persisting for longer than three months. In fact, many people may continue to have symptoms for months or years.

Without realizing, that they are symptoms of a concussion. Or that there is a concussion treatment in Edmonton. That will help them resolve the problems. That they have been struggling with.

The symptoms of a concussion. That point to a damaged visual system include for some very obvious symptoms. Such as blurred and double vision. Especially when looking at things close up.

As well as headaches, when focusing on close up objects. And having dry eyes. Because the part of the brain, that regulates how often people blink. Has been damaged.

There are also symptoms that are not so obvious. That often lead people to believe. That the problem that they have, is not related to their brain. Or not related to a damaged visual system.

These less obvious symptoms include light sensitivity, balance problems. Motion illness, as well as being overwhelmed with moving objects. That are moving quickly in their periphery.

The reason why these less obvious symptoms. Point to a damaged vision system. Is simply because the brain is struggling to deal with collecting visual information from a damaged visual system.


When people are experiencing these symptoms. Not only do they need a concussion treatment. They actually need treatment from a vision therapist. That can assess and diagnose their problem.

As well as, with the right treatment that will help them their symptoms. Some times, the damage will be minor enough. To be helped by prescription glasses. With a tint, or coating on them.

That alone, can resolve symptoms. However, for other people. They will need new optic rehabilitation. Which is often compared to physiotherapy, to people’s eyes.

The patient will go through visual exercises. Led by a certified vision therapist. A great benefit of this treatment. Is that patients will be able to have the exercises modified to their current ability.

Therefore, it does not matter how much or how little damage was caused to their vision system. During their concussion, they will be able. To utilize neural optic rehabilitation.

While some people will needs to undergo this concussion treatment in Edmonton. Every week, for several months. Some people will need to do in or longer.

Ultimately, knowing that if they have persistent symptoms. Following a brain injury, can help people. Find the right professionals, and treatment. To help them resolve the symptoms that they are experiencing.

In Edmonton, people can simply call vision by design, and arrange an assessment. With one of their vision therapists. In fact, their vision therapists are specialists in post concussion rehabilitation.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Symptoms of a Damaged Vision System

Are not aware that their concussion symptoms can be persistent, they may not look for a concussion treatment in Edmonton. This would be huge mistake for many different reasons.

Concussion symptoms can be confusing in and of themselves. And the reason why, is because some symptoms can show up as late as two weeks after the initial injury.

And some symptoms can resolve themselves, after three months or even earlier. While symptoms can persist, for months or years after the initial injury that people experience.

Once the symptoms persist longer than three months. It is then considered a post concussion syndrome. And doctors will caution patients. That once they have post concussion syndrome.

They do not expect that the symptoms are going to resolve themselves. Therefore, if people make the mistake. Of thinking that their brain will eventually heal. They may be living with symptoms for months and years.

However, knowing that the symptoms will not resolve. Makes it easier. For people to find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. However, they may not know the first place to look.

A great rule of thumb that people should use. When looking for a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is that they can start with vision therapists, because it is extremely likely.


That a sustained damage to their vision system during their concussion injury. This is because of how extensive the vision system is in the brain. With over thirty-two areas, and three hundred connections.

Dealing with vision in the brain. Since the vision connections, can be located anywhere in the brain. This is what makes it likely, that people will have sustained. Some form of damage to their visual system.

Therefore, they can get an assessment by a vision therapist. In order to find out if that is the case. And if so, how much or how little damage they received. They will be able to undergo neural optic rehabilitation.

That will help them resolve the symptoms that they have. And if they still have symptoms, their vision therapist. Will likely have a better idea. Of the next place that they can seek help from. In order to heal the rest of their brain.

The brain injury that people will get when they suffer a concussion. Will be damaged, or missing connections. And while this was once thought to be permanent. Researchers now know.

That there is incredible neural plasticity of the brain. And that brain scan be trained, how to fix their broken connections. And that is what allows people to heal from concussion damage.

When people are ready to seek the right treatment. The vision therapist, all they have to do. Is because vision by design in Edmonton. Because not only did they have vision therapists on staff.

But their vision therapists are also experts, in post concussion rehabilitation. And by arranging an assessment done with these professionals. Patients will be able to get the best help they can, for their symptoms.