Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Surprising Concussion Symptoms

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Surprising Concussion Symptoms

Often, people think they do not require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. If they have no symptoms, immediately following their injury. However, this is an incorrect assumption.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

While sometimes people will get symptoms immediately following a concussion. It can take concussion symptoms up to two weeks to surface. However, especially if they have considered their injury minor.

They may not realize that the symptoms that they are now experiencing. Is related to a concussion that they had. Especially when those symptoms do not seem to fit in, with what they assume concussion symptoms are.

A lot of the symptoms that people might have. That they would be surprised to discover are related to a concussion. Are vision symptoms. This happens, because there are so many connections in the brain.

That are related to vision, because thirty-two areas of the brain deal with vision. And there are also three over three hundred connections in the brain, that are related to vision in some way.

Therefore, if people develop a headache, two weeks after their concussion. Or they start having light sensitivity, or nausea. They may not connect this to their concussion.

Even though the cause of their symptoms. Is their brain trying to process visual information that it is receiving. Through a damaged vision system. These types of symptoms, will require a concussion treatment in Edmonton to resolve.

Unfortunately, many people think that these symptoms. That they do not realize are related to their concussion. Are going to resolve on their own. Or think that they can curates, by taking painkillers.


However, if the symptoms are going to resolve themselves. They will resolve themselves after three months. Once someone has symptoms, for longer than three months, it is now considered a post concussion syndrome.

Other surprising symptoms. That indicate a damaged vision system. Include double or blurred vision. Especially after focusing on close up work. Or when they are trying to focus far away.

They might lose their place while they are reading, or have trouble focusing. They may also experience headaches, particularly when focusing on close up work.

There also symptoms that people should be aware of. Especially if they have had a concussion. That are related to a damaged vision system. Although they might not seem obvious that they indicate a damaged vision system.

These not so obvious symptoms can include motion sickness, dizziness and balance problems. But also, they might find that they are sensitive to light, and are sensitive to watching fast moving objects.

If people have had a concussion, and are experiencing any of these symptoms. That indicate that they have had a damaged vision system. The concussion treatment in Edmonton that they need to look into.

Is the neuro- optic rehabilitation. This is performed by a certified vision therapist. After a very in-depth assessment. That gives the therapist ample opportunity. To do a wide variety of tests.

If people would like to meet with the vision therapist. In order to determine if they do have postconcussion syndrome. And how to treat it. All they have to do, is contact vision by design in Edmonton. And set up an appointment for an in-depth assessment.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Surprising Concussion Symptoms

When people have had a concussion, it is often necessary to find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. However, what that treatment looks like, will depend on what part of their brain has been damaged.

Chances are extremely good, that part of their vision system was damaged. During their concussion. Simply because there are so many areas of the brain. That deal with vision in some way, shape or form.

Even the symptoms that they experience. May not be obvious, that it is caused by a damaged vision system. Some people might know that there vision system is damaged immediately.

Because they experienced double or blurred vision immediately following their injury. Or in the first few days afterwards. However, some concussion symptoms can show up up to fourteen days later.

And may not seem like they are related. To the vision system at all. Such as balance problems, light sensitivity and motion sickness. This is caused by the brain struggling to process the visual information.

From a broken, or damaged vision system. Therefore, if people have any unexplained symptoms. That showed up any time after their concussion. A great follow-up would be needing with a vision therapist.

As a precautionary measure, they can undergo an in-depth assessment. That will help them figure out if they did damage their vision system. And if so, how much damage they did.

The vision assessment is necessary to figure out what parts of their vision system is damaged. Or if there vision system is damaged at all. As well as help them formulate a treatment plan.


That will help them resolve their symptoms. This neuro- optic rehabilitation is considered physiotherapy for the eyes. And usually incorporates visual activities. With other sensory components.

Including gross motor, and cognitive abilities. This can be modified to each patient’s individual needs. And changed, as they heal, and progress through their treatment.

Sometimes, the concussion treatment in Edmonton. That the vision therapist will prescribe, will be as simple as glasses, that either have a prescription strong enough to eliminate symptoms.

Or, they will have a coating on the lenses themselves. That will have prisms, or tints. That alone, is often enough to resolve symptoms for the patient.

However, when prescription glasses are not enough. This is when the vision therapist will propose a neuro- optic rehabilitation program. It will be modified to match the current abilities of the patient.

And will take the patient through cognitive components, gross body movement activities. As well as auditory and vestibular activities. To help them resolve their symptoms over time.

Not every patient is going to require the same amount of neuro- optic rehabilitation. Some can have symptom resolution in just a few months. While others, will need to come in weekly for a year or more.

However, when they do find this concussion treatment in Edmonton. It can be life-changing. Eliminating their symptoms. And letting people get back to their life.