Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Post Concussion Syndrome

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Post Concussion Syndrome

Following a concussion, people might have a wide variety of symptoms, requiring a concussion treatment in Edmonton. However, what is that treatment is. Will depend on what symptoms they are exhibiting.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

For example, some people might have concussion symptoms of being dizzy, balance problems. Or motion sickness, including nausea, even when they are not in motion.

Other symptoms can include headaches, especially when doing near work. Trouble focusing, either on faraway objects. Or up close objects. Blurred or double vision, either all the time. Or intermittently.

They might have trouble focusing, lose their place while they are reading. And having light sensitivities or dry eyes. They might even have even more symptoms than this. But the symptoms above.

Indicates a damaged vision system. And when people have these symptoms. Either immediately following their accident. Or up to, and including two weeks following the event.

These symptoms indicate that people have a damaged vision system. The vision system is actually extremely extensive. Because 80% of the information. That people gather about their world, and surroundings is visual.

And vision is used from everything from auditory activities, to cognitive skills and even gross body movements. Therefore, the vision system is extensive, and has connections throughout the entire brain.

In fact, there are thirty-two areas of the brain dealing with vision. And three hundred connections throughout the brain, that are visually related. Because of this extensive network of connections.


No matter where a person sustained damage to their brain during their concussion. They are likely to have damaged the vision system, located in that area. This means a person is likely going to need a concussion treatment in Edmonton.

That specifically is designed to heal their damaged vision system. And that can be done by a vision therapist. The best thing to do, immediately following the concussion according to experts.

Is to rest. This does not necessarily mean bed rest. But to rest their brain. They should avoid using their brain so much during the first two weeks. Including avoiding reading and screen time is much as possible.

As well as avoiding near work, and anything that requires focusing their eyes close up or far away. This is because they will not want to exacerbates any injuries. So that they have a better chance of recovery.

After the first two weeks. All of the symptoms that they are going to get will have surfaced. However, this is not the time to seek out a concussion treatment. Instead, patients should just be patient.

They may experience symptoms for three months, that could heal and disappear any time. It is quite common, that people who have experienced a concussion. Will have complete symptom resolution in that three-month mark.

And then they will not need to find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. However, any symptoms that linger longer than three months. Are not likely going to go away on their own.

And this is the best time to contact a vision therapist. To get an assessment, and find out if they did damage their vision system. And if so, how badly is damaged. And what treatment is going to be most beneficial.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Post Concussion Syndrome

It may be very confusing, for people who have sustained a concussion, why they may need to find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Many people assume that their brain will heal itself in due time.

And while this can often be the case. In many concussion sufferers. Doctors and experts say, that if this has not happened. Within a three month period of initially sustaining the injury.

Patients should realize, that they are not going to heal on their own. And this is the best time to start looking for the right concussion treatment in Edmonton.

However, where patients should start looking for help. Will be extremely different, depending on what areas of the brain they injured. And while a brain scan can often show what areas of the brain are affected.

A better place to start, would be going to a vision therapist. Because chances are extremely high. That they will have damaged some aspect of their vision system. Because of how extensive it is.

As well, showing areas of the brain that have sustained damage. Is not necessarily going to indicates. What that part of the brain is responsible for. Especially since there are three hundred connections in the brain.

That relates to vision. Therefore, it could be the vision system that is damaged. Although it might look like something else is to blame. And a patient will go through endless concussion treatment in Edmonton.


Before realizing, that the problem was with their vision system all along. Because it is the most likely thing to sustained damage. It is the most logical place to start looking for answers.

They can contact a vision therapist. In order to have an assessment. This is a much more in-depth assessment than a standard vision exam. And can take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours.

That may need to be broken down into several sessions. Depending on what the patient can tolerate, given their damaged brain. After the assessment, the vision therapist will be able to say.

What areas of the vision system have been affected, if any. And what concussion treatment in Edmonton. Will be most beneficial for patients to utilize to minimize and eliminate symptoms.

Chances are extremely good. That people are going to need to undergo some form of neural optic rehabilitation. Which is similar to physiotherapy, however it will be for the eyes.

This means visually based activities. That led by the vision therapist, will help the patient learn how to heal their own brain. To repair those broken or missing connections. That can eliminate their symptoms.

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