Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Post Concussion Rehabilitation

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Post Concussion Rehabilitation

Many people may not realize, that symptoms that they are experiencing require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because they simply do not understand that the symptoms. Are caused by concussion in the first place.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Whether it is because they do not realize they had a concussion. Perhaps because they did not hit their head area or whether they know they had a concussion. But the symptoms did not show up at the same time as their injury.

Therefore, they tend to think. That these symptoms will go away on their own. Some of the symptoms can be very similar to what they might expect. They would get from a concussion, such as headaches, blurred or double vision.

However other symptoms, may be misleading. Making people think that the problem was something other than a brain injury. Or that the injury, was something other than their head, or vision system.

Symptoms like dry eye, might have people thinking. That they are tired, they need eyedrops. Or that they need to stop spending so much time on the computer. However, when it comes to concussions.

Dry eye is actually caused by. The part of the brain that regulates blinking being damaged. And therefore, people do not blink as often as they should. Another symptom that could be misleading.

Include dizziness, balance problems. Nausea and motion sensitivity. This often leads people to believe that they have a problem with their inner ear. Or that they have an ear infection, even though they have no pain.


Therefore, people might not find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Or even be looking for one. And even if they know that these symptoms came with their concussion.

They think that given enough time. The symptoms will resolve on their own. However, experts now know. That if the symptoms have lasted longer than three months. They are unlikely to go away on their own.

It is in fact referred to as another problem altogether. Called postconcussion syndrome. People end up suffering with postconcussion syndrome for years. Without either knowing the cause. Or thinking that the symptoms will eventually resolve.

However, if this is what people are experiencing. They may not know. Where to go in order to get help. For this scenario, people should talk to a vision therapist. They will be able to do an assessment.

That is extremely in-depth, such as 1 to 3 hours. That will allow them to find out. If they do have a problem, caused by their vision system being damaged. And if so, what concussion treatment in Edmonton they recommend.

And if a person does not have a damaged vision system. The vision therapist. Will likely be able to point them in the direction. Of the next professional they can visit. To help them overcome their symptoms.

When people are looking for such a vision therapist. They can start by calling vision by design in Edmonton. Not only did they have vision therapists on staff. But there vision therapists are also experts in post concussion rehabilitation.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Post Concussion Rehabilitation

One of the most important things that people should keep in mind about concussions, is that they often require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. An extremely common myths about concussions.

Is that given enough time, the brain will heal itself on its own. And while the brain is incredible, with its neuro- plasticity. Which means it is able to learn, and heal itself. Even after many years of being damaged.

Without knowing how to heal itself. It often will continue with the broken and damaged connections. That cause the concussion symptoms in the first place. This is why it is very important.

That people find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. However, people may not know. Where to go first. In order to find out exactly what is causing their symptoms.

A vision therapist is a great place to start. Because not only are they trained. In recognizing vision syndromes. But they also know how to look for symptoms and problems.

Caused by concussions. What happens when a person sustains a concussion. Is that the brain loses important connections. Or connections simply get damaged. Which means people can have a hard time with certain activities.

What part of the brain gets hit. Determines what connections are lost. Chances are extremely great however. That no matter what part of the brain has been hit.


There will be some vision system damage symptoms. Simply because the vision system is so extensive and large. It would be very inconceivable. That one of the three hundred connections was not affected during a concussion.

It is quite likely. That one of the treatments. That the vision therapist will recommend is neuro- optic rehabilitation. Many people have compared it to physiotherapy, however it is for their eyes.

It is using a series of visual activities. Led by a vision therapist. Who is an optometrist, with additional education. These activities will be modified for each person’s capabilities.

And can increase in difficulty. As they progress and heal their brain. Throughout the process, they can add in additional activities. To tie together the vision system with their gross body movements.

With their auditory system, cognitive components. And even vestibular activities. This way, as the vision system heals. It heals in sync with the rest of the brain. Some people may wonder exactly how many sessions.

Of this concussion treatment in Edmonton there going to need. And that is a more difficult question to answer. Some people may only require a few. In order to train their brain, and heal their damage.

While other patients, are going to need several more treatments. Coming in every week for a year. And even longer than that in order to train their brain. And eliminate the symptoms that are problematic for them.

When people are looking for such a vision therapist. All they have to do is look up the Canadian optometrist’s website for a list of vision therapists. Or call vision by design in Edmonton.