Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Concussion Syndrome

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Concussion Syndrome

Many people think that if they wait long enough, they will never need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because their brain will be able to heal itself. And while it is true, the brain can heal itself to some degree. After sustaining an injury that results in a concussion.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

If the symptoms persist longer than three months. The brain is not going to be able to heal itself. Because the damage sustained was too great. Once a person has had their symptoms for this period of time.

It is considered a post concussion syndrome. Which will require professional help, in order to treat. So that the brain can heal, and they can eliminate their symptoms.

In fact, it was once widely believed. That any symptoms that lingered past three months. Was permanent damage, and the brain would never be able to heal from that damage.

However, new research has shown the neural plasticity of the brain. And that it has the ability to heal, far longer than many people once previously thought. However, professional help is required.

Therefore, when people have had a concussion. And they are still dealing with symptoms for longer than three months. They should be looking for a concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Although many people might be very overwhelmed. Thinking where they should turn to first. And a great place to start, would be to see a vision therapist. Vision therapists know a lot about the brain.


Especially when it comes to the brain to eye connection. Because when it comes to vision, how people process visual information. Is in the brain. In fact, a lot of the concussion symptoms that people have.

Is actually related to vision. And that vision connections in the brain got damaged, or broken altogether. When people are considering the symptoms that they have. A lot of those symptoms may actually be vision related.

For example, some symptoms that are related to a broken visual system. Include some very obvious symptoms. Such as double vision, blurred vision. And getting headaches when focusing on things close up.

But some of the symptoms are going to be less obvious. Such as people having trouble focusing. Losing their place will they are reading. And some symptoms that are not obvious at all.

Such as dizziness, sensitive to motion and having balance problems. As well as light sensitivity, and having a hard time. With objects moving in their peripheral vision.

These are all indicated of a visual system that is broken or damaged. Which is why the vision therapist will be able to get them the concussion treatment in Edmonton that they need.

The first step, would be calling to get an assessment. And once the assessment is over, they will be able to put together the right treatment. So that with time, patients can eliminate the symptoms that they have.

When people are looking for a vision therapist in their area. They should simply call vision by design in Edmonton. As they are experts in this field.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Concussion Syndrome

If a person has received a concussion, it is imperative that they find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because while the brain is able to heal a lot of the damage itself.

For some people, more help is needed. To learn what they can do, to help their brain heal the broken or damaged connections. To rewire the brain, and heal from concussion damage.

And when people are thinking about concussion symptoms. It is extremely common. That there going to end up with some visual symptoms. Because about extensive the vision system is.

Not only are there thirty-two areas of the brain, that deal with vision. But there is also over three hundred connections in the brain that are related to vision as well. These connections are located throughout the entire brain.

Which means no matter what part of the brain was injured during the concussion. Chances are very high that part of the vision system was damaged in the concussion. And while many people may think.

That their brain is going to heal from the concussion damage all on its own. Often, some of the damage still persists after three months. When it is then considered a post concussion syndrome.

These symptoms can last for several months, or even years. Without the brain healing itself. And that is when professional help is needed. To help people heal their brain, and minimize and eliminate the symptoms.


However, many people may not know. Where the first place to look for a concussion treatment in Edmonton would be. What a great place to start would be a vision therapist.

Since there is an extremely good chance. That they damage their vision system in the concussion. They would be able to offer an assessment. To see if there is damage to the vision system.

And if so, what concussion treatment in Edmonton they would recommend. Even if they require other therapies, to help them heal from their damage. Getting vision therapy at the same time.

Will help all of the therapies work well together. Because of how related vision is. Too many of their body functions. In fact, 80% of the information people gather from the world is visual.

And without undergoing vision therapy. Often means that people have a harder time healing from other therapies. That they might be utilizing, to heal from their concussion damage.

And when people are looking for a vision therapist. They should keep in mind. Is that while vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists are vision therapists.

However, if they simply contact vision by design in Edmonton. Not only did they have vision therapists on staff. But the vision therapists that they do have, are experts in post concussion rehabilitation.

Which means people would have no better place to go. To heal from their concussion, then at vision by design in Edmonton. They will be able to come up with the right concussion treatment in Edmonton for each patient. To help them heal and get on with their life.