Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Lingering Concussion Symptoms

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Lingering Concussion Symptoms

Unfortunately, not everybody that has a concussion will have their symptoms resolved, requiring a concussion treatment in Edmonton. And people should pay close attention to the symptoms they do have.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Because when they have concussion symptoms. That linger longer than three months. After their initial injury. This is considered post concussion syndrome.

And it will take the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to resolve the symptoms. When people think that the symptoms will eventually go away on their own.

They might end up living with those symptoms for many years. Because if they do not resolve after three months. They might never resolve without the right treatment, from the right professional.

The reason why people end up with symptoms. Following a concussion, is because of the damage caused to the brain. It causes important connections to be lost, or damaged.

And when the symptoms do not resolve. That is because the brain no longer knows how to heal, in order to get those connections back. However, there is an incredible neural plasticity to the brain.

And even if the connections have been damaged or lost for years. People can still learn how to retrain their brain. To get those connections back. They just need to find the right therapist, to take them through those activities.

However, finding the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Can be challenging. Because some of the symptoms that people might experience. Are not necessarily obvious.


As to what connections in the brain that are lost. That is causing those symptoms to appear. For example, it is extremely common. That people will have suffered a damaged visual system. When they have had a concussion.

This is because there are over three hundred connections in the brain. Located throughout the brain. Dealing with vision in some form or another. This means that no matter what part of the brain was injured.

Chances are quite good, that there was also a vision system connection. In that location as well, that may have been injured. Some of the symptoms indicating a damaged vision system are obvious.

Such as blurred or double vision. Dry eyes, and headaches when focusing close up. However, some of the symptoms that indicate a damaged vision system. Are far less obvious as to what is causing them.

People who have a damaged visual system. May find that all of a sudden they are sensitive to light, or have Allen’s problems. Can be by dizziness and nausea. And these problems are caused by.

The brain struggling to process visual information. Due to the damage that was caused to the vision system. When this is the case, the treatment that people should be looking for.

Would be and neuro- optic rehabilitation program. Led by a certified vision therapist. Such as the experts at vision by design in Edmonton. In fact, their vision therapists are even specialists.

In post concussion rehabilitation. Which means people in the Edmonton area will be in no better hands. And by going to this clinic, and getting an assessment done.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Lingering Concussion Symptoms

While it is true, some concussion symptoms can show immediately, where people know they will have to find concussion treatment in Edmonton. However, some symptoms can show up days later.

And when they show up days later, and the symptoms are not necessarily obvious. People might delay finding the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Either thinking that those symptoms will eventually resolve.

Or not understanding exactly why they are experiencing those symptoms. Chances are quite high, that they will experience at least some of the symptoms. Indicating a damaged vision system.

Because it is extremely common. For people to have damaged their vision system during a concussion. Because there are so many connections. That are located throughout the brain.

Symptoms that people should be aware of. Include having double or blurred vision. As well as dry eyes, and getting headaches while focusing on things that are close up.

However, there are other symptoms that are less obvious. That are just as serious. And still require finding a concussion treatment in Edmonton to resolve.

These symptoms include dizziness, motion sensitivities. Or being sensitive to motion happening around people. As well as light sensitivity, and balance problems. Even though these are less obvious symptoms.

They do indicates a damaged vision system. However, it is the brain responding to struggling. To process visual information. When these are the problems that people are experiencing.


The type of treatment that they should be trying to find, would be and neuro- optic rehabilitation treatment. Because this works to heal the brain. And repair all of the broken and missed connections.

This can only be done by a trained vision therapist. Who will incorporate vision activities. Combined with other components. That will be designed. To help integrate the vision system.

That is newly repaired. With the rest of the brain, so that people will have no problems with gross body movement, vestibular activities, cognitive abilities. And auditory activities.

While some people may need to undergo this particular treatment every week, for at least a year. Some people, may be able to undergo just a few sessions, every week for a few months.

In order to heal the connections. And eliminate their symptoms. In order to get started, people will need to find a vision therapist. Who will be able to not only provide to the neuro- optic rehabilitation.

But who will be able to do the assessment. Which is a lot more in-depth, and longer period than a standard vision exam. It will take approximately 1 to 3 hours. And can be broken up into two sessions.

According to how well the patient will be able to tolerate. All of the different activities and tests. That the vision therapist must do, in order to get a diagnosis.

When people are interested in getting this particular assessment. All they have to do, is call vision by design in Edmonton. Because not only do they have vision therapists on staff. But one of their vision therapists is a post concussion rehabilitation specialist. So there is no better place to go, for concussion recovery.