Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Long Can Concussion Symptoms Last

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Long Can Concussion Symptoms Last

Many people may think that they will not require concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because they will simply wait it out. And that the symptoms will resolve with time. Unfortunately, this is not a great strategy for many reasons.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

While concussion symptoms can happen as soon as the injury occurs. It often takes patients up to two weeks. To develop all of the symptoms that the concussion may give them.

For a lot of patients. The concussion symptoms will last for about three months. And will go away as they heal. However, if the symptoms last longer than three months.

This is now considered a post concussion syndrome. And the symptoms that linger after the three month mark. Will not resolve on their own. And patients need to seek the concussion treatment in Edmonton to help them.

However, where to go can be a bit confusing. Because there may be different parts of the brain injured during their accident. Which means they may need to go to different specialists, in order to heal properly.

Something else that many people may not know. Is that when they are looking for a concussion treatment in Edmonton. A great place to go, would be a vision therapist.

The reason why they should seek help from a vision therapist. Is because they are likely experiencing visual symptoms from their concussion. Even though they might not connect them to a damaged visual system.

There are over three hundred connections in the brain that deal with vision. And thirty-two areas of the brain that are also related to vision. Because vision is involved in 80% of the information that people gather from the world.


Because there so many connections in the brain that are related to vision. No matter what part of the brain was injured during the initial concussion. Chances are extremely high that it damaged some part of the vision system.

And that is the reason why concussion patients should seek treatment from a vision therapist. They will be able to do an in-depth assessment. That will help them find out if they are experiencing visual symptoms.

Or if they have a damaged visual system because of their concussion. After they do this 1 to 3 hour assessment. The vision therapist not only will be able to diagnose the problem.

They will also be able to come with several treatment options, to help them resolve the symptoms. One such treatment might be as simple as prescription or tinted glasses. That can help people be symptom-free.

However, most often. Patients are going to require some level of narrow optic rehabilitation. Which is like physiotherapy, but for people’s eyes. This is where the vision therapist is going to help patients.

Go through a series of visual exercises. And eventually progress to physical and cognitive activities. To help integrate the vision system back into the regular function of the brain.

When people realize that their concussion likely damaged their vision system. It makes a lot more sense to seek post concussion treatment, from a vision therapist.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Long Can Concussion Symptoms Last

One common misconception about concussions, is that a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is not going to be necessary, if the injury was very minor. This is a misconception for several reasons.

People do not know exactly how injured their brain was. When they had the concussion in the first place. And the injury does not have to be bad. As well, people do not need to have hit their head during their accident.

In order to sustain a concussion. In fact, refers to the brain hitting the inside of the skull. Typically caused by a very sudden change of direction in the brain. Therefore, it is impossible.

For people to make any conclusions about how injured of their brain is. Based on how injured of their body is. It is very common, for injuries that people think are minor. To cause significant brain injury.

As well, many people and up with symptoms. Several days, or even more than a week after their initial injury. And if they make the assumption. That there injury was not bad enough to sustained much damage.

Which means they don’t have to look for a concussion treatment in Edmonton. They may not realize that some of the symptoms they experience. One or two weeks later, is related to their accident.

Especially when the symptoms that people are experiencing, do not seem necessarily related to a concussion. For example, it is quite common. For people to damage part of their vision system during a concussion.


Because no matter what part of the brain was injured. Chances are extremely high. That part of the vision system was located in that part of the brain. This is because vision is used in so many activities, and functions.

In fact, there are thirty-two areas of the brain that deal with vision. And three hundred connections in the brain that are related to vision. These connections are located all over the brain.

Which means it is likely, that some of them were damaged during any concussions. Symptoms that people need to be aware of. That may indicate that the vision system was damaged.

Include some extremely obvious symptoms. Such as blurred, or double vision. Especially when focusing on things close up. Or getting a headache, when focusing on things close up.

As well as dry eyes, simply because the part of the brain that regulates blinking the eyes has been damaged. And people do not blink often enough. Some not so obvious symptoms include.

Losing their place while reading, dizziness and visual motion sensitivities. As well as balance problems, and light sensitivity. These less obvious symptoms. Are because the brain is struggling.

To process the visual information it is receiving. From a damaged visual connection. This is why it is important to seek concussion treatment in Edmonton. From a certified vision therapist.

Such as the experts at vision by design in Edmonton. Not only will they be able to diagnose whether a patient has a damaged vision system caused by a concussion. But they will be able to treat the symptoms, and help patients get back to normal.