Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Concussions Disrupt Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Concussions Disrupt Vision

Many people understand that a concussion will require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. However what people might not know. Is that different types of concussions. Require different types of treatments.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

In fact, the typical thought. That people get in their mind. When they hear a concussion. Is someone who is cross eyed, with stars and birds circling their heads. And being very dizzy.

And while this is the very typical image. That many people get. When they think of this particular type of head injury. All these very common symptoms. Are actually pointing to one very specific. Part of the brain that was injured.

These are all the symptoms that people will experience. When they damage their vision system. As part of their concussion damage. This is extremely common, as 70% of concussion patients.

Experience damage to their visual system. And while not everybody. Is going to need a treatment. In order to heal their vision system. Because most visual symptoms of a concussion. Actually resolve within a month.

The remaining 10% of people. Who have vision symptoms. That linger for more than a month. Will need a specific concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to overcome their symptoms.

And if they do not get this help. Their symptoms may never resolve. In a new syndrome, called post concussion syndrome. It is because of this stubborn ability, to never heal.

That researchers once widely believed. That concussion damage. Was in fact permanent. And was unable to heal itself. However, after decades of research. People now understand.


That the brain simply needs specific treatments. In order to heal. Specific damage. Much in the same way. That physiotherapists. Work with each individual person. On a specific part of their body.

In order to heal that specific part of their body. Therefore, it will depend greatly. On what part of the brain was damaged. That will indicate what type of treatment is going to be most beneficial.

And since 70% of concussion sufferers. Will have vision symptoms. Almost always, when concussion symptoms that linger. A vision therapist is going to have to get involved.

Vision therapists are optometrists. That have taken additional education. And while all vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists have this specific skill set.

They can diagnose, as well as treat people with concussion damage. However, the examination they must utilize. Is extremely intensive. And a lengthy exercise. People should expect the exam taking anywhere.

Between one hour, to an hour and a half. In order till allow the vision therapist. The time needed to make many measurements. And do many tests. In order to find out what part of the vision system is damaged.

As well as how damaged it is. There treatment may be as simple. As therapeutic, or prescription lenses. That will help the brain process the information. Or they might need vision therapy.

Which, like physiotherapy. Takes the patient through several exercises. In order to heal the part of the brain that is damaged. When patients are looking for the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. They should talk to a vision therapist first.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Concussions End Up Disrupting Your Vision

It is quite common for people to have visual symptoms immediately following a concussion, however they may not need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. The reason is because most symptoms.

And up resolving within a month. Concussions can be very tricky. Because not only will some symptoms show up, one, or two weeks. After the initial injury. Some other symptoms can go away on their own.

Therefore, most doctors. Will suggest waiting. For at least thirty days. Before looking at any type of brain treatment. Because while new symptoms will just be showing up. Others will be disappearing.

Even looking at a brain scan, is going to be inconclusive. Similar to how a bruise shows up several days. After the initial injury. Some of the brain damage happened. From a concussion, will show up later on as well.

Therefore, if people have symptoms. Longer than thirty days. That is when they should be looking for the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. And if the symptoms linger for longer than three months.

That is now considered a different syndrome. Where the symptoms can linger. For years, or indefinitely. This syndrome is called post concussion syndrome. And can be more difficult to treat.

While the different concussion treatment in Edmonton. That a patient must look for. Will depend on what type of injury their brain has. There is a significant chance. That they need vision therapy.


Either as part of their treatment. Or, as the only treatment that they need. In order to find this out. Patients should contact a vision therapist. Like the experts at vision by design optometry in Edmonton.

They will be able to contact a vision exam. And determine what areas of the brain. Were damaged during the concussion. What vision systems are damaged. And then what is going to be the best treatment.

That they recommend. They will work alone. Or happily collaborate. With other therapists. Such as doctors, physiotherapists. And speech therapists if necessary. By healing the brain itself.

Vision therapists are all able to often eliminate. Symptoms of her patients entirely. Helping them live a better quality of life. Being able to return to all of their regular activities, such as reading, driving and work.

In fact, if a person is working. With another therapist. In order to heal concussion damage. They might discover that it is impossible. To progress any further with their therapy. Until they start working with a vision therapist.

For example, if someone has damaged connections. In their ability to walk. Their vision system might need to be healed. Because a significant amount of the ability. To walk depends on.

The person being able to see where they are going. To balance, to put their feet in the right location. And that is why, vision therapists. Will work with other therapists. To improve the life of all of their patients.