Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Concussions Alter Vision Systems

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Concussions Alter Vision Systems

Many people may not realize, but the best concussion treatment in Edmonton. For their injury may come from. A vision therapist, and vision therapy. The reason why, is because it is incredibly common.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

For patients who have had a concussion. To have not only vision symptoms. Indicating they damaged part of their vision system. But for these vision symptoms. To linger longer than a month.

Drs. typically advise against. Finding concussion treatment in Edmonton. Until the concussion has been a month old. Because while some symptoms are still surfacing. Others, are healing on their own.

Therefore, the symptoms that are left. After a month after the incident. Are the only symptoms that are of much interest. Therefore, while patients should see a doctor. And monitor their symptoms.

It is even very helpful. To keep a journal of all of the symptoms that they are experiencing. They should not look for treatment just yet. However, when the symptom are lingering for more than a month.

Finding the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. May be challenging, although it is very important. The reason why it is important. Is because once the symptoms linger. For more than a month.

They are extremely unlikely to resolve on their own. And if left untreated. Can actually turn into another syndrome. Which is called post concussion syndrome. This is what happens. When untreated symptoms.


Linger for longer than three months. While some patients might think. That a neurologist is the best place to start. The best places actually. With the vision therapist. The reason why a vision therapist.

Should be the first place to look for help. Is quite simply. Because most concussion patients. Not only have vision symptoms. But those vision symptoms linger. The reason why most concussion patients.

Have vision symptoms. Is because how extensive. The vision system is. In the brain. While most centres of the brain. Our left to one small area. The vision centre of the brain. Is located throughout the entire brain.

Because of how many other parts of the brain. Depend on vision. In order to do their job. For example, communication, locomotion. And even balance the pins on cues from the vision system.

Which means there are not only thirty-two centres of the brain. Located throughout the entire brain. Dealing with vision. There are also three hundred connections in the brain. That use vision as well.

Because of how widespread the areas are. No matter what area of the brain was damaged. During the initial concussion. Chances are very high. That the vision system had one part in that area.

And that it was damaged in the process. The vision therapist will be able to go through a comprehensive vision exam. In order to determine if they have damaged their vision system. If so how extensively.

And then ultimately, but the best concussion treatment in Edmonton would be. Whether it is prescription lenses, therapeutic lenses. Vision therapy, or a mixture of all of the above.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Concussions Significantly Alter Vision Systems

Many people may not realize how widespread their vision system is in their brain, and the concussion treatment in Edmonton. That they need will come from a vision therapist. People should understand how their brain works.

In order to understand what happens when they get a concussion. And why chances are very high. That they will have a damaged vision system. As part of the damage caused by the concussion.

Inside the brain, there are all these connections. Called neuro- pathways. That are responsible for the body communicating with the brain. And the brain communicating with the body as well.

These neuro- pathways are the things that get damaged. During a brain injury. Such as a concussion for example. They can be damaged. Or completely destroyed during the incident.

And that is what is responsible. For a wide variety of symptoms. As signals have a hard time getting through. People have difficulty. And if the connection is lost entirely. It might make an activity impossible.

Researchers once widely believed. That this damage was permanent. But now understand that the brain can learn and grow. In a process that researchers have called neuro- plasticity.

While the brain is able to heal. A lot of these neuro- pathways on its own. If the symptoms linger. That is when finding the right. Concussion treatment in Edmonton is most beneficial.


However, not every professional. Will help with healing all areas of the brain. Therefore it is very important to find out. Exactly what areas of the brain were damaged. And then finding a professional.

That can help heal those connections. This is why keeping track of all of the symptoms. That people might be experiencing. Will be incredibly helpful. In pinpointing the damage that they have.

And what will be the best treatment options for them. However, a good place to start. Is with a vision therapist. Simply because most concussion sufferers. Such as 70% have visual symptoms.

Caused by a damaged visual system. Simply because the visual system. Is located throughout the entire brain. Which means getting a concussion. And not damaging the visual system. Is more rare.

Symptoms of a damaged visual system include. Getting headaches, having a sudden sensitivity to light. Trouble focusing. Trouble reading, such as losing their place when they read.

Perhaps someone does not lose their place when they read. But they must read a passage slowly. Or, and they complete reading a sentence or paragraph. They do not understand the meaning of the words.

People might have blurred or double vision. Or have balance problems. When they are standing, or walking. Or they may have difficulty. Judging depth perception.

When any of these symptoms linger. For longer than a month. A vision therapist should be consulted. Because after an examination. It will be able to come up. The best concussion treatment in Edmonton for the patient. In order to resolve the symptoms they are experiencing.