Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Healing Vision Systems from Concussions

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Healing Vision Systems from Concussions

Even if people do not think they have significant symptoms, they still may need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because even symptoms, that they do not believe are related to the concussion.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Can actually be indications of a damaged vision system. And if left untreated, can linger for months, and even years. While many people who get a concussion. Will have their symptoms resolved within three months.

When the symptoms of a concussion do not resolve after three months. This is a condition called post concussion syndrome. When someone has symptoms for this long. It will require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to resolve.

This becomes especially more difficult. If the symptoms that people are experiencing. They do not consider concussion symptoms. And think that they are related to something else.

Such as being tired, or spending too much time on their digital devices. Some of the symptoms that can be misleading. Include dry eye, headaches, and light sensitivity and motion sickness.

The reason why people end up with some obscure seeming symptoms. Is because their vision system was damaged during their concussion. And it is how their brain is trying to process the visual information.

That it is taking from a damaged system. There are so many connections in the brain that deal with vision. Thirty-two areas, that are related to vision. And three hundred connections that are vision related.


Which means no matter what part of the brain was hit during the concussion. The chances are extremely high. That a person would have damaged at least one part of their vision system.

Whether a person thinks that they have vision symptoms. From their concussion or not. It is always prudent, that three months following a concussion. That people reach out to a vision therapist.

To find out if they have any damage due to a damaged vision system. And if they need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. If they do, the vision therapist will be able to put together the right treatment.

That will be designed to help people resolve their symptoms. So that they can get back to life and back to normal. Sometimes, the only treatment that is required.

Would be prescription glasses. Or glasses that have a tent, or prisms in the lenses. And often, these glasses alone. Can resolve symptoms. In people that only have mild damage.

However, more often than not. Patients who have visual damage following a concussion. Will require neuro- optometric rehabilitation. Which is a program, led by the vision therapist. That will help patients.

Learn how to use their damaged visual system. To repair the broken connections in their brain. The benefit of this treatment. Is that it can be modified to suit every patient. And the level of damage their vision system has sustained.

When people are looking to find someone. To help them get assessed for a damaged vision system. Related to a concussion. People simply have to call vision by design in Edmonton. They will have vision therapists on staff, that can help people book in for an assessment.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Healing Vision Systems From Concussions

Regardless of how mild, or serious a concussion is, many people require concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because even a mild injury, can damage or lose the connections in their brain.

These connections can be related to anything, and give people a wide variety of symptoms. However, it is extremely common. That people will experience some symptoms. Related to damage of their vision system.

This is because their vision system is so extensive. That there are over three hundred connections, throughout their entire brain. And it is extremely likely, that some of those connections were damaged in the concussion.

What people should do, if they either suspect that they have damaged their vision system. When they sustained their concussion. Or they simply want to rule out this damage as a part of their recovery plan.

But they need to do, is wait until three months after their concussion. The reason why, is because symptoms may resolve themselves. Up to that three-month mark.

Even if they think their symptoms have all resolved. Waiting until that three-month point. To go get an assessment. Will ensure that if they do have any symptoms. They will likely be symptoms that linger.

Because any symptoms that are continuing to persist after the three-month mark. Is now called post concussion syndrome. And requires concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to resolve.


Instead of going to any optometrist. People are going to need to find an optometrist who has been specifically trained for vision therapy. Across Canada, people can go to the Canadian optometrist’s website.

Where they will have a list of optometrists, who are trained in vision therapy. However, for people right in Edmonton. They simply can call vision by design in Edmonton. Because not only do they have vision therapists on staff.

But their vision therapists actually specialize in post concussion rehabilitation. And will be an excellent resource for assessments, and treatments of damaged vision systems, caused by concussions.

Following the assessment, if people need any treatment. There likely going to have to go through neuro- optic rehabilitation. Which is a series of visual exercises. Led by the vision therapist’s.

They will be able to modify the exercises. To suit each patient, and the severity of their vision system damage. While eventually incorporating other body activities, including auditory, cognitive, gross body movements and vestibular activities.

This will help heal the vision system. And then help integrate the system, back into the brain. So that symptoms can resolve. There is no minimum or maximum amount of sessions that is automatically required.

Some people may only need a few sessions of this neuro- optic rehabilitation. That is often referred to as physiotherapy for the eyes. While other patients may need to go every week, for a year. In order to resolve their symptoms.

Either way, working with a trained professional. Whose specialty is post concussion rehabilitation. Can help patients that the help they need with a concussion treatment in Edmonton. To live a normal life following their concussion.