Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Healing The Vision System

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Healing The Vision System

Many people may not realize, that the concussion treatment in Edmonton. That they need, is one that will heal their vision system. Chances are quite high, that part of this system will have been damaged during their injury.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

This is because there are over thirty-two areas of the brain that deal with vision. And three hundred connections, located all over the brain. That are related to vision.

Which means no matter what part of the brain was injured during the concussion. Chances are very high, that the vision system located in that area. Was also damaged at the same time.

This is also why the symptoms, that indicate a damaged vision system. Are extremely varied. From the more obvious symptoms of blurred and double vision. As well as dry eye and headaches when focusing.

To the less obvious symptoms, including motion sensitivity, dizziness and light sensitivity. These more of secure symptoms, are because it is the brain having a hard time. Processing the visual information, from a damaged system.

When a person has experienced damage to their vision system following a concussion. And the symptoms do not resolve after three months. This is now called a post-concussion syndrome.

And will require neuro- optic rehabilitation in order to resolve. A person can find the help they need, by finding a vision therapist in their area. Which can be done from the Canadian optometrists website.

Where they have a list of all the vision therapist’s in Canada and where they are located. Or, people who are looking for a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Can simply call vision by design.


Because not only did they have vision therapists on site. But there vision therapists also specialize in postconcussion rehabilitation. Therefore, they are uniquely suited to not only diagnose vision problems.

Caused by a concussion. But also treat the problem. In order to help people completely resolve their symptoms as quickly as they can. However, depending on what part of the vision system is damaged.

As well as how damaged the vision system is. Symptom resolution can be extremely varied. From requiring prescription glasses, that have a special coating on them. That is designed to resolve symptoms.

Two varying degrees of neuro- optic rehabilitation. Which is considered physiotherapy for the eyes. For some people, they will need a few weeks of sessions. In order to resolve their symptoms.

However, for some people. The concussion treatment in Edmonton that they need. Will involve weekly sessions, for a year or longer. In order to heal the vision system and eliminate the symptoms.

The benefit of the neuro- optic rehabilitation. That the vision therapist will design for each patient. Is that it can be modified to suit every patient. And change, as their symptoms start to go away.

The neuro- optic rehabilitation. Will use vision activities. Integrated with other components. That will start to help the vision system work with other areas of the brain.

When people are looking for more information about getting an assessment. Or about neuro- optic rehabilitation. They can contact the experts at vision by design. And arrange an assessment that can help them.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Healing The Vision System

Many people may not realize that if they had a concussion, they will need to find concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because their symptoms, will not resolve on their own.

While this does not include everybody who has had a concussion. Many people, who injure their brain this way. Will have symptoms longer than three months.

And when this is the case, it is called post concussion rehabilitation syndrome. When this is what is causing their symptoms. People need to know that these symptoms are not going to resolve on their own.

And can in fact, linger for years. When this is the case, finding the right concussion treatment in Edmonton can be a bit of a challenge. Because people may not realize, what areas of the brain have been damaged.

And when people have had a concussion, and their visual system has been damaged. They will need to undergo neuro- optic rehabilitation. In order to resolve their symptoms.

However, the difficulty in this. Is that many of the symptoms that indicate a damaged vision system. Are not as obvious as many people think. In fact, the symptoms can be downright misleading.

For example, some people might have symptoms that include headache, motion sensitivity, and dizziness. That give them trouble walking. Or, they might have an increased sensitivity to light.


These are not necessarily obvious symptoms of a damaged vision system. And what causes these symptoms. Is the brain struggling to process the visual information it is receiving. From a damaged visual system.

Especially when these types of symptoms do not show up until two weeks later after the incident. People might not even associate these symptoms with the concussion.

And definitely not with concussion damage to their vision system. Therefore, it is not going to be obvious to them. To find a vision therapist, to help them with their concussion treatment in Edmonton.

However, experts say that it is extremely common that the visual system is damaged. During a concussion. Simply because there are so many areas of the brain, that include vision.

In fact, thirty-two areas of the brain deal with vision. While three hundred connections in the brain are associated with vision. And these connections and areas are located, literally all over the brain.

Therefore, no matter what part of the brain was injured during the concussion. Chances are extremely high. That some part of their vision system was damaged as well.

Which means it is very prudent. For a patient to do seek an assessment from a vision therapist. Three months after their concussion. Just to see if they did receive damage to their vision system.

If so, there vision therapist will be able to help them find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Whether it is in the form of prescription glasses. Or a neuro- optic rehabilitation program.