Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Healing From Post Concussion Syndrome

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Healing From Post Concussion Syndrome

Many people assume, that if they wait long enough following a concussion, that they will not need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. And while it is true, some people will have their symptoms resolve on their own.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

For the most part, when symptoms linger longer than nine months. Those symptoms are not going to resolve. And in fact, people can deal with those troubling symptoms for years.

For some, finding the right concussion treatment in Edmonton can be easy. Because it is very clear, what parts of their brain were damaged. When they received their initial concussion injury.

However, this is less obvious. When a person has received damage to their vision system. Because the symptoms may not be very obvious at all. Symptoms such as dizziness, light sensitivity and balance problems.

Are caused, because the brain is struggling. To process the visual information. From a damaged visual system. Even more obvious symptoms, such as double vision, learned vision or dry eye.

Can often be mistaken as spending too much time on a computer. Or having people assume that they simply need more sleep. Therefore, finding the right concussion treatment in Edmonton can be a challenge.

People should keep in mind, that when they receive a concussion, no matter what part of the brain was injured. Chances are quite high. That they damaged part of their vision system.


Because the brain has thirty-two areas that deal with vision. As well as three hundred connections in the brain, related to vision. No matter what part of the brain was hit, there would be some connections.

Related to vision in that area. Therefore, a great strategy. Would be for people to follow up with the vision therapist. Three months after their concussion. In order to find out if they did in fact damage their vision system.

If so, how much it was damaged. And what the best treatment the therapist recommends would be. For some people, the only treatment that is required. Is prescription glasses. Or glasses with a tent, or prism coding.

And the glasses alone, can often resolve their symptoms. However, if this does not work. Or if people have sustained more damage to their vision system. They will need a form of concussion treatment called neuro- optic rehabilitation.

This will be done under the guidance of a vision therapist. Where they will do visual activities. That are also integrating other areas of the brain. To help heal the vision system. And help the brain process the information as well.

The best thing about neuro- optic rehabilitation. Is that it can be modified to suit every patient’s level of damage. And change it, to suit how fast they are healing individually.

Some patients may require several weeks or months of weekly sessions. And others, may require over a year. To heal from the significant damage of their concussion.

However, regardless of how much time it will take. At least there is hope for people who are suffering from post concussion syndrome.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Healing From Post Concussion Syndrome

When people have post concussion syndrome, that will require a specific concussion treatment in Edmonton. Depending on what part of the brain that they damaged when they receive their concussion.

Chances are quite high however. That they will have caused some damage. To their vision system during the concussion. Simply due to the sheer volume of connections in the brain. Dealing with vision.

Therefore, it is extremely prudent for people who have had a concussion. To be familiar with symptoms. That would indicate a damaged visual system. So that they can seek out the right treatment quickly.

Some of the symptoms that point to a damaged vision system are quite obvious. Such as blurred or double vision. As well as dry eyes, or headaches when focusing on things close up.

While other symptoms are less obvious, or simply deceptive. Such as having a hard time focusing while reading, dizziness, motion sensitivity. And even balance problems.

The more obvious symptoms, are caused by those connections being damaged in the concussion. Such as the dry eye being caused by the brain connection. Responsible for regulating blinking being damaged.

However, the less obvious symptoms. Are caused by the brain struggling. To process the visual information it is receiving. Which is why people might end up having these symptoms.

That may not specifically seem that they are indicating. A problem with the visual system. However, if they have these symptoms. People who had a concussion should pay close attention to them.


And if they linger past three months. Then they will need to seek out the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. They will need to find a vision therapist, if they have these symptoms.

So that they can get the right in-depth assessment. That can take up to 1 to 3 hours. So that the vision therapist can do all of the tasks they need to make a diagnosis.

Once they have completed the assessment. They will be able to come up with the best treatment that they recommend for each patient. Chances are quite high, that people who have damaged their visual system.

Following a concussion, will need therapy called neuro- optic rehabilitation. Which uses vision activities. Modified for the patient’s capability. To help her retrain their brain and heal it.

The benefit of this therapy. Is that it can be modified to suit any patient. And the level of damage they may or may not have. And then change, as they progress and heal their brain.

This neuro- optic rehabilitation, that is often referred to as physiotherapy for the eyes. Will also integrate several activities. Including cognitive components, gross body movement activities.

As well as auditory and vestibular activities. So that they will be able to completely heal the brain with concussion treatment in Edmonton. Integrated with their visual system.

When people are looking for a vision therapist. Whether they know they have damaged their vision system. Or there trying to rule it out. Can contact vision by design in Edmonton.

So that they can get the assessment, to help them rule out problems. Or find the right treatment to help heal them.