Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Lady suffering head pains

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Debilitating Concussion Effects

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Debilitating Concussion Effects

Concussion treatment Edmonton recognizes that. Some victims of a concussion won’t even. Realize that they indeed have a concussion. Until side effects start to show.
Concussion Treatment Edmonton

And start to interrupt their lives. However, what is actually a positive. Is the fact that when you have sustained a concussion. Effects are often most of the time going to.

Show themselves almost immediately. There are going to be some very blatant effects that you. As well as people around you will notice. When you have sustained a concussion.

Such as sensitivity to light. Or not being able to focus up close. Or read or deal with intricate details up close. Further, when you are driving it might bother you.

When cars are speeding past you. Or even a gentle walk when cars. And other people are walking two and fro. Might throw off your equilibrium and cause headaches.

There can quite frankly be a lot. Of side effects also that you might not. Immediately realize are going. To be a cause of your sustained injury to your head.

On account of the fact that there are approximately 300. Connections between the areas in your brain that have something. To do with the visual system.

Or to visual processing of your environment altogether. Further to this, there are precisely 32 areas in your brain. That are going to be the drivers, says concussion treatment Edmonton.


For visual functioning and visual cognition. Consider the fact that you might want to make sure to see a doctor. So that they may be able to refer you to a specialist.

In order to undergo certain tests. To confirm whether or not you have sustained a concussion. If that is to be the diagnosis. Then you might want to engage in.

According to your specialist, a narrow optometric rehabilitation Program. This program is a kin to physical therapy, except it’s for your eyes. Fear not, as the program will be carefully.

Overseen and tailored to your specific concussion symptoms. By a very educated and experienced PhD. The components of the program will be such as there are.

Different visual activities, different and specific sensory motor, cognitive components as well. And, in order to retrain your brain. To use your visual system more efficiently.

Once your brain and the visual information processes. Are going to be working again on all power. Don’t worry, as you will find that your symptoms such as hypersensitivity.

To light, and to sharp, fast objects. Will indeed eventually subside. These initial appointments for the narrow optometric rehabilitation. Have to be modified according.

Two your sensitivity, or lack thereof. To your symptoms, for fear that you. May in fact trigger a headache and won’t be able. To continue in any of the activities, recognizes concussion treatment Edmonton.

Recovery will slowly begin, however. And, the components are going to be specific. To the type of symptoms and side effects that you are experiencing. Further, therapists are essentially.

Going to be loading certain activities in order for them to be integrated. Better with some sensory motor systems. For certain parts of your body. The more you practice, the more you’ll feel better.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Disabling Concussion Effects

Concussion treatment Edmonton recognizes that there can. Be certain debilitating side effects when you have sustained a concussion. In order to talk about side effects.

We must first talk about what a concussion is. And what post concussion syndrome can look like. For example, any time a patient will have. Had to experience certain symptoms.

That are I kin to loss of balance, ultra sensitivity to light, and the like. For longer than three months, or 90 days. That will trigger a doctor to deem you to have.

Postconcussion syndrome, as a cause of your hit to the head. Furthermore, you can experience a lot of dizziness, tunnel vision. Or in fact there can be a lot of lightheadedness.

Concussion treatment Edmonton also recognizes that. Often times patients will come in with wonderful questions. Such as what their side effects might begin to look like.

However, there is no doctor or specialist. That can tell exactly what a concussion. Or the symptoms and side effects on behalf of a concussion. Is going to look like.

For each and every person. The side effects are going to be individual to all. You might feel great for the first two weeks. And then all of a sudden there will be an onslaught.


Of dizziness and lightheadedness. Or, as in most cases, you might begin to feel. Having a very big headache, dry I, or tunnel or other vision not a kin to normal vision.

Immediately after you have sustained the injury. This double or blurry vision. Is most likely going to happen. When you are focusing up close. To a book, your intricate hobbies.

Or other delicate and intricate details. Furthermore, you might find that you might be forgetful. Or that you can very easily lose your place. When you are reading.

There can be a certain significant discomfort. And some patients have also complained of balance issues. Furthermore, it might be a great idea. In order for you to take a backseat.

No pun intended, to driving altogether. Because of the fact that some complainants of having a concussion. Will say that other cars on the road passing them will cause.

Much dizziness, and will bring on a headache. Furthermore, you don’t have to be going very fast. For the motion of objects to affect someone. That is a covering or suffering from a concussion.

Concussion treatment Edmonton also recognizes that. When you are going shopping in a grocery store. Often they will have those very bright lights. That can be a trigger.

For somebody who has sustained a concussion. And can bring on a very bad headache. Or disorientation and confusion. There can also be certain confusion.

And lots of symptoms that may not necessarily. Be as blatant when someone has sustained a concussion. It is important to make another aware of your injury and symptoms.