Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Interrupt Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Interrupt Vision

Many people may not understand that the concussion treatment in Edmonton. That they need will require a vision therapist. The reason why, is because it is exceptionally common for people to damage.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Part of their vision system. When they sustained their concussion injury. There is still a lot that is misunderstood about concussions. Such as many people believe. That they must have been hit in the head.

In order to have a concussion. This is why many people end up being diagnosed. As having concussions, or even. Post concussion syndrome without even knowing. They sustained a concussion in the first place.

While often, concussions accompany head injuries. What a concussion is, is when their brain. Has hit the inside of their skull. Because their head stopped moving. And their brain did not.

So while certainly, being hit in the head with a soccer ball. Can definitely cause a concussion. Things that do not involve the head being hit. Such as being body checked into the boards at a hockey game.

Or, getting into a car accident. And getting whiplash. Even though the head was not hit directly. Can all resolve in concussions. What makes concussions even more difficult for people to understand.

Is depending on what area of the brain. Was hit during the injury. An extremely wide variety of symptoms may be present. And these symptoms, can take up to two weeks. To show up as well.


Even a brain scan will not show all of the damage. Very similar to how a bruise. Shows the damage that was done. Several days after the initial injury. Because of the very different symptoms that can show up.

And how long it takes the symptoms to show up. Makes understanding. Diagnosing, and getting the right. Concussion treatment in Edmonton very difficult. However, patients need to understand.

The extreme likelihood that they sustained damage to their vision system. During the concussion. This is extremely likely, because of how extensive. The vision system is. Most centres of the brain are limited.

To one small area of the brain. However, because so many parts of the brain. And different functions of the body. Depends on vision. The vision system is actually spread out. Throughout the entirety of the brain.

Which means no matter what part of the brain was hit. During the concussion. Whether it was front, back, or either side. Chances are, the vision system will have been damaged at least in part.

And while it was once widely believed. That brain damage was permanent. It is now widely understood. That because of the neuro- plasticity of the brain. That is, the ability of the brain. To heal and grow.

That with the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. People can also heal their concussion damage. And when they have damaged their vision system. A vision therapist is the professional that will help them.

If patients are looking for a vision therapist to work with. They should look no further than vision by design optometry. Located in West Edmonton.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Interrupt Vision Frequently

When people get a concussion, they may automatically think that they need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. But this is not necessarily true. Concussions are very difficult to diagnose and treat.

Often because people are unaware. That they were injured at all. Because they might think that in order. To have a concussion, they need to have a head injury. However head injury is not necessary.

In order to have the brain, hit the inside of a person’s skull. But also, symptoms can show up. Two weeks after the initial injury. And if the instance that causes a concussion. Is incredibly minor.

Then many people may not even understand. The symptoms that they are experiencing. Are related to the very minor incident that they had weeks ago. As well, what makes a concussion hard or to understand.

Is that while some symptoms are showing up. Other symptoms are disappearing. And while it is standard practice. For person to be rushed to the hospital. Or at least a doctor following a concussion.

There is no immediate concussion treatment in Edmonton. That the doctor is going to be able to do. Until all of the symptoms have shown up. Even a brain scan of the patient’s head will not show all the damage.

And some of the symptoms will resolve before a month is up. Therefore, it becomes a wait and see scenario. However, after the initial injury. And a month has passed.


If people have lingering symptoms. This is when the patient and the doctor. Will start looking for the right. Concussion treatment in Edmonton to heal their injuries. Chances are quite great.

That people who have lingering symptoms. Will be experiencing at least some. Vision syndrome symptoms. Because most concussion sufferers. Have damaged some part of their vision system.

Because of how far-reaching the vision system is. Into all corners of the brain. The symptoms that people should be aware of. That mean they should find a vision therapist are included.

But not limited to. Sensitivity to light and headaches. Having a hard time reading. It might lose their place while reading, read much slower than they are used to. Or lack comprehension when they have read a passage.

They might have problems balancing. And have a hard time judging depth perception, or distance. People might have blurred or double vision. Or be overwhelmed in visually stimulating environments.

They might have a hard time looking at a computer screen. Or when they are scrolling on their phone. All of these indicate. That they could potentially have damaged. Their vision system. And the right vision therapist.

While help them get the most effective concussion treatment in Edmonton possible. When looking for the right vision therapist to work with. Edmonton ends should look no further.

Then vision by design optometry. Not only are they located right in Edmonton. But there vision therapists. Are also experts at treating damage from concussions.