Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussion Syndrome Symptoms

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussion Syndrome Symptoms

If someone has suffered a concussion, they may need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Even if they do not immediately have symptoms. Often, symptoms of a concussion can show up much later.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Anywhere between immediately following the injury. To two weeks later is common, and while most symptoms will resolve on their own. After three months time, this is not always the case.

If, after three months. A person is still experiencing symptoms. This is now considered post concussion syndrome. And patients will need to find concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Because it is not likely that these symptoms are going to resolve on their own. Often, people may not even realize that they have suffered a concussion. And are dealing with symptoms for years.

That once they see the right diagnosis. They can get the treatment, that will help them eliminate symptoms. When it comes to concussion symptoms. There is an extremely good chance, that they will be visual in nature.

The reason why concussions because so many vision symptoms. Is because vision is used in so many activities. From movement, reading and communication just to name a few things.

That there are connections throughout the entire brain. That are related to vision. In fact, there are thirty-two areas of the brain that deal with vision. With three hundred connections that are related to vision.

Which means no matter what part of the brain was injured. Chances are extremely high. That part of the vision system was included in that injury. This is also why the vision symptoms can be so varied.


Some of the vision symptoms that need to be resolved from going to a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Can be extremely obvious signs. That people would naturally conclude is due to their vision system.

Such as blurred or double vision, dry eyes and having trouble focusing up close or far away. Some less obvious symptoms can include losing their place when they are reading, or getting headaches, when reading things close up.

But what is more difficult. Is when people experience symptoms of a damaged visual system. That they do not necessarily associate with vision at all. And it can cause them a delay in finding a treatment.

Not obvious signs of a damaged visual system include being dizzy, nauseous and motion sensitive. Especially sensitive to motion that is happening around them. Such as people rushing by them in a hallway.

People might end up being dizzy, sensitive to light and difficulty walking. And this is due to the brain struggling to process the visual information that it is receiving from the eyes.

When this is the problem, people should find the right treatment. And they can do that, by contacting a vision therapist. Such as the ones at vision by design in Edmonton.

Not only did they specialize in post concussion syndrome. They are going to be able to assess, diagnose. As well as treat problems caused by a damaged visual system. So that people can resolve their symptoms, and get back to life without the difficulties they are experiencing.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussion Syndrome Symptoms

Many people may not realize it, but if they have a damaged visual system from a concussion, it will need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. These symptoms will not resolve on their own without therapy.

It is extremely common that people who have experienced a concussion. Will also have some form of vision system damage. Simply due to the sheer number of connections dealing with vision throughout the entire brain.

When this is the case, people will need to undergo a rehabilitation that has been compared to physiotherapy. However, for people’s eyes is that of their bodies. This is called neural optic rehabilitation.

This process is guided by a vision therapist. That will use visual activities. While incorporating other sensory components. Such as motor and cognitive components. To help heal the brain.

And teach the brain how to integrate vision into the rest of the brain’s processing skills. This process can be very quick, or it may take a longer amount of time. Depending on the severity of damage.

Neural optic rehabilitation is different from vision therapy. And not all optometrists will be able to implement a neural optic rehabilitation program with patients.

When people are looking for this type of concussion treatment in Edmonton. They can either visit the Canadian optometrists website. And it will have a list of all of the optometrists, that are also vision therapists.


However, people can also contact vision by design in Edmonton. As they have vision therapists on staff. Who also specialize in concussion treatment in Edmonton. They would be more than happy to take patients through an assessment.

This assessment is more in-depth, than a standard optometrists examination. The assessment for postconcussion syndrome. Can take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. To allow the optometrist the time to do many different tests.

The assessment may be broken up into two appointments. Depending on how well the patient is tolerating the tests. After the assessment is over, the vision therapist will have a diagnosis.

As well as a treatment plan. On how they believe is going to be the best way. To resolve the patient’s symptoms. There may be a wide variety of treatment options, depending on what part of their vision system is damaged.

And based on the level of severity of that damage. For some patients, all they need is prescription glasses. Or glasses that have a special tents on them. And that alone, can resolve their symptoms.

While other patients, will need to actually go through neural optic rehabilitation. By coming into the office, for weekly sessions. Some patients need a few weeks or months of this. And some patients need several months or more.

It will be modified for each patient’s ability. And then increased in strength, as patients are able to heal their brain. When people are looking to find out if they have a damaged visual system due to a concussion. They can start by calling vision by design in Edmonton for an assessment.