Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Lady suffering head pains

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussion Effects Are Different

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussion Effects Are Different

Concussion treatment Edmonton asks what is postconcussion syndrome? It is explained as any time. A patient expansive symptoms where.
Concussion Treatment Edmonton

They are going to not have had he it resolved. Before the three month and/or 90 day. After the injury. That is going to be deemed postconcussion syndrome.

There are several very good questions. That need to be asked after. Somebody has come in to be checked on. In the hopes that they have not experienced a concussion.

Vision issues are going to be such where the concussion. As a affect of a sustained hit to the head. Is going to be extremely common. Many patients are going to have some sort of.

Visual issue based on the injury that. They have sustained to their head. There can be an concern of a concussion. When the patient experiences double vision.

Or complaints of blurry vision when looking. Up at close objects such as words on a book. Or dealing with their very intricate hobbies. Symptoms also aren’t as common.

And sometimes patients don’t realize that these are. Going to be the ongoing symptoms of their injury. Concussion treatment Edmonton says these can include losing place. When enjoying a book.

Or indeed having difficulty when maintaining focus. Altogether when they are in the act of reading. Other considerations would be headaches when you are engaging in.

Any up close work or leisure. Consider the fact that dry I is also. Going to be very common after. A lot of people’s concussions. The reason for this is because patients.


Tend not to engage in blinking. As much as they would before there concussion. There are going to be certain symptoms altogether. That are going to be hard to differentiate.

That they are indeed symptoms brought upon. By a hit to the head, or a concussion. There are going to be obviously the more blatant. Symptoms such as dizziness.

And hypersensitivity to light. However, you also might have a real problem. That, when driving, other cars speeding by you. Might find you to get disoriented or to feel discomfort.

Concussion treatment Edmonton also mentions that it can be. A consideration that you might want to stop driving. At least for the time with which you are undergoing treatment.

For fear that you experience dizziness. Or lightheadedness while you are behind the wheel. Furthermore, even when you are simply walking short or long distances.

You might find yourself to lose balance. Or feel a loss of equilibrium. Space and perception is also going to be a consideration that you might temporarily lose.

As that is often going to be processed by the brain. Very differently when you have sustained a hit to the head. Furthermore, weight shifts, on your feet.

From front to back and side to side. Is going to have a very negative effect. On patients that are walking around. It might be a prudent idea for a concussion sufferer.

Two make another confidant aware. Of all of the symptoms that they are experiencing. So that that confidant will be able to. Look over them to make sure they are all right.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussion Effects Are Varying

Concussion treatment Edmonton says that. There can be lots of visual symptoms. After one has sustained postconcussion syndrome. Fear not, as those are very common.

If you think about it from a physiological point of view. There are 32 areas of the brain. That are going to be at the forefront. Of a proper visual functioning. Further to that.

There are going to be over 300 synopses and connections. Between these individual areas. That are going to directly have something to do with site and the visual system.

Don’t forget that visual processing is directly. Going to be related to these 300 connections. As well as these 32 areas of the brain. When you have sustained a concussion.

You have damaged your brain in one form or another. Therefore, it is gonna stand to reason. That by virtue of visual function taking up. Such a large part of the brain.

That visual function can be affected or harmed. Very easily, in one way or another. There are also neuro- optometric rehabilitation that one can engage in in order to.

Make sure to eventually find themselves. Back to 100% proper form. As they were before they sustained the injury. Neuro- optometric rehabilitation is similar to.

Physical therapy, except that this time, it’s for your eyes. It is going to be a program that will be overseen. By an optometry PhD. Within that individual program, different visual activities.


Are going to be used but what. Is going to be incorporated is other sensory motor cognitive and retraining components. So that your brain is going to know how to.

Re-use their visual system more effectively. Once the brain and the visual info processes are going to be working on all cylinders. It is going to tend to reduce a lot of the hypersensitivity.

That you may or may not be experiencing. When walking into an shopping at your brightly lit supermarket. Or indeed a century sensory overload that patients are often going to experience.

With bright lights at night and the like. Vision therapy and neuro- rehabilitation are indeed different. But they are not different by much, says concussion treatment Edmonton.

Neuro- rehabilitation is similar to vision therapy in that. The same activities are going to be performed. Albeit they are going to be slightly different. And they will be modified.

According to the type of injury. That the patient has sustained. And the type of sensitivities that they may have. It is heavily going to be modified at the beginning of.

The vision therapy program because of. The fact that at the very beginning is when most patients. Are going to feel the most sensitive to their side effects, expresses concussion treatment Edmonton.

From the concussion. Eventually, with a little bit of hard work and perseverance. The symptoms are going to subside. And recovery is slowly going to begin.

After that, components such as cognition, gross body movement activities. And maybe even some auditory components are going to be introduced. Into the patient’s regiment.