Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussion Damage Involves Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussion Damage Involves Vision

Not all concussions require a comprehensive concussion treatment in Edmonton. In fact, most concussion symptoms will end up. Resolving themselves within a month of the injury.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

However, people should keep in mind. That while 10% of people. Are going to require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to resolve their concussion symptoms. 70% of those patients.

Will have visual symptoms of their concussion. Which will require a vision therapist. In order to get the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. That will help them heal properly.

And while most concussion symptoms will resolve. If they do not resolve after one month. The concussion symptoms will not resolve on their own. And if they linger for more than three months.

It is no longer considered a concussion symptoms. They are now considered a new syndrome. Called post concussion syndrome. These symptoms can linger not just for months. But people can live with these symptoms.

Four years at a time. Even if there concussion. Did not seem to be very significant. Or they did not injure themselves greatly. Having lingering symptoms. Such as blinding headaches, sensitivity to light.

And blurred or double vision. Can be very disruptive to a person’s lifestyle. Therefore, not only should people be aware. Of what a concussion is. But what symptoms they should be aware of are.


Many people are mistaken. When they believe that a concussion. Happens as a result of a head injury. While certainly, head injuries. Will cause concussions in some instances. Concussions and head injuries.

Our mutually exclusive in fact. For example, a concussion happens. When the brain inside the skull. Does not stop when they had does. And the brain hits the inside of the skull. With enough force to do damage.

This can happen if people are in a car accident. Whether they hit their head in the accident or not. They were likely travelling at a high speed. And then came to a fast stop. Which can cause a concussion.

Think of a cup of coffee with no lid. If people were driving with a cup of coffee in their car. And they stopped suddenly. The coffee would spill out. The same thing happens to people’s brains.

Therefore, if someone trips and falls. And hits the ground hard. Even if they did not hit their head. That can result in a concussion. Concussions happen all the time in sports. And many people may get concussions.

And not even realize. That they sustained a brain injury. To make things more complicated. Many concussion symptoms can happen. Two weeks away from the original injury.

And when people do not realize. That they had an injury to begin with. The symptoms can start to be very confusing. If people have symptoms such as headaches, sensitivity to light.

If they have double or blurred vision. Their balance is affected, or they have a hard time reading. When they did not before. These are all signs. That they should see a vision therapist. In order to get an assessment done.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussion Damage Most Often Involves Vision

Many concussion patients, do not even realize they need concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because they do not understand, that they have had a brain injury. This can be very difficult to understand.

And people may simply start getting symptoms. That seem unrelated to any incident. However, if people have any symptoms. Of a damaged visual system. Should contact a visual therapist right away.

These symptoms include light sensitivity, headaches and trouble focusing. Trouble focusing includes blurred or double vision. Either all of the time, or when focusing on things. Close up, or far away.

Trouble concentrating is another symptom. Or, people having a difficult time. In busy visual environments. Such as driving through rush-hour traffic, watching television or movies.

That have busy action sequences. Or, walking through a crowded area. People might find that they have a hard time reading. Either being unable to track every word in a sentence successfully.

Or, requiring two or three times as long. To read the same paragraph. That would have taken them less time before. Or, if they find that they are reading entire passages. And not understanding what they say.

Often times, symptoms can include balance problems. Either standing, walking or both. As well as people having a hard time. With their depth perception. Being unable to determine.

What objects are closest or farthest away. While these symptoms generally indicate. A damaged visual system. That requires a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Provided by a vision therapist.


Many people are unaware of what this concussion damage is. Or why they have sustained this damage. In the brain, there are connections called neural pathways. And these are the connections that communicates.

The brain to the rest of the body. And the rest of the body to the brain. When the brain has sustained an injury. These connections are often damaged. Or completely severed altogether.

When that happens, people will either have a very difficult time. Doing tasks that they did not have a problem with before. Or, being completely unable to do certain things.

If a person has sustained a concussion. Often, the brain will simply be able. To repair these connections on its own. So a patient would not require a concussion treatment in Edmonton.

And it usually takes about one month. To complete the repairs. However, if a patient is noticing. That they have these symptoms lingering. For longer than one month. That is when they should consider.

Contacting a vision therapist. In order to get a vision exam. A vision exam is quite a lengthy and comprehensive procedure. That will allow the vision therapist.

Enough time to take many measurements. And have the patient. Perform many activities. To give them an idea. Of exactly what part of their vision system is damaged. And how damaged it is.

Because the vision system is quite extensive. They must do a lot of different tasks. In order to find out. How damaged it is. So that they can find the right treatment.