Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can The Vision System Be Damaged

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can The Vision System Be Damaged

While many people understand, that a concussion will require concussion treatment in Edmonton. They typically do not think about how their brain can be injured in this type of accident.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

They just know that their brain will require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. But not what form that treatment might take. In fact, they may not even realize, a lot of the symptoms that they might get with their concussion.

Or what those different symptoms might mean. While many people might know that a common care. Of a person with concussion symptoms. Is someone that has blurred or double vision.

They may not realize, what causes that blurred or double vision. But it actually means that their vision system has been damaged during their injury. There are in fact, a wide variety of symptoms.

That they should be aware of. Because it actually points to what kind of damage their brain sustained. And that will help them find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton.

In fact, a lot of the symptoms may be very obvious. That it is because of a damaged vision system. But many of the symptoms, may not make someone think that there something wrong with their vision system at all.

Some of the more obvious symptoms. Include double vision, blurred vision, and headaches while focusing on near work. Some people can experience dry eyes, because there not blinking as often as they should.


However, some of the less obvious symptoms. Include being dizzy and losing balance. Nausea, motion sickness. And even being overwhelmed by fast moving objects in their periphery.

People might also be sensitive to light, lose focus. And have a hard time concentrating, or lose their place while reading. These symptoms are also indicated of a damaged vision system.

However, people you do not think that they are related to their concussion. Or they know that it is a concussion symptoms. But do not know that it was due to the vision system being damaged.

It can cause them to delay getting the right assessment, and subsequent treatment. That will help them eliminate and resolve their symptoms. When they have damaged their vision system.

There going to have to see a vision therapist. And while vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists are vision therapists. Because vision therapists have additional schooling in addition to their degree.

While there is a list of vision therapists across Canada. On the Canadian optometrists website. For patients however that live in Edmonton. It is much easier. All they have to do, is call vision by design in Edmonton.

And they will be able to talk to the vision therapist, and get an assessment done. That will help them find out. If a patient has damaged their vision system. And then, to create a treatment to help them.

This treatment is likely going to include some neuro optic rehabilitation. Which is considered physiotherapy for the eyes. To help people eliminate the symptoms that are troubling them.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can The Vision System Be Damaged

It can be very troubling, to have suffered a concussion in the first place, but to try to find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Can be even more difficult. Especially if someone has sustained significant concussion damage.

When people have sustained a concussion. There is an extremely good chance. That they have damaged part of their vision system in the process. Because of how extensive the visual system is in the brain.

So many activities, and information that people gather about the world. Is visual or related to vision. From communication, reading and learning. And interacting the world around them.

Requires some aspects as vision. Gross motor skin, cognitive abilities, vestibular activities and even auditory activities. Will use sound aspect of vision at some point.

This is why there is over three hundred connections in the brain. That deal with vision. And those connections, are located, literary all over the brain. So no matter what part of the brain was injured during the concussion.

Chances are extremely high. That there were vision connections in that section. And they are quite potentially damaged at the same time. This is why when people experience symptoms.

Related to a damaged vision system. Can be extremely varied. From blurred and double vision. To seemingly unrelated problems. Like dry eye, light sensitivity, and nausea and dizziness.

In fact, many people might assume. That the problems are with their inner ear, because they can have balance problems, and motion sickness. In addition to nausea and dizziness.


However, the reason why people will have these types of symptoms. Is because their brain is struggling to process visual information. Through a broken vision system.

And while many times, these symptoms will resolve within three months. If people do not have symptoms from their concussion. Resolve after three months, this is now considered.

Post concussion syndrome, and these symptoms are not likely to resolve. On their own and will require concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to overcome, no matter how long someone has been living with symptoms.

They can get the right concussion treatment in Edmonton for a damaged vision system. By contacting a visual therapist. Such as the vision therapist’s at vision by design in Edmonton.

The assessment will take approximately 1 to 3 hours. And may be broken into several sessions. Depending on how well patient can tolerate many tests they will be undergoing.

After the assessment is over. The vision therapist will be able to know much damage the patient’s sustained. As well as what parts of their vision system was damaged.

They will able to come up with the right treatment plan. Starting with prescription glasses, and then going into optic rehabilitation. If that is necessary. It is considered physiotherapy, but for people’s eyes.

And will help people overcome the challenges that they have. Resolve their symptoms with time. And be able to get back to their normal life. Unencumbered by symptoms, that are causing the challenges.