Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can The Brain Heal After A Concussion

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can The Brain Heal After A Concussion

When people have sustained a concussion, they are eventually going to need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because while their brain will be able to heal from a certain amount of damage itself.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

If the symptoms that linger for longer than three months. Those symptoms are very unlikely to resolve themselves. And people can have those symptoms for months, and years without resolution.

This is then considered post concussion syndrome. And requires a concussion treatment in Edmonton to overcome. And while it was once widely believed that the brain is not able to heal itself.

Research has found that there is incredible neural plasticity with the brain. And it can learn to heal itself, after years of damage. However, the right concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Requires the right professional, to do an assessment. Then come up with the right treatment for each person. However, which professional people should go to first, can be a difficult decision.

Although, it is very likely. That a person sustained some kind of damage to their vision system. Simply because of how extensive it is. With thirty-two areas of the brain that deal with vision.

And three hundred connections in the brain related to vision. No matter what part of the brain a person hits during a concussion. Chances are quite good, that people will have damaged some aspect of their vision system.

Therefore, finding a vision therapist to treat their concussion. Can be incredibly beneficial. To heal the most obviously damaged part of their brain first.


And then making the recommendation, of the next place that they should look. To finish healing the broken brain connections. First of all, when people are ready to get an assessment.

They should be prepared for a 1 to 3 hour session. Which can be broken down into two sessions. If a person is having a hard time tolerating the tests. Due to the concussion symptoms they have.

After the assessment is over. The vision therapist will be able to tell what kind of damage they sustained. How badly, and to what areas of the brain. This allow them to come up with the right treatment plan as well.

For some people, the right treatment is simply prescription glasses. Or glasses that have a tint on them, or a coating with prisms on it. That can be enough. To minimize or eliminate symptoms alone.

However, other people will require a concussion treatment because they won’t heal on their own. Called neuro- optic rehabilitation. During this process, which is called physiotherapy, but for the eyes.

The vision therapist will guide the patient through many vision exercises. So that they can start training the brain. How to heal from the damage. So it can repair broken connections.

When people are looking for the right vision therapist to help them with that. They should look no further than vision by design in Edmonton. They not only have vision therapists on staff.

But there vision therapists, are also specialists in post concussion syndrome. And will be able to help patients heal, no matter how much damage they sustained during their accident.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can The Brain Heal After A Concussion

Many people may not realize that a concussion will often require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because while the brain can often heal itself without therapy. If the symptoms linger for longer than three months. This indicates that the brain is not going to be able to heal that damage without help.

There are a lot of challenges. When it comes to a concussion. Because for some people, they may not even realize that they have had this kind of injury. They have been in an accident.

Or fell, but did not necessarily hit their head. And think that since they did not hit their head, a concussion is impossible. Unfortunately, that is not true. A concussion does not need to include a blow to the head.

What causes a concussion, is if the head, travelling in one direction at a certain speed. Suddenly stops, or changes direction suddenly. The brain, suspended in brain fluid. Will continue travelling in the original direction.

People should think of driving in a car with an open cup of water. And what would happen if they suddenly stopped. The water would continue travelling forward. And it would spill out of the cup.

Same thing will happen to the brain, and that it will continue travelling forward. And while many concussions do accompany a head injury. Not all concussions do.

What makes it even more difficult. And leave people not even realizing. That they need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is the fact that many symptoms. Do not show up until days later.


Therefore, especially if someone did not sustain a head injury. And they do not get symptoms for one or two weeks. It might be very confusing, for them to understand that they need a concussion treatment in Edmonton.

And when these symptoms that they get, are not typically. What they would associate with a concussion. Then it can be even more confusing, to understand what the problem is.

For many people, they end up with some aspects of vision symptoms. Simply because it is inevitable, that people will damage part of their vision system. When they get a concussion.

Because of how extensive the vision system is. Over thirty-two areas of the brain relates to vision. With three hundred connections, located throughout the entire brain. Which is why those connections will get damaged.

If someone has sustained a concussion, some vision system symptoms that they might get. Include double or blurred vision, headaches when looking at things close up. Losing focus while reading.

Or having a hard time following align when they do read. As well as dizziness, motions and light sensitivity. As well as balance problems. Indicate that a person should find a vision therapist.

To help them heal from the concussion damage that they did not know they received. Especially if they have been dealing with these symptoms for longer than three months. They are unlikely to have these symptoms go away on their own.