Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Damage From Concussions Heal

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Damage From Concussions Heal

Concussions are very tricky for many reasons, and finding the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Can be every bit as tricky as the concussion. In fact, people can suffer from a concussion and not even know it.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

This is because many people believe many misconceptions about this type of brain injury. Including the that many people think. In order to get a concussion, you have to at least hit your head.

While a concussion is likely to happen if a person is hit in the head. The hit in the head can be absent, and a concussion can still occur. This is because people do not know what a concussion actually is.

Concussions are caused when the brain hits the inside of the skull. Since the brain is suspended in brain fluid. It has a tendency to continue travelling in the direction that it started travelling in.

And if a person’s head or body. Either stops quickly or changes direction quickly. The brain, suspended in fluid. Will continue travelling in the same direction. Which will cause it to slam into the skull.

People can think about if they have ever been driving with a cup of coffee. If they slam on the brakes, the fluid in the coffee is going to continue to travel forward. Spilling coffee everywhere.

Now just imagine, a brain is inside that coffee cup. And as hard as the brakes were slammed, that is how hard the brain hits. And is what causes the concussion to happen in the first place.


Therefore, someone who falls off a ladder, but lands in a way. Where they do not hit their head. May in fact have sustained a concussion. People may have been in a car accident. But were wearing their seatbelt.

And did not hit their head on the windshield, or the back of the seat. Could still sustained a concussion. Especially in sports, people can end up with concussions. Even if they did not get hit in the head.

What makes concussions even more difficult. Which makes finding the right concussion treatment in Edmonton harder. Is the fact that depending on what direction people were travelling in.

And what direction their head suddenly moved to. Will depend what area of the brain hits the inside of their skull. It could be the front, the back or either side. Or it could be hit at a strange angle.

This means people can end up with in extremely wide variety of symptoms. And no two people that have sustained a concussion. Might ever have the same symptoms as the other.

One thing is certain however. Chances are extremely high. That when people have a concussion. That they also sustained damage to their vision system. Because their vision system is very extensive.

And includes connections all over the brain. The matter where the brain was hit. There will likely be a vision system connection in that same spot. Therefore, a great place to start.

Looking for a concussion treatment in Edmonton, would be to make an appointment. With an accredited vision therapist. Such as the optometrists at vision by design in Edmonton.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Damage From Concussions Heal

Many people think that minor concussions do not need concussion treatment in Edmonton. And that only when the injury was catastrophic, would they ever need to get professional help.

They think of football players, or boxers. That sustain a lot of damage over a large period of time. And not falling off their chair, without hitting their head. Is something that could cause them to get a concussion.

However, any force, that causes people to change their direction fast enough. To cause the brain inside their head, to hit the inside of their skull. Can result in a concussion, and concussion symptoms.

However, within three months, concussion symptoms typically show up. And then resolve on their own. And all people need to do is be careful, and rest well their brain heals.

Unfortunately, if the symptoms and up persisting. Past the three-month mark. They are unlikely to resolve on their own. And it is then considered a post-concussion syndrome.

People can actually end up living with their symptoms for years. And not have any resolution. Which is why it is extremely important. That if people have not had symptom resolution.

After three months following their injury. That they find healthcare professionals. That can help them find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. While it might be hard knowing where to go.


A great first place to try, would be a vision therapist. Because chances are extremely high. That part of the vision system is damaged in the concussion. Due to how many different areas of the brain.

Have connections of the vision system in it. An assessment with a vision therapist will take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. Because of the wide variety of tests that they are going to use.

To find out if a person had received damage to the vision system. And if so, what the best concussion treatment in Edmonton they could use. In order to help heal the person and their brain.

This is usually going to include a neural optic rehabilitation. Which is considered physiotherapy, but for the eyes. It is completely modifiable. Based on how much damage the person has sustained.

And can be increased in difficulty. As the patient heals, and increases their abilities. Throughout the course of the treatment. The vision therapist is going to also start adding in other activities.

Such as auditory, cognitive and gross body movements. To help integrate the healing of the visual system. With the rest of the brain. When people are looking for this kind of treatment. All they are going to have to do.

Is simply call vision by design in Edmonton. And ask for an assessment by their vision therapists. Once they have the appointment, they will be able to find out if this is what has been causing their symptoms. And if not, what they recommend the next place for the patient to seek help from would be.