Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Interrupt Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Interrupt Vision

While most people accept concussions are brain injury that requires concussion treatment in Edmonton. Many people do not understand. That different symptoms can occur. Based on what part of their brain that was injured.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

In fact, whether a person hits the front of their brain. The back, or either side. The neural pathways that are contained in that area. Are extremely different. Resulting in a wide variety of other symptoms.

However, no matter where a person receives the injury. When they get a concussion. Chances are very high. That they have damaged at least part of their vision system at the same time.

The reason why there is a high chance of likelihood. That someone has damage their vision system. Is because of how extensive and far-reaching. That vision system is in their brain.

Unlike most areas of the brain. That have one centre dedicated to them. Vision is the only one. That has thirty-two centres of the brain. Because of how many parts of the brain. Use vision.

As well, there are over three hundred connections in the brain. That use some part of vision. And their processes, which means. No matter what part of the brain is damaged. In a concussion. Chances are extremely good.

That part of that brain, included part of the vision system. There are many different symptoms that can indicate. That a brain is suffering from a damaged vision system. For example, people might have.


Headaches, sensitivity to light. Difficulty focusing. They might have a hard time reading, or feel overwhelmed. Or have a difficult time navigating. Visually complex environments.

Such as having a hard time driving in rush hour traffic. Being overwhelmed in a crowded mall. Or, even watching television shows or movies. That have a lot of action sequences.

People also might have difficulty with their balance. And have a hard time judging depth perception. While there are many different types of symptoms. They are all related. To a damaged vision system.

However, before concussion patient. Tries to find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. It is not absolutely necessary. Until the symptoms that they are experiencing. Have been around for about a month.

Concussions are extremely difficult. Because while it can take up to. Two weeks in order to have all of the symptoms. That are going to show up surface. It also may take up to thirty days.

For many symptoms to resolve on their own. Only the symptoms that remain. After a month. Will be the ones that need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. And when the symptoms that linger.

Our vision related, such as 70%. Of the concussions that happen. That is when a vision therapist should be consulted. Because they will be able to perform an exam. To diagnose. And ultimately treat patients.

To help them overcome their symptoms. And improve the quality of life that they have to what it used to be. When people are looking for the best vision therapist. They should look at the vision therapist’s at vision by design in Edmonton.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Interrupt Your Vision

Although the typical hair creature of a person with a concussion is dizzy, and starry eyed, the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Usually involves a vision therapist. Instead of a neurologist.

This typical understanding. Of what it concussed patient looks like. Is very typical. Of the symptoms of a damaged vision system. How this happens, is the neural connections. That are required.

For functions of the brain and body to happen. Get damaged. Or they also get severed. During the concussion. A concussion will happen, when the brain hits the inside of a patient’s skull. And the area of the brain.

That was damaged, during the injury. Will indicate what type of symptoms people are likely to have. However, what makes it more difficult. Is that symptoms may take up to. Two weeks in order to surface.

And some symptoms may resolve after a single month. Even a brain scan done immediately. Or even two weeks after the initial concussion. Will not show the extent of damage.

And so while people are rushed to the doctor. Following a concussion. They also are not going to need to find. A concussion treatment in Edmonton. Until after all of the dust has settled so to speak.

The symptoms that only are lingering. After this timeframe. Are going to be the ones that need to be resolved. Through specific treatment. It is then, that the doctor will be able to do a brain scan.


And find out what areas of the brain. Are specifically involved in the injury. However, whatever various parts of the brain are injured. Will require a different specialist. In order to treat.

However, people should keep in mind. That 70% of all concussion patients. Will end up with damage to their visual system. And will require. Some form of concussion treatment in Edmonton from a vision therapist.

In order to find out what treatment patients need. They must submit themselves for a vision examination. This is much lengthier and more in-depth. Then a standard and routine eye exam.

This examination will take anywhere between. One hour, and an hour and a half. In order to allow the vision therapist. Enough time to make the measurements. And perform all of the exercises.

To determine what areas of the vision system are damaged. And how much they are or are not damaged. Because the vision system is so extensive. And effect many other body functions.

This is what adds to the length of time. For the assessment. At the end of the exam, vision therapists will be able to diagnose. Exactly what is wrong with the patients, and their visual system.

They will also have an idea. Of what kind of treatment they need. Such as prescription lenses. Therapeutic lenses, vision therapy. Or a combination of all of the above.

Patients in the Edmonton area. Should look up the vision therapist’s. At vision by design optometry clinic. Located conveniently, in the west end of town.