Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Disrupt Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Disrupt Vision

Many people may not realize, the best concussion treatment in Edmonton. That they are going to need. Will come from a vision therapist. However, this is because.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussions more often than not. Damage part of the vision system. Which ends up, with patients experiencing. Visual symptoms from their injury. In order to understand how this happens.

People should understand how concussions affect their brain. And why it is likely. To interrupt their vision in the process. When people get a concussion. It is not necessarily head injury.

Like so many people assume. It is actually the injury. That happens when the brain, which is suspended. In brain fluid. Is unable to stop. Or changed directions as quickly. As the rest of the body and head.

A very good example of this. Is in a car accident. The body and head is travelling. At for example, 100 km an hour. And suddenly. The collision grinds the body and the head to a halt. Instantly, and immediately.

While the body and the head stopped moving. The brain, which is suspended. In brain fluid does not. Someone only has to think of an open cup. Of coffee in a car, and what would happen to that coffee.

If they suddenly slams on the brakes. The coffee would end up all over the dashboard. And that is the force in which the brain. Hit the inside of a person’s skull. They do not even need to hit their head in the process.


Now, people need to understand. How this can affect their vision system. When a person takes in visual information. With their eyes, the image travels through their lens. And lands at the back of their eye.

This is called the retina. And the retina is attached to the optic nerve. Which carries the visual information. To the brain stem for processing. The brainstem then figures out what areas.

And centres of the brain needs the specific information. This is a massive job. Because not only are there thirty-two centres of the brain. That deal specifically with vision. But also because the brain.

Has three hundred connections. That use vision in some way. These connections are called neural connections. And during a concussion. These connections are either damaged or completely severed.

Because of how extensive the vision system is. No matter what part of the brain is damaged. During the concussion. There is part of the vision system in that area of the brain. And there is a high probability.

That it will have been damaged in the process. This means the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Often must come from a vision therapist. Who not only can test and diagnose for vision problems.

Related to concussions. But through visual rehabilitation. Often referred to as vision therapy. They are able to help heal this damage. In a process that is referred to as neuro- plasticity.

If people have had a concussion. And have lingering visual symptoms. The best thing for them to do. Would be to contact a vision therapist. In order to find out if vision therapy. Is the right concussion treatment in Edmonton for them.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Disrupt A Person's Vision

Quite often, following a concussion, people think they need a concussion treatment in Edmonton immediately. Simply because they have a wide variety of symptoms. However the reason why this is not true.

Is because most often, symptoms of a concussion. Actually go away on their own. Within one month of the initial injury. However, when the symptoms linger. For longer than a month. This is when people need.

To find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. However, what treatment they will need. Will depend on what parts of the brain. They damaged during their injury. There is a high degree of likelihood.

That they damaged their visual system. In the process of getting their concussion. Which is why. People should be aware. Of what the visual symptoms of their concussion look like.

People can experience some, all or only one of the following. Headaches, sensitivity to light, trouble focusing. They might have discomfort in a busy visual environment. For example, when they are driving.

When they are walking in a crowded mall. Or even if they are watching a movie, or TV show. That have a lot of action sequences. People might find that it is difficult. To look at their computer screen.

There tablets, or to be scrolling on their phone. They might find it difficult to read. Either losing their place constantly. And they try to read a sentence or paragraph. Perhaps they will have a hard time reading.


And it will require them to read the passage over and over again. Or they will need to read it more slowly than they ever had to before. Or, they will be able to read it. But not understand what it has to say.

There are even more symptoms than this. They might have affected the balance. Having difficulty when they walk, run. Or doing things like riding a bicycle. People might even lose their depth perception.

While some of these symptoms. Appear to be visual in nature. Not all of them are obviously visual. But they all will require. A vision therapist performing. A concussion treatment in Edmonton with the patient.

The vision therapy may look very different. Between each patient. Depending on what area of the brain was injured. How significant the damage is as well. Sometimes, all patients need.

Is the ability to get prescription lenses. Or therapeutic lenses. With prisms embedded in the lenses for example. That will simply help the brain. Process visual information once again.

However, the concussion treatment in Edmonton. That most people will need. Will be vision therapy. Which is quite similar to physiotherapy. But for the eyes, and not the body.

They will be able to participate in these sessions. On a one on one basis. In the vision therapist’s office. Typically in half-hour sessions, once a week. People are typically able to resolve their symptoms in under a year.