Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Affect Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Affect Vision

Many people may not even realize, that the concussion treatment in Edmonton. That they need to completely heal. Will come from a vision therapist. While concussions can cause a lot of damage.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Many people are unaware. That some of the damage that is caused. Affects their vision system as well. In fact, most significantly. Most concussion patients have some damage. To their vision system.

Statistics show that approximately 70%. Of all patients who have sustained a concussion. Also have sustained damage. To their vision system. The reason why, is because the vision system.

Is extremely extensive, located throughout the brain. Unlike many other centres of the brain. That has one location. Dedicated to a task. The vision centres of the brain. Are actually located throughout the brain.

Simply because vision is an extremely complex task. Vision is used in a wide variety of things. From reading, to communication. To movement and motion, playing sports. Moving from one place to another.

And that is not even mentioning all of them. There are actually thirty-two centres of the brain that specifically deal with vision. And one way or another. There are three hundred connections in the brain.

That use vision as well. Which means, located throughout the entire brain. Our parts of the vision system for the patient. A concussion happens, when the brain, which is suspended in brain fluid.


Does not stop as quickly. As a person does. Whether they have stopped suddenly. Or switched directions suddenly. The brain is unable to switch its course. And it hits the inside of the patient’s skull.

It can hit on the top, either side. The front or the back, and anywhere that it hits. Will contain part of the vision system. Which is why unlikely concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is going to require a vision therapist.

Symptoms that will be a telltale sign. That a person has damaged their vision system. Include headaches, sensitivity to light. As well as having trouble focusing. Many people report having a difficult time.

Or being confused in a visually overwhelming environment. Such as walking through a crowd. Spending time in a mall. Or watching a fast moving movie, on a large screen television.

People might have difficult time doing specifically visual tasks. Such as reading, or doing near work. Like needlepoint, or other things that require. Working close up with objects.

Other symptoms can include blurred vision, double vision. Or, losing their place when people are reading. Perhaps they will read slower. Or get to the end of a paragraph.

And have absolutely no idea what the paragraph was about. And while many of the tasks. That people struggle with our visual. People also might have a hard time. With balance, and depth perception as well.

If people have had these symptoms. For longer than one month period following their initial injury. They should seek out a vision therapist. Because they likely will need a concussion treatment in Edmonton from a professional.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Significantly Affect Vision

More concussion patients of require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. That heals their vision system. Simply because the vision system is very extensive. And no matter what kind of concussion they sustained.

They will more than likely, have sustained damage. To part of their vision system in the process. This is because the vision system is extremely extensive. And no matter how their brain is injured.

Either being hit from the sides, or the front or back. All of those locations. Have some aspect of the vision system in it. Therefore, many people who have had a concussion. Such as 70%.

According to studies, will also experience. Visual symptoms, along with their concussion symptoms. However, patients should not worry. Since most vision systems heal themselves within one month.

Of the original injury, however for 10% of concussion patients. They actually require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Specifically to heal their vision system.

This is called vision rehabilitation. Or vision therapy. It is compared quite often to physical therapy. However it is for the eyes and not the body. Although, similarly to physiotherapy.

The therapist will take the patient. Through a series of exercises. Signed specifically for them, and the extent of their injury. In order to train the brain. How to overcome the injury.

As well as how to make those neural connections. That were broken during the injury. This is possible, because the brain is what experts call neural plastic. Which means it has the ability. To heal those missing and broken connections.


However, before the right concussion treatment in Edmonton can be found. People must go through a vision exam. That will help the vision therapist understand. Exactly how injured their vision system is.

What parts are injured, and how badly. So that they can put together. The right treatment program. For some patients, all they need. Are either prescription, were therapeutic lenses. In order to overcome their difficulties.

For example, glasses with prisms in the lenses. Can make it easier to focus. And eliminate blurred or double vision. While others may need prescription glasses. That will help their eyes see more sharply.

So that complicated visual information. Is not overwhelming. And while lenses can often help. Some people need lenses and vision therapy. Or, vision therapy alone.

Depending on what vision system is damaged. As well as how damaged it is. The vision therapy will happen in the vision therapist’s office. Usually, in half-hour sessions, once a week.

The patient will also have exercises. That they must do on their own at home. In order to reinforce the exercises. That they did during their session and office.

Many people are able to fully resolve their symptoms. Within 6 to 12 months of vision therapy. So that they can improve their quality of life. And return to all of the activities they love.

Including reading, driving and going to work. If anyone is struggling with vision symptoms. What they should do, is contact vision by design in Edmonton. For their vision therapists to perform an exam.