Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Brain Injuries Damage Sight

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Brain Injuries Damage Sight

It may be very hard for people to understand why concussion needs the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Such as a vision therapist for example. However, the reason why different therapists are needed.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Is because the brain is very complex. And has many parts to it. And while brains are often able to heal. On their own, when they cannot. A specialist for each area of the brain. Is needed in order to help heal.

In the brain, all of the various connections. Are referred to as neural pathways. And is how the brain. Not only communicates with the rest of the body. But how the body communicates. With the brain as well.

Therefore, a person might have damaged. The part of their brain that deals with speech. And therefore, they need a speech therapist. They might have damaged the parts of their brain.

That deals with their movements. For gross and fine motor skills. And they would then, need a physical therapist. However, most concussion patients. Whose symptoms do not resolve.

After about a month, or going to need to find. A visual therapist to help heal. Simply because most concussion patients. Have damaged the visual system in their brain. The reason why is quite simple.

Unlike every other system in the body. That has one small area in the brain. That deals with that function. Vision has thirty-two centres of the brain. Located in various parts of the brain.


And three hundred connections in the brain. That utilize vision. In some way or another. This means, that it is extremely likely. For people to have damaged their vision system. No matter what part of the brain.

Was hit during the concussion. Whether they hit the front of it, either side. Or the back. Chances are one part of the vision system. Was located in that area. This is also why.

There are many different symptoms that indicate. That a person has damaged their vision system. Because the vision system is so extensive. And deals with so many different types of activities.

That the symptoms can manifest in a wide variety of ways. Depending on what part of the vision system. That was damaged during the concussion. Because of this, the concussion treatment in Edmonton.

That is going to work for each person. Must be custom made. For each person. Depending on what vision system was damaged. How significant the damage is. In order to properly heal.

Some symptoms can include. But are certainly not limited. To symptoms like headaches, sensitivity to light. Blurred and double vision. Either when looking at things close up. Far away, or all of the time.

In some extreme cases. Patients have lost their eyesight. While others, simply have irritation. Or difficulty in visually demanding tasks. Like driving through rush-hour. Walking through a crowd.

As well as scrolling on their phone or using a computer. Some people have a hard time reading. Whether they lose their place, read slower. Or lose their comprehension. Regardless, the right concussion treatment will help.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Brain Injuries Damage Your Eye Sight

Finding the most beneficial concussion treatment in Edmonton. May be difficult. Because people will need. Not just one therapist. But many, depending on. What parts of the brain was damaged, and how damaged it is.

Concussions happen. When the brain, which is suspended. In brain fluid hits. The inside of a person’s skull. This is often the case, when people are moving very fast. And suddenly stop.

Or, when they are moving fast. And change direction. Similar to how water in a cup. Is unable to change direction. When someone slams on the brakes. The brain, will continue moving in one direction.

And what part of the brain was hit. Will indicate what type of damage. A person is likely to sustain. As well, it can be very difficult. For many people to even understand. That they have sustained a concussion.

Let alone require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because concussions do not need to be accompanied. By head injury. And so many people. Are unaware that they sustained an injury at all.

And while many concussion symptoms. Show up immediately following the event. Some do not show up for two weeks. Very similar to how a bruise. Takes several days to surface and show the extent of damage.

Even if people went to the doctor. And got a brain scan. It would not show. The extent of the concussion damage. Therefore, after seeing a doctor. To rule out any larger problems. Concussion patients are told.


Two be careful of how they behave. In the next couple of weeks. Avoiding activities. That would cause their brain to have to think a lot. And most importantly. Watching for symptoms.

As some symptoms can take up to two weeks. In order to surface. Many symptoms resolve after four weeks. Therefore, finding the best treatment. Is not going to happen, at least right away.

Until at least four weeks. Or six, after the initial incident. However, the symptoms that are still there. Are going to need resolution. Because at this point. They will not go away on their own.

A good place to start looking for the right. Concussion treatment in Edmonton is with the vision therapist. Since 70% of concussion patients. Have vision symptoms. Indicating a damaged vision system.

Therefore, by starting with the most obvious. And most easily treated symptom. With vision therapy, patients will be able. To resolve many of their symptoms. And once they do that.

They will likely have a clear idea. Of what other therapists they need. In order to overcome their symptoms. Such as a speech therapist, or a physical therapist. In fact most vision therapists.

Are more than happy to collaborate. And work in conjunction with other therapists. Since the combined approach. It is often the most beneficial. To completely resolve many patients symptoms completely.

When people are looking for the best vision therapist around. They should contact vision by design in Edmonton. There vision therapists specialize in concussion treatments.