Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Brain Injuries Affect Sight

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Brain Injuries Affect Sight

Many people may not realize that if they have sustained a concussion, the concussion treatment in Edmonton. That is going to significantly help them. Includes treatment from a vision therapist.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

However, 70% of all people. Who have sustained a concussion. Also have visual symptoms. Which indicates. That they have damaged. Their vision system at the same time.

Ultimately, this is because the vision system. Is actually extremely extensive. And there are connections. Literally all over a patient’s brain. Dealing with vision. What happens when a person has a concussion.

Is that the brain actually hits. The inside of the skull with such force. That it actually damages, or destroys. The neural pathways. That allows the brain. To communicate with the rest of the body.

Therefore, damage to these neural pathways. Is what causes the symptoms. That people experience with a concussion. A significant enough injury. Can cause people to have trouble walking.

Lose the ability to walk altogether. Have problems with their fine or gross motor skills. Have a hard time speaking, inking and concentrating. And for the vast majority of people. They end up with problems with their visual system.

That typically looks like people who have a hard time reading. Because they lose their place. They need to read slower. Or simply have reduced comprehension. Which means they do not understand what they read.

They may have headaches, or light sensitivity. And have blurred or double vision. They might find it overwhelming. To be in visually busy environments. Such as crowds, or driving through rush-hour traffic.


Or, they may find. That working on a digital screen. Such as a computer, tablet. Or scrolling on their phone. Is extremely irritating, or difficult to do. People can even experience problems with their balance and depth perception.

And all of these signs. Indicates that people need. To find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. From a vision therapist. Often called vision therapy. Or vision rehabilitation. This treatment will be put together.

Specifically for each patient individually. Designed for not only the level of severity of their injury. But also what part of their vision system is damaged. They will go through a series of exercises.

On a weekly basis. In order to help the brain. Make those missed or damaged neural pathway connections. And most people. Report having significant improvements to their symptoms.

And better quality of life. Following their vision therapy appointments. While it may take six months to a year. To resolve the symptoms. The fact that the brain is able to heal. Is quite amazing.

Especially since not that many years ago. Researchers widely believed. That any concussion damage sustained. Was actually permanent. When people are looking for the best vision therapist to work with.

In the Edmonton and surrounding area, that means. People should call vision by design optometry. In addition to being a full-service optometrist clinic. Patients also what can talk to a vision therapist.

Who not only treat a wide variety of vision system problems. But they specialize in concussion damage as well. With the right concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Brain Injuries Usually Affect Sight

Concussions are complex, and finding a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is easier said than done. People will need to find the right treatment. For each part of the brain that was damaged.

And that might not be as obvious. Or as easy as people think. In fact, what makes finding the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. The most difficult is the fact. That many people are unaware. That they even sustained.

A concussion in the first place. The widely held this understanding. Is that concussions have been. After a head injury. And while very certainly, a head injury. Is likely to cause a concussion.

Head injury does not have to be present. In order for person. To have a concussion. In fact, most of the concussions that happen. Have been in absence of that head injury. However, because of this missed belief.

Many people are unaware that they even had a concussion. Which makes not only the fact. That they are experiencing significant symptoms frightening. But that the symptoms often surfaced.

Up to two weeks after their initial incident. Which makes the appearance. Of symptoms such as loss of balance. Blurred or double vision. And reduced reading comprehension troubling.

Therefore, patients should not only understand. What a concussion is. But that it is very important. To get the right treatment in a timely fashion. While most patients are able to have their symptoms resolved.


Within one month of their original injury. Because the brain is able to heal itself. For the 10% of people. Who is symptoms do not resolve. They can have the symptoms linger. For months, or years.

In fact, when people have had their symptoms. For three months or longer. It is now considered post concussion syndrome. And requires a much more intensive. Concussion treatment in Edmonton in order to resolve.

However, in either scenario. A vision therapist is extremely vital. To the healing and treatment process. The first step is calling for an assessment. Patients should be aware. That this assessment is quite lengthy.

Instead of the twenty minutes that people are used to. For a routine eye exam. A vision exam can take up to. An hour, or an hour and a half. Because the vision system. Is so extensive.

That vision therapists will need to do many measurements. And perform many tests and exercises. So that patients will be able. To find out the extent of their injuries. What part of their vision system is damaged.

And how damaged it is. Vision therapists are also able to work. In conjunction with other therapists. Such as a physical therapist, or a speech therapist. As many other therapies. Are unable to progress.

Without working together. With the vision system. Simply because vision is required. In almost all other activities. When people are ready to find the help that they need.

They should contact vision by design located in Edmonton. To start with a consultation that can help them.