Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Are You Suffering From A Concussion

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Are You Suffering From A Concussion

Many people may require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. And yet, are unaware of it. Because concussion symptoms can linger for many months. Or even many years after the initial accident.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Once a person has concussion symptoms, longer than three months after the concussion has occurred. This is now considered a post concussion syndrome. That often needs special therapy in order to relieve the symptoms.

Even more troubling, people may not even realize. That the symptoms that they are experiencing are associated with their concussion. And they do not seek out treatment, because they think their symptoms.

Are caused by a wide variety of other things. Including stress, not getting enough sleep. Or working too much on a computer. And therefore, try many home remedies. Before realizing that their symptoms are not going away.

What people should also keep in mind, especially if they are starting to realize that they may need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is that some of the symptoms that they have from the concussion.

Are indicated of damaging the visual system. However, they may not even realize that their symptoms are caused by a damaged visual system. Which makes it even more difficult to find the right treatment.

For example, some obvious symptoms of post concussion syndrome can be double or blurred vision. Dry eyes, or people having a hard time focusing. Especially when they are reading things close up.

Less obvious symptoms can include having a hard time keeping their place while reading. Headaches when doing work that requires them to focus close up. And having trouble focusing on things far away.


The symptoms of a post concussion syndrome that are not obvious at all. Include people who find that they are dizzy, light sensitive periods or people who find that they are all of a sudden sensitive to motion.

This includes being sensitive to people moving quickly around them in a crowd. Or looking at oncoming traffic while they are driving, or in a car. People who have a post concussion syndrome they also have a hard time balancing.

When they have these symptoms, it could indicate that they need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. However, they may not know where to turn, in order to find if this is causing their symptoms.

Finding a vision therapist, who can test for. As well as diagnose post concussion rehabilitation. Will allow them to get the assessment that they need. To find out if this is the cause of all of their troubling symptoms.

Not every optometrist will be able to do this assessments. Patients need to find an optometrist with special training. And on the Canadian optometric website, there is a list of these doctors.

However, for people in Edmonton, the solution is simply to call vision by design. Because they have a vision therapist on staff. Whose specialty is actually concussion rehabilitation.

Calling in for an assessment will be an important first step. To helping people get the treatment they need. To resolve their symptoms, and start living their best life again.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Are You Suffering From A Concussion

If people have had a concussion, finding the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is going to be extremely important. Because concussion symptoms simply will not resolve with time on their own.

And when it comes to having a concussion, it is extremely common. That people will end up with part of their vision system damage. Because of how extensive the vision system is in people’s brains.

80% of the way people perceive the world is visual. And it is involved from everything to how people move in the world. How they learn, and how they communicate just to name a few things.

In fact, there are thirty-two areas of the brain that deal with vision. And over three hundred connections in the brain that are vision related. These connections are located throughout the brain.

Which means if a person has a concussion. Chances are very high that no matter what part of their brain hit the inside of their skull. Their vision system would have sustained some damage in the process.

This means that not only is it extremely likely periods that people have visual symptoms that are caused by their concussion. But also, the symptoms that they experience. May not be obviously vision related.

Any time someone has had their vision system damaged by concussion. It is important that they get the right diagnosis, and subsequent treatment. Because those symptoms will not resolve on their own.

And people can end up suffering from these symptoms. Called a post concussion syndrome for many years. Depending on the severity of their damage, and what part of the vision system was impacted.


Treatment can be as simple as the vision therapist prescribing glasses. That either has a prescription, that will eliminate symptoms. Or, the glasses will have a tent on them. That can eliminate the symptoms as well.

In some patient, that is all that is needed. And in others, they will need a much different approach. Using neural optic rehabilitation. In order to heal the brain, and eliminate symptoms.

The amount of neural optic rehabilitation they will have to do. Will be dependent on the severity of the damage. And where the damage occurred. However, some people will only need a few hours of this therapy.

Which is often referred to as physiotherapy for the eyes. And for others, they will need to be in weekly sessions, for a year or longer. The neural optic rehabilitation will be modified for each patient.

And as they heal, and progress. The vision therapist’s will continue to increase the difficulty of their concussion treatment in Edmonton. As well as add components such as cognitive components.

Gross body movement activities, and vestibular activities. So that they can integrate the vision system with the rest of the functions of the brain. As they do this, their brain will get stronger. And the symptoms will start to resolve.

If people want to get started with their own concussion treatment in Edmonton, they have to do is call vision by design in Edmonton. And make an appointment with their vision therapist.